Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: The Caliphate Will Eliminate the West in Its Entirety

During an address delivered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on July 24, Sheik Ahmad Al-Dweik said that Allah had promised to restore the Islamic Caliphate and that it would “fight the U.S. and bring it down” and would “eliminate the West in its entirety.”

Obama Blasts ‘Un-American,’ ‘Anti-Immigrant’ Sentiment Rising in American Politics
No kidding.
“Islam will be the death of Europe,” shout anti-Muslim protesters in the Czech Republic, Poland,…
Large mobs of supporters joined anti-Muslim invader protests in 3 eastern European capitals today after leaders from the Czech Republic, Poland and…BARENAKEDISLAM.COM
when good intentions trump experience and wisdom, you’re asking for trouble – in this case, civilization-threatening trouble.
Italy: Muslim terrorists display victory signs as they arrive on “refugee” boats into Europe 

migrant isis terroristBut don’t worry, government analysts and academics dismiss the idea that jihadis could be entering Europe as refugees . Here’s the story from May that blows up that myth. In February, the Islamic State threatened to send half a million Muslim migrants in a “psychological” attack against the West. And  in May, I reported that [Geller]READ MORE

Germany Highway Banner: “Your Children will Pray to Allah or will all DIE!”

I keep telling you: their children will murder our children!

german banner copyGermany’s vice chancellor said today it could take in one million migrants this year. Despite reinstated border checks, Sigmar Gabriel says anyone seeking asylum in Germany can stay until ruling on their case is made. Here’s what they can expect. This al hijrah is a Muslim invasion. The above photo was taken over the weekend […]READ MORE