Bangkok Bomber a 28-year-old Turkish National

Police arrest Erawan bomb suspect

Bangkok Bomber: Thai police name Adem Karadag as suspect arrested over blast that killed 20

Police have arrested a man who is not of Thai appearance, finding bomb making materials and fake passports in his apartment.


Police in Bangkok have named Adem Karadag as the man who they arrested earlier today as a suspect connected to a bomb which killed 20 people on 17 August.

Thai authorities say that Karadag is a 28-year-old Turkish national.

The blast happened inside the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok’s Pathum Wan District and injured 125 people.

Thai police say that the arrest took place today after they raided an apartment which they believe was being used by the suspect in northern Bangkok. They say that they discovered suspected bomb-making materials inside the property.

Police chief Somyot Poompanmoung told reporters: “The bomb materials are the same, similar, or the same type” as those used in the bombings at the shrine.

Photos said to be of the suspect’s passport are being shared through the social mediaand some are saying that it is clearly a fake. Even the capital “Istanbul” is spelled incorrectly in Turkish, sources say. Thai PBS reports that other passports were also found and the suspect had rented several rooms in the apartment. (Update: Thai police are now confirming the passport was forged.)

The PBS has just reported (5:30pm) that the suspect has been taken away from apartment and will undergoing intensive questioning. His nationality has not been confirmed.

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Discrimination in Scotland, Muslims targeted
No infidel has the right to keep his countrymen safe from Mohammedan headbangers:
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Fact is, Muslims don’t integrate anywhere.
Discrimination in Scotland, Muslims targeted

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  1. ‘…the disproportionate targeting of Muslim travellers is undermining the integration of Muslim immigrants into Scottish society….’

    I wondr why they don’t equally target native Scots. Let’s see how many native Scots have carried out major terrorist attacks on Scottish airports?


    How many major terrorists attacks carried out by muslims on Scottsh airports –

    Note – by UK born and trained muslim DOCTORS – who took a sacred oath to preserve and protect life.

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