Stop resisting Islam, rejecting Islamophobic propaganda is the way for peace in the world …

Islamophobia and counterterrorism language

Terrorism cannot be associated with any religion. The West has to recognize the fact that rejecting its Islamophobic propaganda is the key to paving the way for peace in the world


More muselmanic gibberish contradicting the terror-striking ‘god’ of islam and its false prophet by DR. ERGIN ERGÜL at Daily Sabah thanks to Mullah, pbuh

ISIS Threatens Germany: Islamic State Jihadists Vow Attacks On European Soil For ‘Spilling The Blood Of Muslims’ In Afghanistan

But it is not Germans killing Muslims, it is Muslims killing Muslims and infidels (but that is somehow not a problem…)

They said their call for lone-wolf attacks was to avenge “spilling the blood of Muslims in Afghanistan,” where Germany’s government fought alongside a U.S.-led coalition. …

More on the lone wolves of islam and their allatrocities at International Business Times (Mullah)


Hostages Held in Mali Hotel After Attacks Kill at Least 4
Jihadists stormed two hotels in central Mali on Friday, seizing at least six hostages and killing three Malian soldiers and a U.N. peacekeeper in one of the most brazen attacks in months, defense officials said.
Its encouraging to see the NYT use words like “jihadists”. Must be a big step forward for these subversive Obamunists.
4 dead, 6 kidnapped after jihadis attack hotels in Mali, battle still raging, hostages taken |…
4 dead, 6 kidnapped after jihadis attack hotels in Mali, battle still raging, hostages taken ByPamela Geller on August 7, 2015 Global jihad 2015 00 Comments… PAMELA GELLER
ISIS seize key town in central Syria home to tens of thousands of Christians
Suicide bombers stormed Qaryatain paving the way for overnight clashes ISIS jihadis finally overwhelmed Assad regime soldiers earlier today Capture of the…THE MUSLIMISSUE
Kidnapping is unislamic
Civilians, including Christians, feared kidnapped by Islamic State in Syria
Human rights and church groups voiced concern Friday for the fate of hundreds of civilians, including many Christians, reportedly kidnapped by the Islamic State militant group in Syria’s Homs province.
Do Women’s Rights and Black Lives Matter in the Middle East and Africa?
Not to the Left.
Lies With Fries 


 The Halal Racket Costs Nothing, Right?
Reba Rolfe's photo.
“some abattoirs pay up to $27,000 per month to be halal certified, =$324,000 per year.
A chicken processing plant is paying $40,000 per year”
And we are expected to believe we are not being forced to pay Halal Tax.
Bomb blast inside Saudi Arabia mosque kills 15; Islamic State claims responsibility
It always warms the cockles of my heart to see them do to each other what they would like to do to us.Riyadh: A blast probably triggered by a suicide bomber killed 15 people on Thursday at a mosque inside a special forces headquarters in Saudi Arabia near the border with Yemen. …More allatrocities at Firstpost thanks to Mullah / Aug 6, 2015

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  1. Learned Helplessness

    The term ‘learned helplessness’ was coined by psychologist Martin Seligman. In 1967, Martin Seligman’s seminal research was published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology entitled, Failure to Escape Traumatic Shock. Seligman’s experiment led to the term often used today to describe why poor people do not take obvious steps to climb out of their poverty-stricken circumstances. In Seligman’s dog study, he used dogs that were shocked and at first, demonstrated the ability to escape. In the second phase of the experiment, when a barrier was erected, repeated shocks to the dogs led to them passively accepting the shocks when their efforts made no difference with regard to their circumstances. In the third phase, when the barriers were removed, one would expect the dogs to return to escaping the shocks. Stunningly, even when the animal could see a clear path to escape, they continued to passively accept the shocks, hence the development of the ‘learned helplessness’. The dogs had been conditioned that their actions made no difference in the outcome, hence the term, learned helplessness.
    This principle is applicable to humans as well for when people lose hope, they passively accept their fate even when there are clear and identifiable options.

    (I have concluded that)
    Most (of these) people cannot be saved because they are so unresponsive to the dangerous intrusions into their lives and they are programmed to label (our) warnings as conspiracy theories (or below their contempt) as they perform their Stepford Wives imitation on the way to their final demise.

    There are always three groups
    (1) Those who convert to islam (learned helplessness)
    (2) Those who appease islam (learning helplessness)
    (3) Those who Destroy islam (Conscious Human Beings)

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