What does it take to stop the Islamisation of Europe?

Slovakia: The World’s First Country to Forbid Muslim Immigrants
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Israeli war planes bomb Gaza Strip following rocket strike
Israeli war planes bomb parts of the Gaza Strip, reportedly in retaliation for an earlier rocket fired at a town in southern Israel.
Scotland Yard: Hate Crime Equals Anti-Muslim Crime 
Yesterday, London’s Metropolitan Police (a/k/a Scotland Yard) released hate crime figures for the year that ended June 30, 2015. During that period, there were 816…Islamist Watch
Refugee children board a bus in the Croatian capital Zagreb [Mohammed Jamjoom/Al Jazeera]
Hungary seizes refugee train arriving from Croatia

Authorities seize train bringing refugees into country from Croatia, disarming 40 police on board and detaining driver.

“A very serious border incident has happened because a train arrived in Magyarboly which had more than a thousand on board without any warning and was accompanied by 40 Croatian policemen into Hungarian territory without any prior notice and permit, which is a very serious border violation and there is suspicions of crimes.

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 Dead Baby Jihad
Another refugee toddler washes up on Turkish coast

A boat carrying 15 Syrian refugees sinks off Turkey’s western coast on its way to Greece, drowning the 4-year-old child; 14 other Syrians have been rescued

Balkan land routes close as refugee crisis swells

Of course its not a “refugee crisis”. No Muslim is a “refugee”. All Muslims are soldiers of allah.

Balkan land routes close as refugee crisis swells

With asylum seekers increase in numbers Balkan countries become more hesitant about letting refugees through

World Bulletin / News Desk

Road and rail routes to northern Europe from the Balkans were closing to refugees Friday, after a string of countries closed their borders to a relentless human wave.

Europe Out of Control?

“Europe might not yet be on the edge of extinction but in light of the current refugee crisis, it is running the risk of reaching that point of no return sooner than expected.”–(Times of Israel)

2 thoughts on “What does it take to stop the Islamisation of Europe?”

  1. To stop the Islamic invasion of Europe, we have to defend Getmany.

    Why does Germany not have the reso;lve to defend itself?

    What is evident for some time now, is that Germany’s immune system has been completely destroyed.

    The main reason for this is that since WWII, Germany has been vilified for its Nazi past, like no other country before or after. The main actors in this vilifation has been the English speaking world. Its as if the only great crime of all time has been the Nazi war crimes. We see many programs on TV about the crimes of the Nazis, but hardly ever of the far greater crime of the socialist/communist countries. In numbers alone, Stalin/Mao murdered ten times more people then the Nazis, and in far worse conditions. Yet it is Germany that is the great Devil.

    Then we have the insane situation of Greece and other European countries begging Germany for large amounts of money, while their newspapers dress Merkel up in Gestapo gear. The tragedy is that they expect Germany to take this insult lying down, while handing over the money for free.

    Its the same now. Pegida doesn’t want an Islamic Germany – and the media is immediately screaming “NAZIS”

    The result of the 60 year continuous vilification of Germany has led to the neutralisation of Germany;’s sel-dfefence immune system. Germany iunable to resist the Islamic invasion, without it being accused of being Nazi, has agreed to take millions of what are in reality Muslim invaders.

    The problem is that even if one hates modern Germany for whatever reason ( Germany is a genuinely decent nation), and wishes it the worst with its e Muslims , we will have shot ourselves in the foot.

    Britain and America, in fact the English speaking world, need to re-build the self esteem of Germany – it is a genuinely civilised Western nation.

  2. Britain and America, in fact the English speaking world needs to think quickly. Acknowledge Germany as a decent Western nation, that has the right to defend itself from uncontrolled migrant Muslim invasion that will change it for it good. Merkel has already stated this. We should see this as a cry for help. Germany cannot do it for herself, as it will be accused of Nazism.

    Unless we do something to help Germany now, it will change for the far worse, and we will all have to bear the consequences.

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