NYT: Christians’ Failure to Match Muslims’ ‘Level of Outrage’ Allows Us to Publish Pope-Condom Images


Earlier this week, the NY Times published an image of Pope Benedict XVI made entirely of condoms. Some asked why the Times published this image after refusing to publish the Charlie Hebdo cartoons back in January. There seems to be a double standard at play. (Breitbart)

Sharia Stooges at NY Times: Muhammad Cartoon in the New York Times? Of Course Not
Sharia Stooges at NY Times: Muhammad Cartoon in the New York Times? Of Course Not Current Affairs Left/Islamic Alliance: Media, intelligentsia NY Times… | Pamela…GELLER

The authors magic carpet is emitting heaps of bullshit. Or is it him?

Most comments are good though.

Saying all Muslims and Islam are to blame for excremists’ actions can only divide our community
IN THE past few days the world watched in horror as the atrocities committed by extremists in France, Kuwait and Tunisia unfolded. Once again the majority of… COURIERMAIL.COM.AU
Too late! Allah already divided the world in believers and unbelievers:
The Australian judiciary needs a serious shakedown: 

Alleged terrorist recruiter allowed to live at mosque for Ramadan
Hamdi Alqudsi, who is accused of recruiting others to fight with terrorist organisations in Syria, has successfully applied to live at a southwest Sydney…  DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Pamela battles on:
Pamela Geller Sues WMATA for Censoring Mohammad Cartoon
Today, the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against…

Nothing to do with Islam, really.

How disabled?

Andrew Bolt

Welcome to Welfare-istan. No wonder the boats were so full:

A PRISONER using a contraband phone from his cell co-ordinated a complex drug network and deliveries from the outside to keep a Sydney prison supplied with the horror drug ice, police allege. But Windsor correctional centre prisoner Hassan Chehab was allegedly having his phone tapped by a police squad…

One of his alleged accomplices on the outside, disability support pensioner Ali Haidar, 25, was in Sutherland Local Court this week to be sentenced for his part in supplying ice to John ­Moroney Correctional Complex in January last year. Haidar pleaded guilty to supplying and possessing, methylamphetamine…

In other news:

We need a totally different judiciary:
Alleged Isis recruiter Hamdi Alqudsi has bail varied so he can live at Minto Mosque
A MAN accused of recruiting Australians to become fighters in Syria has had his bail varied so he can live at Minto Mosque for Ramadan.
Oh noes, what a heartwarming  Ramadamadingdong story!

156 families received Ramadan food parcels and a “Feed the Fasting” Iftar was set up for the families as well.

Australian Muslim charity gives aid to Indonesian and Rohingyan refugees
Human Appeal International Australia’s director Bashar Al-Jamal spent the first days of Ramadan in Indonesia supervising the distribution of aid to poor…  MUSLIMVILLAGE.COM

Halal eater unwelcome


Refreshingly honest, a personnel manager tells a hijabee that it wouldn’t fit in with company culture if she insists on shoving her religion down everyones throats:

The conversation had taken place over Whatsapp when Heng was asking for the appropriate email address to send her resume to.

Singapore Chinese Muslim stunned by Halal dietary question in job application


Most of the commenters on Facebook have shown support for Heng while criticising the company.
“I don’t see why one’s dietary preference will hinder the productivity of the admin job… what if the candidate is a Chinese vegetarian?” said a Bob M Fauzi.
One commenter even offered Heng a job and is awaiting her reply.
Yahoo Singapore has contacted the Ministry of Manpower for a comment.

“Taking advantage of “misconceptions” and converts who want to die “as martyrs”

Italian woman converts to Islam, promotes hate and beheading

“I can’t wait to die as a martyr,” she said, according to L’Espresso magazine, which published some extracts.

Yet Western authorities remain remarkably uncurious about how conversion to Islam all too often leads people to espouse hatred and violence, to say nothing of treason. Although this is a recurring phenomenon, it is never discussed in public; to do so would be “Islamophobic.”

“Isis: Family of Italian female jihadist Maria Giulia Sergio arrested in antiterror operation,” by Gianluca Mezzofiore, International Business Times, July 1, 2015 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): (JW)

Muslim wife-beaters ‘hide behind the cloak of faith’

Muslim men who abuse women take advantage of misconceptions about Islam and use it as an excuse for their actions, say ­advocates who have called for greater efforts to fight domestic ­violence in the Muslim community.

They don’t take advantage of “misconceptions”. They are following the Quran and the teachings of their profit Muhammad. (SY)

Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights director Joumanah El Matrah said men who cited their faith in efforts to excuse their abusive behaviour might not even have any relationship with Islam itself, relying on the religion solely to avoid blame.

Pure BS. Purely for  ignorant westerners  who know nothing about Islam and who don’t bother to check.

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Muslim wife-beaters ‘hide behind the cloak of faith’
Women’s Rights Under Sharia 
An overview of the lack of equality and oppression of women under Sharia – the position of women in Muslim majority societies.| Clarion Project

The future leaders of the entire Western world will be Muslims

What business does the Obama regime have to send a ‘Muslim representative” to a British school that has been infiltrated by MuBro operatives? Is anyone paying attention?

This line is the giveaway:

“It’s great to meet the future British leaders that will work with our American leaders.”– Shaarik Zafar, US Secretary of State John Kerry’s special representative to Muslim Communities

Trojan Horse school in visit by top US diplomat to improve Muslim relations
Shaarik Zafar, US Secretary of State John Kerry’s special representative to Muslim Communities, met with pupils and staff at Park View – one of the five schools…

Waheed Saleem, chairman of the board of directors at CORE Education Trust – the organisation which runs Park View – said the school was making good progress.

“The turnaround isn’t going to happen overnight,” he said. “If you are changing the culture or significant issues of any organisation it isn’t going to happen in six months.

“It’s a journey we have to go through but we are on the right path.”

Millions of Brits urged to remember victims on 7/7 anniversary

Just don’t mention Islam.

You’re allowed to march as long as you don’t mention Islam and Muslims who blew up innocent Britons on 7/7. The Daily Star  doesn’t dare to mention the word “Islam” or “Muslims”, but  it wants you to march against “terror”, or something. And Boris Johnson, always the clown, babbles stupidly about “a callous and nihilist ideology” that “brought Londoners together”.

“As we mark 10 years since that terrible day, the #WalkTogether initiative is an opportunity to reflect on how Londoners came together in the face of this callous and nihilist ideology, through a simple act of remembrance.” –Mayor of London Boris Johnson

A call of arms has been issued urging millions of Brits to remember those who have lost their lives in terrorist atrocities.

islam.peaceIt comes just days after 30 Brits are feared to have lost their lives as gunman Seiffedine Rezgui opened fire on a beach in Sousse, Tunisia.

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Victims of Ramadan

That should get some Mohammedans all fired up:

Mohammed Cartoon Exhibition Bound For Central London
A British Mohammed Cartoon Exhibition is to be held in central London sometime in September this year. Geert Wilders, a member of the Netherlands parliament, will… – Breitbart
Report: 74 Children Executed by ISIS for ‘Crimes’ that Include Refusal to Fast

An estimated 74 kids and even more women were reportedly put to death for offenses including practicing “magic” and refusing to fast during Ramadan.

A total of 3,027 people have been executed by ISIS since it declared itself a state under strict Islamic law in Syria and Iraq last June.
Victim of Ramadan
Israel shot by “Palestinians” while riding in a car dies from his wounds
Today we have a “Palestinian” shot by Israeli security forces and then taken to an Israeli hospital after trying to run through an Israeli checkpoint while screaming…

It begins: the first Islamic terrorist loses citizenship

Convicted terrorist loses Danish citizenship 
Sam Mansour, who has been dubbed ‘The Bookseller from Brønshøj’ and ‘al-Qaeda’s PR man in Denmark’, on Wednesday became the first ever Dane to have his citizenship revoked for illegal activity.– The Local
In other news:
“My hope is that they change their policies”

Hijabbery rejected, feelings hurt


Niraj Warikoo of the Detroit Free Press promotes hijabbery in places where the hideous shrouds are not only unwelcome, but pose a security risk. Niraj Warikoo of the Detroit Free Press is already on record for defaming Pamela Geller …

Muslim women fight for right to wear Islamic headscarf

In reality, they don’t have to “fight for right” at all; they can wrap themselves up like Egyptian mummies for all we care. But this is about breaking down the resistance of those who reject the shrouds for security reasons.

….as an observant Muslim woman who keeps her head covered in accordance with her faith, Ali tried to explain why she unable to remove her scarf, known as hijab. She was denied entry and told that unless she left, police would be called.

“I felt really hurt that day,” recalled Ali, a native of Iraq. “I’m a U.S. citizen and should not be treated differently because of my religion. This is pure discrimination against hijab.”

We’re all bigots now, and Burnside is our imam…

The threat of Abbott’s and Bolt’s Islamophobia

By Julian Burnside

Right now, Islamophobia is the new anti-semitism, and it is dangerous. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott referred to Muslims a number of times in his speech last Monday, and he referred to the Lindt cafe siege in Sydney. It is important to bear in mind that the Lindt cafe siege was not a Muslim terrorist event: it was not any sort of terrorist event. It was the terrible act of a madman. …

More on Tony Abbott referring to muslims and the terrible act of a madman at Gulf News thanks to Mullah, pbuh

This guy is a psycho….


ABC insists – er – even bigots have a right to speak, you know

Andrew Bolt

Hypocrites find the truth offensive. Always amusing to watch the Leftist mind wrestling with logic or objectivity.
Brilliant observation from the Daily Telegraph, noting the hypocrisy of so many of the Left:

Attorney-General George Brandis was widely ridiculed after he made these comments in the Senate in May, 2014: “People do have a right to be bigots, you know. People have the right to say things that other people would find insulting, offensive or bigoted.”

Many of Brandis’s critics were from the ABC, where the Attorney-General is something of a hate figure.

So it was a surprise on Monday night to hear so many people on the ABC’s Q & A program using Brandis’s exact argument to defend the show’s decision to grant several minutes of airtime last week to Islamic extremist Zaky Mallah.

Imam Boris: “Islamic State? This death cult is not a state and it’s certainly not Islamic”

Again: nobody looks good with brown lipstick on. Unfortunately, the mayor of Londonistan has been wearing it long before he was elected. Remember when he told the  story of his (imaginary?) great-great-grandfather Ahmed Hamdi, a “Muslim entrepreneur”? Then there is also the weird story about the ex-wife of Boris Johnson who shocked her family by secretly marrying a 23-year-old Muslim. (she is 45)  I’m not saying Johnson is responsible for his crazy ex-wife. But a man who is dumb enough to shack up with such a lose cannon should not be trusted.

London mayor: “Islamic State? This death cult is not a state and it’s certainly not Islamic”

“Rehman’s point is that if you call it Islamic State you are playing their game; you are dignifying their criminal and barbaric behaviour; you are giving them a propaganda boost that they don’t deserve, especially in the eyes of some impressionable young Muslims. He wants us all to drop the terms, in favour of more derogatory names such as ‘Daesh’ or ‘Faesh’, and his point deserves a wider hearing.”

Can Boris Johnson or Rehman Chishti or anyone else who advances this view point to even a single “impressionable young Muslim” who was moved to support or join the Islamic State because some non-Muslim called it “the Islamic State”? Can they point to even a single “impressionable young Muslim” who was moved to reject the appeal of the Islamic State because Boris Johnson or David Cameron or John Kerry or some other non-Muslim said that it wasn’t Islamic?

The problem with refusing to call the Islamic State what it calls itself is that it is a manifestation of a greater unwillingness to examine its motives and goals, and to devise ways to defeat it based on that examination. Refusing to understand your enemy is a recipe for defeat.

“Islamic State? This death cult is not a state and it’s certainly not Islamic,” by Boris Johnson, Telegraph, June 28, 2015:

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