Obama Climate Change Is Wealth Redistribution

Obama Climate Change Is Wealth Redistribution

Mark Levin opens by reminding the audience that “Obama despises capitalism; he’s a Marxist, he’s an Alinskyite. That’s a fact. He’s buddies with Ayers, he’s buddies with Wright, so he despises free markets. Notice the word ‘free,’ he despises them. He’s a control freak, as most egomaniacs are. He wishes to reshuffle society, to socially reengineer it. He’s stuck in what was once a constitutional system as he tries to break free from it time and time again, as he usurps it.”

He continues, “This isn’t about the environment. He’s a de-growther. This is about destroying the American lifestyle. And at the heart of the American lifestyle is the American energy system; fossil fuels.”

Levin quotes from page 111 of “The De-growth Movement in Europe,” which Obama is fully aware of because he’s part of it. He reads, “Sustainable de-growth is a downscaling of production and consumption that increases human well-being and enhances ecological conditions and equity on the planet.”

He notes, “It calls for a future where societies live – I’m quoting from them – where societies live within their ecological means, with open localized economies and resources more equally distributed through new forms of democratic institutions. It’s an essential economic strategy to pursue in overdeveloped countries like the United States for the well-being of the planet, of underdeveloped populations and yes, even of the sick, stressed, overweight consumer populations in overdeveloped countries.”

He says, “This is why I emphasized Kerry emphasizing ‘global, global, global.’ This is international redistribution of rights and what these Marxist leftists believe is we have too much. We have too much material, we have too much wealth, we have too much energy. It’s not about reducing ‘carbon pollution.’ It’s about reducing your lifestyle, your well-being.”

Those new forms of democratic institutions are a cause for concern, particularly since it would certainly necessitate the replacement of existing ones. The pronouncement of it as an essential economic strategy to be employed in the United States is a declaration of economic warfare upon our American way of life. There’s nothing ambiguous in what they are saying. De-growth is a dismantling of our nation, the elimination of our Constitution and our system of government. One cannot occur without the other.

We are not imagining the Obama regime’s destruction of our nation. We are witnessing it.