“Absolutely extraordinary….”

There is no difference between these headchoppers and the savages that invade Europe. They believe the same shiite:


Video: Sky’s Colin Brazier reports from the Hungary-Serbia border as refugees and police clash #migrantcrisis

Posted by Sky News on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

‘I am Racist, But It is Racism Based on Islam’
“This protest is to tell that the official religion of this country is Islam, and Malays [Muslims] are the rightful owner of this country.”  | Pamela Geller
Migrants REFUSE to claim asylum in Denmark – because they don’t get enough BENEFITS
MIGRANTS are refusing to accept asylum in Denmark because the benefits offered to them are not as good as in other European countries.–EXPRESS.CO.UK|BY JAKE BURMAN
Heading for Britain – the ‘refugees’ who threatened to drown babies if Italy turned them back
Almost 1,000 illegal immigrants have landed in Italy after threatening to throw babies into the …
Al Hijra (Conquest by Immigration)
All engineered by the UN, the Muslim POTUS and the complicit media-critters: PBS in Tandem with the State Department Smears Shelbyville to Advance Al Hijra (Muslim Immigration) Pamela Geller: For …COUNTERJIHADREPORT.COM
 Similar behaviour, similar attitudes….
Shocking development in Hungary as sovereign country decides to control its own border – XYZ
In a further sign that the nation of Hungary is on the right track and fully dedicated to that rare commodity in European politics – common sense – the nation and its…

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  1. “Similar behaviour, similar attitudes…”
    Come off it! You are mistaken. The monkeys are more civilized.

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