OMG! Somebody said ‘Mussie!’

Amazing that such idiocy  makes  news.

Jessica Rowe seems to be confused, Muslims are not a race and Australians shorten all words because that’s how we roll… Sammy, Shazza, G’day, Jessie, Eddie, Brookie, doggies… we butcher the English language don’t we? ‪#‎auspol‬

I had the displeasure to watch this twat with a few others  (there was a Buttrose and a Hildebrand) admonishing Andrew Horwood from the Q-Society while at the same time lecturing him on Islam. There is no doubt in my mind that these creatures sucked just about any dick to climb the career ladder, but that’s where the learning ended. Sorry, but I can’t be oft forgiving and merciful, only allah is that generous.

Australian Conservative Libertarian Group's photo.
In other news:
Muslims afraid; feel their community is being targeted or treated unfairly

When was the last time you heard that one?

THE introduction of anti-terrorism laws in Australia has made Muslim victims of family violence afraid to contact authorities for protection, an advocacy group says.
The Halal Racket

Halal being imposed on us, without our choice, is the government allowing Islam to extort money from people needing to eat food.
Halal proves the government here is 100% totally loyal ONLY to Islam, and ZERO care, concern or loyalty to the Australian people who are 98% NON-muslim and do NOT want halal Islamite food, meant ONLY for muslims.
Proof the evil 2% have more rights in Australia than the 98%

Boycott Halal Certification in Australia's photo.
Muhammad was an arsonist too

This is why Muslims are not just like everybody else. And you can bet the house we in the US will be seeing this here very soon. Then we will have “lone wolf arsonists” who have been “radicalized.”

Arab Demonstrates How Forest Fires are Started by Arson Terrorists
An Arab demonstrates how Arab arson terrorists set forest fires in Judea, Samaria and in Jerusalem.

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  1. For those of you who have not kept up – An Asian (muslim) woman drowned two days ago in Dubai – the father prevented the two lifeguards from rescuing her on the grounds that it would damage her honor. The story has been posted in many major news sources – with the exception of most major left wing rags – perhaps the story will be printed later – but the fact that the story is currently absent says more than enough. Rather similar to the school girls who were pushed back into a burning building because they were not covered up by the criminal sowdee religious police!!

  2. The Halal Racket

    They should have only one government certification like in Indonesia.

    No private ones. At least the government will collect an tax which is what it is.

    Tax on non muslims

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