ConstitutionVsQuran Link

In case you were wondering about that “peaceful religion” thing… or why having Sharia courts here in the US is a bad idea, we’re here to help. Despite what bumper stickers tell you, The Qur’an stands in direct opposition to the Constitution. The two can never co-exist.

See? Simple.

Sharia law doesn’t work here because we already have our own rules for living – and they’ve worked out pretty well for us the last 200+ years. They work so well in fact, America stands as a world superpower – despite our flaws and sometimes petty infighting, there are quite a few reasons why the US remains the beacon of hope for the world… while Middle Eastern countries living under Sharia keep, uhm, beheading people, abusing women and live in an overall squalor that only Islam seems to be able to so consistently produce.

So here’s your list. Top 5 reasons the Qur’an stands in direct opposition to the Constitution: