Open up, or else!

Refugees start hunger strike on Hungary-Serbia border
Refugees start hunger strike on Hungary-Serbia border

As main official Serbia-Hungary border crossing point was closed, refugees hunger strike demanding border open

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Refugees stuck on the Hungarian-Serbian border have declared a sit-down hunger strike Tuesday, demanding to be allowed to proceed further into the EU, according to Russia Today. Newly declared hunger strikers are reportedly holding banners, saying “No food no water until open border.”

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EU on collision course over refugee sharing
EU on collision course over refugee sharing

Many member-states expressed unhappiness with scheme that would oblige them to take in thousands of refugees

European Union members were on collision course on Monday over proposals to distribute asylum-seekers across the continent, a plan back by safe-haven Germany but resisted by several ex-Communist states in the east. (Continue reading: World Bulletin / News Desk)


Earlier on Tuesday, main official border crossing point between Serbia and Hungary was closed to refugees by the Hungarian authorities.

Hundreds of migrants and refugees have pressed against the barrier demanding to cross the border and enter Hungary. Banging on the metal barrier, they shouted “open border, open border!” Police stood by on the other side.

Many of the asylum seekers are sitting on the main highway from Serbia to Hungary.

“I will sit here until they open the border. I cannot go back to Syria. Life in Syria is finished,” a Kurd from Syria said.

On Tuesday, police rounded up 9,380 migrants crossing Hungary from Serbia, police told Reuters.

Budapest announced it will reject refugees illegally entering the country from neighboring Serbia.

“Certainly, as that is the international legal rule, therefore it must be done that way,” said government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs.


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  1. That’s right. Get those (very, very few) precious little waifs right up front for the photo op! (Precious PR commodity that they are.)

  2. How nice would it be to stand on the other side with a nice hot meat pie with sauce or a garlic pizza munching out while those criminals starve. All the while smiling and giving them the middle finger 🙂

    I could handle that, it wouldn’t worry or faze me in the least.

    Oh and to rub it in a little more bring diggers in to ditch on the side of the road and point at them and smile, ‘that’s for you’.

  3. Mad Merkel made a UNILATERAL decision to declare Germany as an open border country, everyone can come and get asylum and asylum benefits. How could she do such a thing?! Then she and her sycophants (Juncker, Federica, etc.) demand that all the other EU countries must take in these so called ‘refugees’ flooding into Europe trying to get to Germany. Screw you Merkel.

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