Ahmed laughs at us

KRudd buddy Ahmed Fahur is a token Muselmaniac who introduced sharia banking when he was CEO  at  the National Bank of Australia. Now he is trying his best to run  Australia Post into the ground and siphons off millions for Da’awa projects like Melbourne’s Islamic museum. Who the hell are his enablers?

Critics question Aust Post CEO’s million-dollar salary
Critics question the $4.8 million salary of Australia Post’s CEO in the wake of 900 jobs being cut.—MOBILE.ABC.NET.AU
Islamic State posts Australian hit list after hacking addresses, mobile numbers

Islamic State has hacked the personal information of Australian Defence Force employees and their relatives, a Victorian MP, and several public servants, and urged home-grown terrorists to attack them, in a chilling online breach.

Many of the Australians whose mobile phone numbers, email addresses, online passwords, and home suburbs were published had no idea their safety had been compromised until contacted by Fairfax Media on Wednesday.

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He sure knows how to hate
Obama: Netanyahu’s ‘Interference’ in US Affairs ‘Unprecedented’
In interview to be aired Sunday night, Obama suggests no other foreign leader has ‘injected himself’ into a US affair like Netanyahu has.–ISRAELNATIONALNEWS.COM

6 thoughts on “Ahmed laughs at us”

  1. PM Netanyahu is far more loyal to America, and what it stands for, then Barak Hussain Obama.

    1. Well the difference: PM Netanyahu is a Son of a Soldier, a Soldier and a Jew, Barak Hussein Obama is a muslim.
      In a war between the Savage and the civilised man I will chose Bibi any time.

  2. The infiltration of Australia’s Postal services by this Muslim interest me greatly, unfortunately the links dont work.

    Things I hear anecdotally: a) He wanted to go further at the National Bank, but they woke up in time.

    b) this Propaganda Centre in Melbourne, the so-called “Islamic Museum” which got lots of publicity during and just after its opening on the ABC, is run by his sister. His “brother-in-law” was also involved and has gone back to Kamel-Country (Dubai or somesuch).

    I wonder: Is he getting rid of Australian employees to replace them with “his own kind”? With the HUGE amounts he gives “officially” to “charity” (and he will only specify, when asked, that this charity his his family’s “Islamic MUSEUM”) could he perhaps take a cut in his Million salary and let the harrassed Australian posties benefit from his largesses?

    Hmmm, soooo many questions, soooooo little times.

    But I think this stinker MUST be investigated further. We should not let this rest – this goes (as they say) to the very heart of our society.

    Am I the only one seeing a connection between the IS’s successful hacking our communication system, and their “brother in faith” who now ru(i)ns our Postal services?

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