The Guardian (of Muslims): Today’s Headlines

We don’t need to feel sorry for people who fill their heads with BS,  we need to protect ourselves against  their idiocy. Just take a look at the garbage leftoids from the Guardian inflict on the fools who believe they are buying genuine news. Here,  the headlines from today’s Guardian:
Asylum Racket:

Exclusive: Investigation exposes failings by IHMS, the company responsible for the health of asylum seekers in Australia’s care, and reveals pressures inside firm

IHMS, the healthcare giant at the heart of Australia’s asylum system – explainer‘Significant risks’ to health of asylum seekers in firm’s failure to meet targetsImmigration healthcare firm ‘likely to fail’ on child protection – briefing note

Globull Worming Racket

Climate scientists say 2015 on track to be warmest year on record

Scared of sharks?

Shark attack on surfer Mick Fanning: I punched it a couple of times – video

Sharks don’t like to eat people’: attack statistics contradict untested theories

Mick Fanning’s shark escape mesmerised me – just as Jaws once did | Jonathan Jones

Socialist Bullcrap:

If you want a living wage, be prepared to go on strike for it | Boots Riley

The Socialist Republic:

Peter FitzSimons is hell-bent on selling an Australian republic to Gen Y | Tim Mayfield

Homo Marriage

Warren Entsch makes emotional plea to Liberal colleagues over gay marriage

People the left loves to hate:

Bronwyn Bishop has never welcomed the kind of scrutiny she applies to others | David LeserAfter a career of subjecting others to pitiless interrogation, many are tempted to see Bishop’s $5,000 helicopter flight as her political death knell. But Bishop has fallen and risen before, writes her biographer, and her ambition, determination and imperviousness to criticism should not be underestimated

The man who would be king:

Bill Shorten popularity at all-time low but Labor on four-month high, says poll

In other words: there is no real news of any value to anyone. This is mental mush of the worst kind. And then you wonder why leftoids are so f*kced up. The next time you meet somebody who reads the Guardian, whack him over the head with it.


2 thoughts on “The Guardian (of Muslims): Today’s Headlines”

  1. But have you had a look at the Comments?

    I have, from time to time, and a *lot* of people are waking up.

  2. The enemedia only exists to ask all the wrong questions all the time, not only so their globalist corporazi owners won’t have to worry about answering the real ones, but also to waste our time so we won’t be able to think up the real questions to ask, either!

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