Muslims bomb Erawan shrine; fear ‘backlash’ as usual….

The bomb was directed at people lining up for the Hindu temple. I’ve been there and it is a popular tourist attraction for Thai Buddhists and foreign tourists alike. Terrible number of dead and wounded with body parts all over the street according to BBC. BBC says another bomb was disarmed before it went off. Perhaps a second device to catch the first responders. A bomb on a motorcycle exploded on Monday just outside a major tourist attraction in the Thai capital, killing at least 12 people, police and a rescue worker said. Thailand has been plagued by Muslim insurgency in the predominantly Buddhist country s south. The objective is the same as Muslims all over the world waging their savage jihad an Islamic state. The BBC report: Bangkok bomb: Deadly blast rocks Thailand capital A bomb has exploded close to a shrine in the centre of the Thai capital, Bangkok, police say. Local reports suggest at least 12 people have died and at least 20 more have been

6 thoughts on “Muslims bomb Erawan shrine; fear ‘backlash’ as usual….”

  1. Ask me if I am surprised. And the King and the gov’t of Thailand will continue to placate Thai Muslims.

    Perfect target fir jihadis…

    1. tourists
    2. Hindu ‘idolaters’
    3. Buddhist same same but different
    4. Animist same same but different
    5. possibly some sex tourists in the bunch

    Thank Mohammed

  2. People……watch TV instead of getting ur facts from this fact less site.
    They caught the culprit on cctv and guess what ?! he is an American!!
    No …not an American Muslim !
    Just an American.
    But it’s quite understandable…making the best out of this sad incident to blame Muslims

    1. For what possible reason would an American bomb a religious site unless he was a Muslim. Virtually all terrorist acts originate within Islam and done by Muslims. Muslims are Judaeo-ophobic, xenophobic and chronic Jew haters that hate every religion on the planet, except Islam of course.

    2. You pathetic muslim turd!! The bomber was NOT an American – it was a pointless and useless muslim shitbag that will soon be dead!! Why dont you get your facts from a reliable source – your local imans arse is not particualarly intellgent, well informed or hygenic. What is it with you muslim scum – you really are the most selfish and self serving group on this planet – there is nothing, NOTHING, about you that is even commendable!!! Go and kill yourselves and let the rest of us evolve.

  3. American, huh?

    Ha. Your funny LNH. American?

    Why are you spreading the hate?

    Police spokesman Prawut Thawornsiri said, “foreign” not American.

    Besides anyone with an ounce of cynical sophistication knows that if it was actually and really an American, that alleged fact would have been repeated on all international news cycles, 24/7. Because everyone knows that the world likes to make the Americans into a baddie.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

    “Police spokesman Prawut Thawornsiri was also convinced the suspect was foreign.”

    ‘He had white skin and must have been a European or have mixed blood, perhaps with Middle Eastern blood,’ he said, without giving a reason for his assumptions other than the colour of the man’s skin.

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