What could be worserer than a dead lion?

Google ‘Cecil the lion’ – there are 45 000 500 000 blog entries. Now that he’s dead, the media wants you to hate dentists. The average lifespan of a lion in the wild is 13 years. Cecil was 13. In a zoo he might have lived to 20.


The lame stream media wants you to be outraged. Tim Blair and his commenters put it in perspective:

Typical Fairfax, always siding with the critters. And now even polarizing the animal kingdom.

Enough of this. They should just listen to Obama. Africa’s biggest challenge is gay rights.

The king of the jungle is dead, hoorah for the African queens.

Imagine the outcry if Cecil was gay.

There’s more. Check it out, its fun!


Just to put it in perspective, Tim Blair inserts some more morsels of wisdom. And yes, do read the comments, the humour bites:

Robert Mugabe isn’t a Minnesota dentist, otherwise he might have been in big trouble back in March:

Robert Mugabe isn’t known for his subdued taste, and his million-dollar birthday was just as extravagant as people have come to expect …

His guests were fed a young elephant, and two buffaloestwo sables and five impalas were also donated to the president by a local landowner. He also threw in a lion and a crocodile to be stuffed as an extra gift for Mugabe. On top of this, 40 cows were offered to the president by two members of his government. A second elephant is going to be shot and given to the Victoria Falls community.

For the sake of Twitter’s Cecil-concerned community, let’s hope that none of these creatures had names.

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  1. Funny, how the world did not cry so much over the acts of racism and violence instigated by Robert Mugabe.

    And I am pretty sure, most American’s have never even heard of Zimbabwe before this story. Or that in all likelihood, that the Zimbabwe government had to clear and provide a foreigner with a hunting license and I am pretty sure, in all likely hood that game had to be specified in advance.

  2. Sheik . this piece does not belong in this blog however since you brought in on line some comments are in order

    1. The first comment is to those who argue people should be concerned with human-human violence first. Actually many are but human-human violence arises from a lack of empathy, and idiotic comments which show no empathy what so ever about the fate of a lion and several cubs does not auger well for empathy in human-human relationships.

    2. No one has argued for the removal of all dentists. People want this particular dentist, who has already broken the law once in the US with regard to the shooting of a black bear, to pay up for what he has done. “But what has he done” I hear the uniformed cry. Let me eulicidate ….

    Lions are not now common in Africa, and astute observers suggest that the fate of the African lion is headed the way of the Asia lion – once widespread but now found in one small part of India. The dentist whose actions resulted in the death of this line, and I shall refer to this detist now as
    ” the moron”, has actually done a potentially huge amount of damage to to the long term survival of lions. Despite his advancing years Cecil was in the prime of life, evidenced by the fact that he sucessfully controlled two prides and had currently sired 11 cubs. These cubs will now almost certainly be killed by the male lions who were unable to dethrone Cecil
    in the past. So the net consequence of a moron who wanted a lions head on his bloody wall is the death of 12 lions. His paltry 55K, of which most would have go to the hunter and farmer, will do nothing to repair this impact on the genetic diversity and sustainability of an already threaten species. Cecil had been collared and was being actively tracked – this means he was protected under Zimbabwean and International Law. The hunter, Bronkhurst, almost certainly was familar with Cecil and it is almost imposible that Bronkhust on seeing the cat would not have queried if the cat was actually Cecil. So how did the story play out – the very fact that the moron, Bronhurst, and a criminal farmer were baiting on the boundaries of a national park attests to the scarcity of lions outside the park!! It was dark, Cecil was attracted by the bait
    and we know what then happened. But here is another point. Lions are very territorial – Bronkhurst would have known Cecils territory so in baiting in the park boundary region where they used they were almost certainly trying to bait the dominant male … Cecil .. who actually enjoyed a protected status. This seems like the beginnings of a criminal enterprise.
    We now need to consider the farmer who , as is typical with many Africans, appears to have little respect for the inhabitants of the park his farm bordered. In particular he would have know about Cecil, and he probably had nightmares about what Cecil might do to his favourite goat. So it is very possible that he might have done a deal with Bronkhurst to get rid of an imagined problem that he did not have the legal authority to deal with. We can do Bronkhurst a favor and assume that Bronkhurst is nothing more than an incompetent fool and that he did not know where Cecils territory lay. So after baiting for lion Cecil appears out of the dark. Even if he was totally incompetent it seems unlikey that Bronkhurst did not observe the similarity of the oncoming lion with Cecil.

    He most likely told the moron not to shoot, but the moron – being a spoilt little boy who wants a head for the 55K he paid, hurridly pushes of a shot with his bow and arrow. He basically screwed the pooch .. Cecil is only injured and as it is generally very dangerous to the surrounding community to leave a wounded lion unattended to, Cecil is then tracked for the next 40 hours and euthanized. The three clowns then realize that Cecil was collared (which Bronkhurst should have known from the start) and try to destroy the evidence.

    The net conculsion :

    1) no one gained anything from this pointless exercise conducted upon the behest of a moron who wanted a skull on his wall (perhaps he could mount his own). Cecil and his two prides certainly lost an awful lot!!! There may also be a long term effect on species survival in terms of genetic diversity.

    2) a demonstration of how little the average African can appreciate his own environment which, if suitably managed, would bring in far more than a pathetic 55k per year.

    3) A graffic demonstration of how people are unable to recognize that empathy is not selective!

    4) A beautful demonstration of the actions of a pointless individual who wanted a trophy on his wall.

    I grew up see wild animal in their territory, and the moth eaten tropy on the wall bears no resemblence to the majesty and beaty of the animal alive and well in its environment. While hunting is necessary for population control, trophy hunting is not necessary and when poorly managed can have significant and long lasting repercussions.


      Finally, a decent response to this recent and shameful excess of online Conservatives trying to act like liberals, fighting fire with fire in an endless tautology of Argumentum Tu Quoques:

      “Killing Cecil wasn’t evil because you liberals all kill babies, too! Whee!”

      It’s fucking pathetic to see our side trying to justify one wrong by comparing it to the enemy’s unrelated wrongs, just to call them hypocrites!

      Grow up, people!

      BOTH aborting babies AND killing Cecil the lion were wrong.

      1. I was hoping you would get it. ‘Cecil’, like ‘Kony’, are smokescreens, or rather scapegoats for something far bigger. Keep your eyes on the Obamster, the enemedia is covering up for him.

  3. Ah. But there are far too many humans, and not enough lions. I am not a proponent of abortion. But as long as humans continue to grow our population at an unsustainable rate, wildlife will continue to disappear. Reminds me of the “Godwhale” science fiction series by T. J. Bass. Pretty much nothing left on the planet but humans, rats, and cockroaches.

  4. Organised hunting in Africa is not necessarily a bad thing. It makes it possible to sustain wildlife reserves, because it gives the natives an income and stops them from poaching.

    ‘Zimbabwe’, as the former Rhodesia is now called, is not necessarily a place where hunting is still controlled and properly regulated, which may be the source of ‘Cecil’s’ demise.

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