This is Christian Syria's photo.

crucifixion in main street in 2015 !


IS burns four Iraqi Shiite fighters alive.

When will decent humans in Western democracies stand up and demand that their leaders do something about these savages who now control two countries, and occupy a portion of the Mideast bigger than the UK.

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ISIS hang four Iraqi soldiers upside down and burn them to death
ISIS have burnt to death four Iraqi men by chaining them upside down and setting fire to a trail of petrol that engulfed them in flames. The four men were burnt to…  DAILYMAIL.CO.UK

The left’s “enlightened” progressive response to such unspeakable savagery is to insist this has nothing to do with Islam and shrug. Instead they attack those who oppose jihad terror as the real problem.

The idea that this savagery goes on daily while the whole world does nothing speaks to the left’s decades-long destruction of Americanism and power. The spread of Islam by the sword would not have been possible without our impotence. | Pamela Geller

4 thoughts on “Islamic State BURNS 4 CAPTIVES ALIVE”

    1. @muhammed You’re talking about Dresden? A firebombing incident in a 6 year long world war when both sides committed atrocities? In case you haven’t realised http://www.there, hostilities between the warring parties ceased that same year. Now all participants are best friends, except the Russians perhaps.

      There is a big diffeence between one incident in WW2 between groups of people of pretty much the same race and 1400 years of killings and hundreds of millions of lives lost in the battle between the deluded adherents trying to spread the fascist ideology of the absurd cult of islam – and the rest of the world.

      For up to date modern day horrors – committed by many, many muslim minds, not just a small group of generals directing bombers in WW2 – see or google ‘ISIS’.

      Fewer and fewer straws to clutch onto in the stupid endeavour of trying to prove to yourself how great islam is, aren’t there, muhammed?

      So just realise how it’s impossible to convince sane people.

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