WaPo in the Service of Islam, Unleashes Attack Dog Ishaan Tharoor on Pam Geller

All Muslims, like all dogs, exhibit similar characteristics. Ishaan Tharoor  is no different. He previously was a senior editor at TIME.  Here he blames Pamela Geller, “the well-known American Islamophobe who styles herself as a free-speech advocate”,  Robert Spencer and ” right-wing ideologue Sean Hannity”  for Anjem Chaudary’s arrest.

Chaudary is described as “exactly the sort of interlocutor Hannity wants — a provocative, fundamentalist bigot whom Hannity can present to viewers as the face of evil Islam.”

But Ishaan Tharoor is just trying to deflect from reality and shifting blame. Mohammedanism is more than a mental disorder, and we must see these people as what they are: agents of Islam, nothing else.

The Washington Post laments arrest of notorious Islamic Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary, attacks Sean Hannity, Fox News and Pamela Geller

anjem choudary

Authorities in London charged the extremist Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary with “inviting support” for the Islamic State, which could lead to his trial and imprisonment. Investigators said that Choudary was encouraging people to back the jihadists through a number of lectures that were later published online.

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Halal labelling withdrawn in Sri Lanka
Islamic clerics have announced the withdrawal of a halal labelling system for food in Sri Lanka in the interests of peace.

CONSTITUTIONAL lawyer George Williams says the government’s controversial plan to strip terrorists of their Australian citizenship will likely be struck down by the High Court.
PROFESSOR Williams said the legislation contained a number of measures which could face legal challenge.
It bypasses the courts, denies voting rights and goes beyond the existing “alien” powers, turning an Australian-born person into an alien because he/she has a second nationality through parents or g

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Citizenship bill set to fail: top lawyer
CONSTITUTIONAL lawyer George Williams says the government’s controversial plan to strip terrorists of their Australian citizenship will likely be struck down by the High Court.
And the power of reason, common sense, a minimal sense of self-preservation, does not come into it? The mind boggles when I see such in-your-face idiocy on display.–(SY)
Our weakness in the West is born of the fact of so-called “objectivity.” Objectivity does not exist. The word is a hypocrisy which is sustained by the lie that the truth stays in the middle. No, sir: Sometimes truth stays on one side only.
“The Rage of Oriana Fallaci“, in The New York Observer

9 thoughts on “WaPo in the Service of Islam, Unleashes Attack Dog Ishaan Tharoor on Pam Geller”

  1. Well, at least Choudary *was* arrested…and about time, too! Perhaps Her Maj had a quiet behind-the-scenes word with someone….y’know, along the lines of “Who will rid me and my subjects of this evil, rabid, treacherous thug?” One hopes that the Islamoresistant in the UK will now pile on the pressure – on their MPs, esp those with the relevant portfolios (Immigration, Homeland Security, Defence, Social Security, etc.), and on their police and judiciary – to *demand* that the full weight of the law be brought down HARD on this jihad-inciting Gang Boss. Some rallies demanding that, after a suitable jail term, he be stripped of his British citizenship status – or else sentenced to Exile for the Term of Your Natural Life – wouldn’t go astray. Sit-ins outside the courts. Pile on the pressure.

    1. I suspect he dabbled as a double agent for a long time. That may have kept him out of jail, but it certainly did not buy his loyalty to the infidel nation state.

  2. One thing overlooked here is , if he goes to jail, his wife and many minitards will be still be living well off the public purse.
    And he’ll no doubt relish the chance of being a martyr for islam in the UK – and actually doing his ‘dawa’ ( and his ‘wudu’ and other cult behaviours ) while there.
    He’ll have written a book during his stay (“Mein Jihad”) – and will re-emerge with a new band of islamic convert crims behind him – even more determined to put UK whitey infidels in their place.

  3. UK absolutely must get very serious on these issues. Islamofascism must not be allowed to subvert all UK institutions, freedoms, and human rights. I sincerely hope UK can overcome the combined might of millions of new immigrants all shouting in unison, “British Police Go to Hell,” and so forth. This should be seen not only as a struggle between Choudary and the UK government and people, but as a struggle for the protection of “freedom of religion.” In this aspect, it must be held firmly in mind that Choudary advocates violently against all “freedom of religion,” both for non Muslims and of course for Muslims themselves, because he advocates the stoning to death of any and all “apostates” who chose to dump the Koran into the “rubbish tip” where it belongs. This case epitomizes the struggle “to the death” between Islamofascism, the most virulent form of fascism seen on Earth since the Nazi regime in Germany, and the UK/European Union “democratizing” system of the Western democracies. We can and absolutely must prevail against Anjem Choudary and all of his minions.

  4. More news from Egypt – muslim scum threaten to murder kidnapped Croatian citizen – for no particular reason of course.

    I think that the Croats might want to have some fun with the local muzz if these scujm murder this guy.

  5. The jail staff should extend proper British hospitality to this pigly cockroach by offering him a BLT sandwich.

    If he doesn’ t eat it, he’ll die of starvation; if he eats it, he will not make it to the paradise which he so longs to go to but doesn’ t wish to give up his comfortable state pension courtesy of the British tax payers.

    1. No. Islam is full of “loopholes” for situations like that. A Muslim is allowed to eat haram food if starving or under other duress. It is forbidden for them to choose it to eat. I suppose they are also not supposed to enjoy eating it.

  6. This arrest was probably just for show; what is called a “catch and release”.

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