“They Leave the Mosque With Hatred In Their Eyes”

Realism about Ramadan, and About Islam, From an Israeli Jewish Scholar Who has Figured Things Out
 by Christina McIntosh

As published just this week by Israel National News, one Benny Toker reporting.  The headline doesn’t beat about the bush.

They Leave the Mosque With Hatred In Their Eyes.

“Middle East expert explains that Ramadan is “victory month” and is the wrong time for any gestures.

By ‘gestures’ he means appeasement and concessions offered by non-Muslims – in this case, the Jewish state of Israel – to Muslims. – CM

Middle East expert Dr David Bokai explained on Tuesday on Arutz Sheva that Ramadan is traditionally a month of violence (i.e. of Jihad – CM) and is the wrong time to offer any kind of gestures to Muslims.

“Look at all of the terror attacks in Kuwait, France, and here in Israel”, he explained.

They carry out terror attacks against all the enemies of Islam.

“Ramadan is defined as the month of victory.  All of the great victories of Mohammed, and the expulsion of the Crusaders, took place on that month.  That is why Ramadan turns into a month of terror and violence worldwide.”


‘Dr Bokai noted that Israel (and not only Israel, these days! – CM) makes the same mistake every year regarding Ramadan.  “It’s amazing that we don’t learn, and we make gestures for Ramadan every year,” he said. “It drives me mad and makes me nauseous. (You’re not the only one, Dr Bokai. Me, too. – CM).

“This is not a month for making gestures, but for placing limitations.  When you offer them gestures, you get terror and violence.  In this month one should toughen and harden policy.”

Are you listening, O governments of Britain? France? Denmark? Germany? Canada? Australia? India?  Because this is what you should be doing.  Above all, during Ramadan; but  not only during Ramadan. It is the only way to deal with those aggressive, expanding, and vociferous Mohammedan colonies that have established themselves in our lands. –  CM

‘The imam’s sermons also inflame the spirits, the expert added.

You see people from the middle class upward who are influenced by the sermons at the mosques during Ramadan.

“After a 20 minute Friday sermon, they leave with a will to slaughter and kill.

“That is what characterizes Islam – it’s a religion of murder and not of peace.  Its culture says that the entire world must be conquered.”

Dr Bokai is not exaggerating. In the plainest, simplest terms he is stating an observable fact about Muslim doctrine – core Muslim doctrine, not some weird fringe aberration or misinterpretation – and about a very great deal of contemporary and historic Muslim conduct.  – CM

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  1. They (islams) Leave the mosque With Hatred In Their Eyes

    It is the Wise Civilisation that ….
    And … Makes it that no place on earth is safe/available for islam’s to FART @ HEAVEN

    With the final end result …
    Everything islam is extinguished !!!

  2. if they cant go kill someone they then go home & beat their wife & kids? They certainly don’t get a “cool one ” from the fridge. (beer).

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