Czech President to migrants ‘No-one invited you’

“Migrants”- that’s what Mohammedan invaders call themselves.

The meaning of Al-Hijra is ‘to immigrate’, and the Islamic calender starts with that date, i.e. The date Muhammad ‘immigrated’ from Mecca to Medina, for which he had planned carefully and meticulously laying down the groundwork for the Islamic state, soon to grow after his death into a formidable empire ruled by the laws and regulations laid out by him, called the Shariah.  (More on this below the fold).


Czech President to migrants 'No-one invited you'

The Czech President has told migrants to leave if they don’t like living in Czechoslovakia.

World Bulletin / News Desk

Czech President Milos Zeman lashed out at illegal immigrants on Sunday after dozens tried to flee a detention centre, prompting police to use tear gas against the demonstrators.

“No one invited you here. But now you are here, you must respect our rules, as we respect the rules when we go to your country,” he said in an interview published on the website of popular newspaper Blesk.

“If you don’t like it, then leave.”

About 100 people who were awaiting deportation, mainly from Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, tried to flee a detention centre in the northeast of the country on Friday.

Police were called in and used tear gas against the migrants, some of whom caused damage to the centre, the authorities said.

Interior Minister Milan Chovanec had said the migrants were probably trying to reach Germany.

“We can better assist these people on their own territory,” said Zeman, a former Social Democrat prime minister.

“We should work to bring down these terrorist regimes, ISIL in particular, to eliminate the main reason they leave (their own countries),” he said.

According to a survey published Friday by the Centre for Analysis and Empirical Studies, over 70 percent of Czechs are reluctant to welcome migrants from Africa and the Middle East into their country.

An EU member state since 2004, the Czech Republic has agreed to host 1,500 refugees by 2017.

During the first six months of the year, Czech police intercepted 3,018 illegal migrants, up almost 50 percent on the same period in 2014, according to police.

Continued, al hijra, immigration in the name of allah:

This first Islamic immigration lies at the very basis of Islamic history and doctrine; it forms the practical and  spiritual path millions of Muslims follow.

We see staggering numbers of immigrants from Muslim countries in Europe, the Americas and now in Australia; too often not to integrate and become Australians, but to form segregated communities based on religious apartheid and demand room and respect in the wider community for Islamic laws, Islamic finances, food and divisive customs. Do our politicians and community leaders understand that jihad, terror and military conquest are merely the other side of the same coin?

This compact book by Sam Solomon and E Al Maqdisi gives you the inside knowledge for your own understanding and valueable references points in discussions. No wonder it has won praise from those in the know:

Geert Wilders writes: “I hope that every person in the Western world reads it, including the sleeping political elite. This book should bring about a much needed awakening”.

Rev Dr Patrick Sookhedo writes: “Sam Solomon and E Al Maqdisi have provided the general Western public a valuable service in publishing this book.”

It is critically important for us to understand that not all migrants come to integrate and become part of Australia. More and more come to make Australia and the West part of the world of Islam.

7 thoughts on “Czech President to migrants ‘No-one invited you’”

  1. SYM,

    A book is toted as being a useful reference, the authors are given, but the book title is not specifically stated in the article. I presume that it is mentioned in an earlier article but the full refernce should be given here as well.

    I am guessing that the book title is

    Modern Day Trojan Horse: Al-Hijra, the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, Accepting Freedom or Imposing Islam?

    I will read this, and if the book really does describe the problem correctly, perhaps we can send a few to the politicians we have voted into power.

  2. Perhaps leaders in the UK and other Western European countries might follow his example.

  3. Agreed Avesta – he appears to be a man who can call a spade a spade. But I will again tender the notion that unless we become more active in our own political systems, the politicians will continue to follow the same road to disaster.

  4. As I watch these swarms of illegal immigrants or invaders forcing their way into Britain., some questions arise.

    1. Why are they so desperate to come to the UK, and not France say.

    2. How do they manage to raise thousands of pounds required for the journey from Eritrea/Somalia/ Afghanistan, considering that these people are illiterate and very poor.

    Estimate cost.

    1. Two thousand pounds for journey by truck, and food – all at inflated cost, for journey from Somalia to Libya.

    2. £6000 for a place on the boat.

    3. £1500 for a place on a truck to get into the UK.

    That’s approximately £10,000. This is huge amount of money in Eritrea, Sudan or Somalia.

    Its highly unlikely that any money lender will give that kind of money to a young man whose aim is to leave the country, even if the family was held as a “mortgage” guarantee. In any case a starving family is not a good mortgage guarantee..

    My guess is that this money is coming out of the Benefits money in the UK. Consider for a moment the case of an ordinary Somali family in the UK. 80 to 90% are unemployed or unemployable. Even the employed are on Benefits of some sort. Given that the ordinary Somali family is quite large, with a large number of children, then the Benefits coming into the family kitty is likely to be in excess of £30,000.

    As the family is living in social housing, and fed on Benefits, there is a large pot of disposal “income”.

    I believe a Somali/Eritrean family, wishing to bring in more family (to increase family income), hands over £12,000 or so in cash to the Halawa system. Minus transfer charges, the money is handed over to a young fit male inSomalia/Eritrea, , to attempt the journey to Europe or Britain. For the journey a mobile phone with international roaming, is essential equipment.

    The £12,000 is not expenditure gone forever, but an investment in scamming the Benefit system. Besides, it brings in more soldiers of allah, for the time when they will be needed. Win win.

  5. DP111,
    I think that you are correct — and I have had the thought for some time – we are being invaded.

  6. The book title is “Al Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration”. Sam Solomon, an ex-Muslim, has also – with another author, and under a different nom-de-plume, written a book called “The Mosque and Its Place in Society”, focusing in on the mosque. Ought to be required reading for all non-Muslim government officials…they might be less eager to grant permission for mosques to be built, if they knew what mosques are *really* all about.

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