Kicked ‘Refugee’ Is Al Nusra Terrorist

Hungarian Camerawoman Petra Laszlo Fired

Do you remember the video with  the Hungarian photo-journalist and that Syrian “refugee?” She stuck her leg out  on purpose, so that he stumbled and fell with his son in his arms. The camerawoman, Petra László, it lost her  job, and the “refugee”, Osama al-Abdelmohsen, managed, much to the admiration of our media,  to travel to beautiful Berlin (without his wife, of course). He was a popular football coach in his native Syria, one could read in the press. But what the media did not tell you: Osama al-Abdelmohsen,  recently on his Facebook page flew the flag of the Islamic terrorist association Al-Nusra Front. [more]

Hier in German from PI:

Stolperflüchtling ein Al-Nusra-Front-Terrorist?






Manch einer erinnert sich vielleicht noch an den syrischen „Flüchtling“, dem in Ungarn von einer Kamerafrau ein Bein gestellt wurde, sodass dieser mit seinem Sohn auf dem Arm zu Boden stolperte. Die Kamerafrau, Petra László, verlor darauf ihren Arbeitsplatz, und der „Flüchtling“, Osama al-Abdelmohsen, schaffte es zur Begeisterung unserer Medien ins schöne Berlin (ohne seine Frau, versteht sich). Er sei in seiner Heimat Syrien ein beliebter Fußballtrainer gewesen, konnte man der Presse entnehmen. Was man aber nicht lesen konnte: Osama al-Abdelmohsen zeigte bis vor kurzem auf seiner Facebook-Seite die Flagge der islamischen Terrorvereinigung Al-Nusra-Front. [mehr]

An other posting on FB:

Cheri Nocita Berens's photo.
Cheri Nocita Berens's photo.
On Sept. 8th I made a post about a Hungarian who witnessed first hand Muslim “refugees” acting like animals, attacking an old woman and dragging her by her hair, throwing poop, etc. Right after that incident, a Hungarian reporter hit the news because she was filmed tripping “refugees”. One of which had a child with him, so people were “outraged”. The result was people feeling even more pity for the refugees. The “tripping” incident went viral and prompted more Muslim refugees to be taken in (or is it westerners who are being “taken in”??). The Hungarian reporter had witnessed the refugees bad behavior and had simply had enough. But, it turns out, the man she tripped is a radical Muslim extremist. He is an al-Qaeda supporter who used the “refugee” crisis to infiltrate into Europe.
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Here’s the text from the youtube vid:

Published on 9 Sep 2015

World is going mad over Petra Laszlo, the Hungarian camerawoman caught kicking refugees as they fled police. As well it might. She’s clearly a nasty piece of work. A staffer for a nationalist TV station that has close links with Jobbik, a far-right party, she was captured on film kicking a child and tripping up a man who was running with a kid in his arms. It makes for unpleasant viewing. News reporters around the world have branded her a disgrace, and the social-media outrage machine has of course demanded she be burnt at the stake. She has now lost her job. Good. You can’t go around booting people when you should be filming them and expect to get away with it.
And yet, how alien is Laszlo’s hands-on, or rather boots-in, journalism? Her decision to throw herself, forcefully, into the action unfolding around her, even introducing violence to the scene, is being treated as a crime against journalistic values. Really? One could argue that she is simply practising a more visceral version of the journalism of attachment. This is the self-consciously post-objective form of journalism, which first emerged around the Bosnia War in the 1990s, which positively celebrates journalists who make themselves part of the conflicts they observe, who become players in unstable or war-like situations. In the words of Martin Bell, the BBC’s former white-suited reporter/pontificator on foreign warzones, the era of ‘bystander journalism’ is over and we have now entered an era when journalists must ‘attach’ themselves to certain sides in a conflict. That is precisely what Laszlo did. She refused to be a ‘bystander’ and instead ‘attached’ herself to one side: the Jobbik side that is suspicious of migrants.

2 thoughts on “Kicked ‘Refugee’ Is Al Nusra Terrorist”


    Well, well, well

    Every once in a while citizens in a free, secular and civilized democracy get a glimpse of those disciples of the Frankfurt School whose hated of our nations is a cancer that has brought us to the edge of national suicide.

    Behold Canada, for this is who really hold the reigns of power in this supposed “democracy”. It is the unelected, “on the Bench for life”, Canadian judiciary.

    You see Canada, this is the illusion of a democracy. this is the illusion of self-determination. Every four years we think we elect a new government but all we do is simple put a new group of puppets into place.

    While politicians come and politicians go there are another group of rulers behind the scenes who are rather amused and smug as they watch the illusion of democratic process, amused and smug as they know who really holds the fate of a nation in their hands.

    This group, many of them have held judicial or government office and positions of power for decades and decades as they watched governments come and go. Many of these Marxists have held sway in positions of power in immigration offices for decades, and knowing they are the ones who control immigration floodgates, have deluged Canada with virtual human garbage, virtually humanity’s lowest common denominators from failed third-world countries.

    This group is divided into two camps, both the very definition of treason and sedition manifest.

    One, is the Canadian judiciary and the other is Canadian bureaucracy. Both of these groups have an unelected, lifelong, unscrutinized, unaccountable lawless strangle-hold on Canada. Both groups have an intentional, thoroughly premeditated destructive affect on Canada’s national security and national sovereignty on municipal, provincial and national levels. Unscrutinized and virtually unnoticed, both groups are almost to a one, die hard Marxists with a seething hatred and an unspoken oath to destroy Canada. With their handmaidens, the Marxist Mainstream Media, they work daily, attacking Canada in all ways possible, in order to bring to fruition the dreams of the Frankfurt School.

    Behold the recent treasonous ruling by Canadian judiciary that the filthy Muslim can violate Canadian citizenship hearings in a free, secular and civilized democracy with the wearing barbaric, savage, 7th century filth of the “Hijab”.

    Imagine that, a symbol of a murderous,7th century supremacist political ideology having a place at a Canadian citizenship hearing, a citizenship hearing at which the privilege of Canadian citizenship and its inherent freedoms and rights is bestowed upon deserving grateful people seeking refuge from oppression, madness, poverty, war, violence and death. Who thought for a moment that a vile and poisonous symbol, a mechanism of Muslim garment-fare, a symbol of the grinding oppression of women, a symbol of seething hatred and contempt for all non-Muslims, would be allowed at a Canadian citizenship ceremony. This is madness, this is Stockholm Syndrome on a grand scale, this is treason.

    Of course this hijab ruling is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Canada’s judiciary and their fond addiction for the taste of Muslim ass and boot polish.

    Just recently an Alberta judge, Justice June Ross, after wiping her own ass with the Canadian flag, knelt down and spread the buttocks of a vicious little terrorist and convicted murderer, Omar Khadr, and in between a flurry of dhimmitude groveling, self-loathing genuflection and mea-culpa’s, washed his filthy Muslim ass with her tongue and then, after begging his apology, gave him the keys to the city of Edmonton and set him free amongst the unsuspecting sheep. During his press conference, Patrica, the porcine and vacuous partner of Omar Khadr’s lawyer, Dennis Edney, promised all that little Omar would soon be baking cookies. Seriously, baking cookies.

    The Muslim will do as it will, it is in its nature to wallow in barbaric savagery, that is who it is, what defines it and what it lives for. One can no more blame the Muslim for this lunacy than one can blame a pig for rolling in mud or a dog for barking at the moon.

    The complete blame for this criminality rests on the shoulders of the Marxist, activist, treasonous Canadian judiciary. As said before, virtually every one of those judges that sit in superior courts are filled with a seething hatred of a free, secular and civilized Canada, a Canada that rests on a foundation of strong moral and ethical values, a foundation that is Western Anglo Protestant Judeo/Christian in nature, and they are doing everything in their power to destroy what they hate.

    In the eyes of these judges a conservative family with strong morals and values must be destroyed. In the eyes of these judges conservative moral families with a strong sense of self determination are a threat to their Marxist State and must be destroyed. In the eyes of these judges Canadian culture and heritage must be destroyed. In the eyes of these judges a Canadian citizens sense of national identity and patriotism is criminal and must be destroyed. These judges actively, overtly and with impunity, use their judicial powers to actively wage a Marxist totalitarian campaign of warfare against Canada. They are the ones with the matches that are lighting the fires of destruction all across Canada, with their judicial brethren conducting similar campaigns across the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom.

    On an observatory note this sort of treason and sedition as displayed by Canada’s judiciary and bureaucracy is what forms the crucible of civil discontent, is what forms the crucible of the Canadian patriot, is what forms the crucible of the righteous and patriotic Canadian, who, seeing the treason and sedition of those corrupt judges and bureaucrats, and seeing their arrogant lawless impunity, turn to vigilantism to hold the treasonous and seditious to account. It is this sort of treason and sedition that has, many, many times in the past, seen the arrogant judges and bureaucrats shot to death in courtrooms, shot to death in their offices, ambushed as they leave for work, attacked in their homes, ambushed and held to account for their crimes. In the end, what else can one expect? Do these judges and bureaucrats really think they can spit in faces of Canadians with impunity forever? I think not.

    As for this little Marxist Muslim “victory”, its another little cut of thousands that is designed to bring the West to its knees.

    Chip, chip, chip, chop, chop, chop.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

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