They died for Islam: ‘it’s been written to happen that way, it was supposed to happen.’

Which means they died for “the greater good”. Islam, nothing but Islam. Nothing else matters.

You see, Aylan was not in “harm’s way”. He was not a refugee. His family was not fleeing danger.

Indeed, what his father particularly sought in Europe was a good dentist.


Family of drowned toddler Aylan Kurdi had been given FREE housing in Turkey
Abdullah Kurdi’s story is made-up. But his lies are now being used and rewarded by the media in full blown propaganda, while pressuring policies to force Europe to…CPNAGASAKI

Sick: in typical Mohammedan fashion, they moved the child’s body for better publicity!


Robert Spencer is onto it:

It’s all fraud. Ignore his crocodile tears. But now they push propaganda to open the floodgates to the rest of these fraudsters.

It is noteworthy to hear this comment coming from Abdullah Kurdi that he does not mind sacrificing his wife and children for his agenda, according to his sister Fatima in Canada:

‘Of course it makes me sad that it’s taken this [tragedy] to make people realise what is going on,’ she said, adding: ‘Abdullah said, its ok if it has to be my kids and my wife who wake up the world, its ok. If it’s been written to happen that way, it was supposed to happen.’

And the Turkish people smuggler Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan responded to the deaths in his country’s waters by saying: “European countries, which have turned the Mediterranean, the cradle of the world’s oldest civilizations, into a cemetery for refugees, shares the sin for every refugee who loses their life.”


There is no cure for stupid:

Hyde Park is ablaze with candle light as up to 10,000 people stand together in solidarity with the countless refugees forced to flee their homes and embark on treacherous journeys in search of safety. ‪#‎LightTheDark‬

Light The Dark Sydney: up to 10,000 gather to call for action on refugee crisis
As the refugee crisis in Europe intensifies, the sombre crowd has gathered in the heart of Sydney’s CBD to call for the Australian government to ramp up its support…
Islamic State fighters caught crossing into Europe posing as refugees 
Five men arrested attempting to cross the Bulgarian-Macedonian border with decapitation videos and Islamic State propaganda on their phones.– Dr. Rich Swier
Take the blinkers off



3 thoughts on “They died for Islam: ‘it’s been written to happen that way, it was supposed to happen.’”

  1. All excellent posts Sheik. Too many to comment on, but I have passed on to as many as I know to be willing to be open.

  2. It’s all about perceptions. The Muslims say they are fleeing ISIS because of threats and violence, but it’s the Christians being threatened and killed by ISIS. Our own media in the West is perpetrating this problem by reporting erroneously deliberately. So long as Obama and other Western leaders are solely worried about saving face they will ignore the truth of Islam. The Qur’an is about hate and violence, but Obama will continue to force his Shariah agenda on Christians in America. I recall when Eric Holder said that the real terrorists are Christian Fundamentalists, citing Obama’s Islamist agenda. Not one congressman stood against him. Obama is the Djjal in the Qur’an because he is the great deceiver. He must be the great deceiver because 300 million Americans can’t get congress to impeach him over anything illegal and unconstitutional that he has done.

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