Crimigrant Riots in Dresden, Germany

They won’t show this on Go Back To Where You Came From.
Syrian Muslims vs. Afghan Muslims in Dresden, Germany on Saturday. Where are the anti-racism activists when asylum shoppers are holding race riots?

Dresden, Germany (AP) – Eight people were injured Saturday When a quarrel between residents came to blows in a refugee camp in the eastern German city of Dresden, police said. Officers with 14 patrol cars and two lines of riot police ended the fight and Held off around 50 Syr…  See More

A group of “refugees” devastate a refugee camp in Dresden/Germany.

These are the traumatised doctors and engineers we so desperately need to enrich us in Western Europe. Interesting how they treat the goods that are funded with our tax-dollars.

After these scenes in the video, the police moved in.
No one was seriously injured.

They flee from the violence and the war in their own country
to bring the riots, chaos and crime to Germany.
Those people are not welcome here in Europe. These are the people our ‘humanitarians’ import by the millions ….
Liveleak video

1/10 Secret agent: “The next big battlefield is Europe”

A very interesting interview with people working “behind the scenes”.

Via Via

Lorenz Berger’s face is still pale. His week as a captive of the terrorist militia “Islamic State” has left marks. His back hurts from the gun and baton blows he received for the cross pendant on his necklace. The contaminated water which he had to drink still causes him stomach cramps. Berger is not his real name, and he can handle extreme conditions. He is an ex-soldier and has been in the Middle East for a while working for different European secret services, more or less as a freelance agent.

But during those days in Northern Syria, he did not think he would come out alive. Bombs from the dictator Assad’s air force fell on them. Panic broke out among Berger’s tormentors. When he saw one of them dead in the corner, Berger grabbed his rifle, storming off, shooting himself a passage. “I can still see the surprise in the eyes of those men,” he remembers. “But when they saw me, it was too late for them.” …

This is a very interesting and important article. Please read, Share, Like and Tweet the full article here.

2/10 Shocking photos and video of illegal immigrants hijacking trucks to get to England

Are you wondering where those houndreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from the MENA countries (Middle East & North Africa) do when they come to Europe? Many of them try to go to England.

Via Mirror:

“Someone’s going to die: British trucker reveals drivers are being stabbed and beaten by desperate gangs of migrants forming road blocks at Calais to stop lorries and board them. Tommy Harrison said migrant threat is now at crisis point for lorry drivers. Said friend recently suffered cracked ribs and broken eye socket in attack. There are about 3,000 migrants in Calais – 2,000 have arrived since April. Many truckers are taking long detours to cross the Channel to avoid Calais.

A British truck driver claims his colleagues have been attacked and stabbed by ‘intimidating’ gangs of migrants in Calais.
Tommy Harrison said the migrant issue in Calais reached crisis point two years ago – but he has noticed a recent escalation and said one driver was severely wounded recently at the French port.
Some truckers are taking long detours to cross the Channel to avoid Calais, where aid workers describe ‘catastrophic’ scenes after 2,000 migrants have arrived since April.”

Watch the videos and photos here.

3/10 Hungary: 11,000 illegals cross border every month, hysteric Islamic riots, stoning of police and of random cars…

While African Muslims leaks into Europe through Italy, Balkan Muslims leak in through Hungary. And with it comes Afghanistan-style Islamic riots. Meanwhile, in lack of EU’s willingness to effectively defend its borders, Hungary has decided to build a 200 km long, 4 meter high fence on the border to Serbia.

Video 1 (road blocks) here.

Video 2 (“Allahu akbar”, Takbir (Islamic battle cry) and Islamic State-fingers ad libitum) here.

English, de-religionized article on Euronews. Original translation from ATV for 10News by Somogyi:

“Riot breaks out at Hungarian migrant camp,” July 5, 2015

A conflict of a religious nature between two refugees (a turkish and an afgan) at the Debrecen camp was allegedly behind the riots that happened on a nearby road on Monday afternoon. About 100 migrants staying at the refugee camp in Debrecen, in eastern Hungary, started throwing stones at cars passing by on road 471 and beating the vehicles with sticks, according to eye-witnesses.

Later, police said one officer took a hit from a stone and was slightly injured. Police appeared in raid gear and managed to drive the refugees back into the camp, behind a fence where they remained in a line, facing police and shouting, the correspondent said. The conflict turned violent after 2.30 pm when two refugees engaged in a row over religious (islam) matters, the local county police said.

The argument turned heated and “hundreds of others” joined in, including a man who allegedly “stamped his feet on the Koran”, police said, citing eyewitnesses. Another witness said one refugee took the other’s Koran, which contained 200 euros hidden among the pages. Police spokesperson Erika Demeter said the refugees blocked the nearby highway, lit rubbish bins and threw stones at cars passing by.

Fully 154 police officers were sent to the site and police used tear gas to disperse the group. Nobody was hurt, Demeter said but one man was arrested in connection with the events. The camp has been sealed off temporarily and migrants are allowed only to enter the premises, the correspondent said. Police presence remains high by the camp, he added.

Hungary is in the European Union’s Schengen visa-free travel zone and as such an attractive destination for tens of thousands of migrants entering Europe through the Balkans from the Middle East and Africa.

In the first six months of this year, the number of migrants crossing into the EU via Hungary’s border with Serbia exceeded 66,000.

Hungary is planning to build a 4-meter high fence on its border with Serbia “as fast as possible” to stop the flow of migrants, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said last week, while Prime Minister Viktor Orban said the country did not want to take in any economic migrants and would consider as refugees only those who were escaping a potential conflict in one of Hungary’s neighboring countries.

4/10 Danish soldiers threatened near Muslim ghetto, patroling beduin photografed near planned veteran home

(Photo above: this Muslim beduin in military uniform was photografed 300 meters from the new home for military veterans)

There is something rotten in the state of Denmark, when returning soldiers has to live in fear from the enemy in their own country. In fact, it ought to be the opposite. In this case a fund wants to build a home for veterans a few houndred meters from the Muslim ghetto Gellerup and the infamous Grimhøj Mosque, where soldiers – including the National Guard – have been threatened.

Translated from Uriasposten:

Journalist, TV2 East Jutland: Danish war veterans are protesting that a coming home for veterans are planned to be located in Gellerup. The veterans fear that some of the home’s future neighbors (Muslims) will react negatively to the presence of former soldiers who have been deployed in war zones.

Kasper Wilkenschildt Skipper, TV2 East Jutland: Three former soldiers are looking at what may be a new veteran home in Aarhus.

‘Pierre’, war veteran: Could it not be in Højbjerg or Aabyhoej, it would have been much better.

Kasper Wilkenschildt Skipper: The problem is that nobody will use it.

‘Per’, veteran soldiers: They will not use it. I do not think that they will.

Kasper Wilkenschildt Skipper: One reason is that the Grimhøj Mosque (famous for recruiting Islamic State warriors) is located two hundred meters away.

‘Pierre’: The problem is that we have seen that the National Guard has been threatened when getting close to the Grimhøj Mosque…

‘Per’: The veterans will experience harasment on their way to and from the veteran home because of their former employment in the military…

Benjamin O. Yeh, spokesman for Danish veteran soldiers: “Like all soldiers, veterans and relatives may know, our new Veteran Home in Aarhus will be located 400 meters from the Grimshøj Mosque and right next to the Gellerup ghetto where a lot of Isis warriors live. … It should be added that TV2 has been out there today to report about these news. While they stood there together with veterans some extremists from the neighborhood/local area came. The crazies (Muslims) said that it is not allowed to record tv in the area. They have introduced Sharia in the area.

Pierre Skovgaard, veteran: “The Veteran Home should be a safe haven for all veterans. Therefore it surprises me strongly that the Fund unanimously choose to place it near Gellerup where: Uniformed authorities are wildly hunted, the National Guard has been subjected to vandalism and threats, bus routes and local sports clubs have been closed due to violence. And the list is even longer!”

5/10 Tourist about boat “refugees”: “The young men we saw every day, was well-dressed, spoke in iPhones, was well-fed … ONLY men”

While media and politicians, espcially the Left and the even more Leftist EU and UN try to portrait the boat refugees as poor, starved and persecuted, tourists are starting to send their own eye-witness reports.

Translated from BT:

“The Greek island of Lesbos have become refugees’ preferred gateway to Europe. Refugees, especially from Syria sailing to Lesbos from Turkey. At the same time Lesbos is a favorite destination for Danish, German and British tourists who want to relax, enjoy the warmth and eat good food.

One of them is Henriette Larsen. She has just returned from a week’s holiday on Lesbos with her husband. But Henriette Larsen think she has gotten her holiday ruined by the many refugees who every morning arrive at the coast in their rubber boats in front of her hotel in the northern part of the island.

“It ruined our holiday. We were awakened very early by shouting, etc., and this continued all day long. The young men we saw every day, was well-dressed, spoke in iPhones, was well-fed. There were no women or girls. ONLY men. (…) There were rubber rafts, clothing, garbage, feces on the beaches … They (the “refugees’” families) really need help, they have no money .. but they are left at home,” wrote Henriette Larsen …

According Henriette Larsen it provoked her that there were only men and boys among the refugees.

There were no women and girls among the refugees. They are apparently left at home. It made me think about whether we are helping the right people. Those who escaped did not seem to need help. They had all equipment. Phones and everything. It was not shabby people who had almost drowned. It made me feel a fool,” said Henriette Larsen.

“If you flee, then you flee as family. If it families that fled, then I would also have wanted to help. But they let the women and children behind at home.

6/10 Majority of western Europeans want to cancel Schengen-deal on open borders

(Graphics above: The international poll on Schengen in Le Figaro)

The whole deal with the open national borders (Schengen deal) was built on the promise that EU would protect the Union’s outer borders. Since this promise is broke, to put it mildly (EU do mass-transportations of Muslims and Africans over the Mediterranian using tax payer funded ships), we of course need to be able to control our own, inner borders. The safety of European citizens is more important than following some EU law.

Via Telegraph:

“A majority of western Europeans are in favour of ending the free movement of people across borders as the migration crisis escalates, according to a new poll.

The IFOP poll, conducted in several European countries and published in the newspaper Le Figaro, shows 67 per cent of the French would like to reinstate border controls.

They want to scrap the Schengen Agreement, which allows people to travel without passports in 26 European countries, including 22 EU member-states as well as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Britain has opted out of the agreement and still controls its borders, but 63 per cent of Britons would like to see border checks reinstated in Europe.

A majority of Italians and Germans would also favour such a move, with 56 per cent of Italians and 53 per cent of Germans wanting to scrap the Schengen treaties.

7/10 Eye-witness on Lesbos: Syrian immigrants “not impoverished, hungry or thirsty”…

More eye-witness descriptions from tourists visiting Lesbos, Greece.

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• Tourist about boat “refugees”: “The young men we saw every day, was well-dressed, spoke in iPhones, was well-fed … ONLY men”

Translated from a letter in JP by a Danish female doctor and politician:

“I and my family were on Lesbos two months ago, and we met many boat refugees. We bought bread and water, which we handed out for two days. Then we found out, however, that the refugees were not impoverished, hungry or thirsty …

While one can only rejoice at Danish tourists thoughtfulness when they bring toys, sleeping bags, clothes etc. to the refugees on Lesbos, it is not something the refugees can use. They quickly leave via Athens towards Holland and Scandinavia. The refugees does not stay longer on Lesbos than one-two days of Lesbos and they can only carry the essentials on their further travel.

My experience is that over 80 per cent. of the boat people are young men about 20 years. Many bears Rayban sunglasses and Nike caps (probably counterfeit goods), they are not shabbily dressed and do not need presented clothes. I felt great empathy with this army of refugees, but after a few days penetrated more questions themselves. Where are all these men live? How many integration will bring about?


Why are Saudi Arabia not taking in Syrian refugees when they have the same culture? Saudi Arabia is 50 times larger than Denmark, their gross domestic product is one to one and half times bigger as Denmark.

Saudi Arabia has both space and money enough to receive refugees. When a Syrian chooses to flee to Denmark, it would correspond to my father during World War II instead of fleeing to Sweden chose to flee to Sudan. … Refugees should be in their neighborhood.”

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  1. From German News – This weekend the Bundespolizei arrested 50+ immigrants – all from muslim countries – a majority who had travelled through Hungary to get into Germany. People here have really had enough of these thugs and movements like Pegida will grow. What the moronic muslim thugs do not realize is that they are being given a chance to change, but at some point the majority will not be interested in paying more for the development of these arseholes and they WILL be gone.

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