The mass immigration aimed at Europe is an act of war

Punish Turkey!

One day people will realise that the mass immigration aimed at Europe is an act of war, cynically driven by our enemies in Isis-Libya and in Turkey, with the wretched immigrants driven like cattle and deliberately sent to die so that we should expend our effort in trying to rescue them. And the answer? strike at the root. Punish Turkey – a total embargo backed by naval and military power would be good – and – as I keep repeating – ceterum censeo Isis delendum esse.

From the hadith:

“When judgment day arrives, Allah will give every Muslim a Jew or Christian to kill so that the Muslim will not enter into hell fire.” — Mohammed (Mishkat Al-Messabih, vol. 2, no. 5552.)

Back to the news:

If we are not going to have secure borders and the ability to send illegals home, we may as well not have a country. It seems feral leftists and their anarchist supporters are running Australia.

Australian mass visa check op dumped after backlash 

This was a half-assed attempt to stir up the rabid left. If our police is that incompetent there needs to be a shakeup.

A spot check on visas in Melbourne’s central business district was cancelled after community members expressed outrage over police state like laws.– World Bulletin
Disgraceful: EU envoy warns of more steps against Israeli settlements
EU envoy warns of more steps against Israeli settlements

John Gatt-Rutter says EU will ‘use more tools’ to force Israel out of Jewish settlements expansion

World Bulletin / News Desk

The European Union’s outgoing envoy to Palestine says the 28-nation bloc is moving forward with measures against Jewish West Bank settlements.


The envoy, John Gatt-Rutter, did not provide a timeframe. But his remarks to reporters Thursday underline European discontent with Israel’s continued expansion of settlements in Palestinian territory.

Gatt-Rutter says “there is support within the union to go on.” He says there are “more tools” the EU can use.

The EU, Israel’s biggest trading partner, is exploring guidelines that would require Israel to label settlement products. It already bars goods produced in settlements from receiving customs exemptions given to Israeli goods.

Gatt-Rutter’s remarks come as a grassroots movement promoting boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel is gaining steam.

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  1. To feral leftists, it’s perfectly OK for CRIMINAL TRESPASSERS to invade your homes (but not theirs) as long as said criminals are unarmed and have children. Such “Migrants” (apparently, a sub-set of “Tourists”) can raid your fridge and stay on forever, and for you to use force to expel them would be the only crime involved.

    1. Don’t forget to mention that according to Mohammedan law, the house of the Christians must ready to offer hospitality for up to three days to any needy Mohammedan… who might then also feel entitled to beat your wife and rape your daughter if so desires, and if you object, he is quite free to kill you without having to fear retaliation.

      1. Indeed, Sheik. If you did retaliate, or even complain, that would break the dhimma pact over your whole community. Houses would be burned, businesses looted, more women and children raped … and so on. The Muslims are itching to do these things anyhow.

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