Teenagers radicalised by Islamic State sympathisers faster than ever: Police Commissioner

Kaldas is not the man for this job. He is long past his use by date.  It is not our job to “de-romanticise the Daesh”- (Islamic State).  Handwringing will no longer do, tough action is needed. “TEENS are being radicalised younger and faster than ever,” we know that. And yet the left in Europe and Australia are demanding that Western nations allow millions of Muslim people from black Africa and the Middle East to “enrich” us. This will turn into a tsunami, until the invasion becomes  completely unstoppable. Muslims have huge families  and the impact on our society will be deadly.

The Daily Telegraph

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas: “I agree we must focus on the next generation.”

TEENS are being radicalised younger and faster than ever, NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas told an ­inquest yesterday.

Mr Kaldas told the hearing into last December’s the Lindt Cafe siege that “current trends” showed radicalisation was taking as little as a matter of weeks.

“We have to find ways to de-romanticise the Daesh (Islamic State) battle, to remove from it the cloak of adventure, righteousness and rightful respect for wrongs,” Mr Kaldas said.

He said the battle against the radicalisation of young people must be fought in the home as much as in the mosques and on the streets.

“We should see this as a long war. It will be generational, possibly decades,” Mr Kaldas said.

Mr Kaldas, the NSW Police Force’s spokesman on cultural diversity, said it begins with families having faith in the police and the authorities.

“We should attempt to do so by going where opinions are formed. We should see the community as partners in this effort, particularly at family level,” he said.

ASIO head David Irvine recently went on Voice of Islam radio, with his 45-minute spot extending to 90 minutes as he answered questions.

“The feedback was resoundingly positive and left a lasting impact,” Mr Kaldas said.

Mr Kaldas, who worked as an adviser to coalition forces in Iraq and led a UN investigation into the killing of Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri, had been asked to provide the inquest with information about radicalisation within Australia’s Middle Eastern communities.



He was not in charge of the police response to the siege in which barrister Katrine Dawson and cafe manager Tori Johnson were killed. Gunman Man Monis claimed he was acting on behalf of IS.

Mr Kaldas said he disagreed with academics who said this generation was “lost” and the focus had to be on future generations.

“I agree we must focus on the next generation but I do not agree that we can, or should, give up on this generation,” Arabic-speaking Mr Kaldas said.

He said evidence showed emerging communities who are more recent arrivals may be more vulnerable to radicalisation: “For them it is a reality that authority can be brutal, to be feared and not to be trusted. We have to find ways to break (that) down.’’

4 thoughts on “Teenagers radicalised by Islamic State sympathisers faster than ever: Police Commissioner”

  1. Focus on getting rid of the ‘next generation’ of Islamic scumbags and anything Islamic in Australia.

    There fixed!

  2. The whole of the Middle East is spewing/ vomiting refugees by the million. Europe cannot take them all. Besides, conflicts are going on in all Islamic ountries. At the moment there are’nt that many refugees from Africa. But imagine if Boko Haram manages to do in Nigeria what ISIS has done in Syria and Iraq. There will be hundreds of millions of refugees headed to Europe.

    What we have now is a world sitting on a pile of tinder box. It wont take much to ignite a world war. Then all bets are off. The Med sea will not be open to pirates, people smugglers, or any vessal not sanctioned by NATO.

    The West will have to start a sustained irrevocable global war against “Islamism” . A future with a growing Islamism is no future. Therefore, no stop till victory over the ideology. Just like Nazism.

    We need a Churchill – a man who has the wit, the knowledge , and the charisma of a Churchill.

    1. Yes. Enoch Powell was a man of graet knowledge and intelligence. He was not racist but a realist. In fact he had great appreciation of Classical Hindu literature and philosophy, more so then most Hindus.

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