Australia Grants “Extremist” & “Controversial” Dutch MP A Visa

His Visa has been granted in time for the ALA Party launch. 

Controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders granted visa for Perth anti-Islam party political launch
EXTREMIST Dutch member of parliament Geert Wilders has been granted a visa to come to Australia.–NEWS.COM.AU

This is so perverse. A Newscorp scribbler calls Geert Wilders “extremist”, a man who already suffered more than 10 years under so called fartwas (religious death sentences)  in his home country; a man who stands for freedom, equality, democracy and western civilisation. So really, he has been “granted a visa”, as if there was any reason to withhold it! And what exactly is “controversial?”  To oppose Islamic savagery, FGM, polygamy, child marriage, wife beating and honour killings? WTF is “controversial” or “extremist” about opposing the head choppers and the global jihad? The journallie is despicable. These people are the dumbest swine on earth.

EXTREMIST Dutch member of parliament Geert Wilders has been granted a visa to come to Australia.

The right wing politician will come to Perth to help launch a party that’s core aim is to “stop the Islamisation of Australia”.

National president of the Australian Liberty Alliance Party, Debbie Robinson, confirmed on Thursday night that Mr Wilders’ visa had been issued and his visit would go ahead as planned.

It is the second time the leader of The Netherlands’ Partij voor de Vrijheid — Party for Freedom — has visited Australia.

On his last visit in 2013, Premier Colin Barnett said Mr Wilders was “not welcome” in WA and his talk in Melbourne erupted in violent protests.

During this trip, Mr Wilders will give the keynote address at the party launch of Australian Liberty Alliance on Tuesday, October 20 in Perth.

As revealed by The Sunday Times last year, City Beach orthopedic surgeon Anthony Robinson and his wife Debbie are among five directors of Australian Liberty Alliance.

Ms Robinson is also president of the Q Society of Australia, which describes itself as “Australia’s leading Islamic critical movement”.

Ms Robinson welcomed news of Mr Wilders’ visa being granted.

Originally published as Anti-Islam Dutch MP granted Visa

5 thoughts on “Australia Grants “Extremist” & “Controversial” Dutch MP A Visa”

  1. Yes I always wondered what was “controversial” or “extremist” about Geert Wilders.

    Especially since the word extremist is issued now to replace Islamic terror.

    1. Resisting the Islamic expansion project makes us just like Islamic terrorists. This harebrained BS has been the meme of Islamic taqiyya gigolos and leftist loons for a long time.

  2. I hope Mr. Wilders will be well guarded during his trip to Australia. Mr. Turnbull’s cultured new friends can not be trusted.


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    According to Ahmed’s own words, his authority figure (Science teacher) confirmed Ahmed’s own perception and told him his device looked like a bomb and not to show it to anyone. Ahmed then set the alarm on the device in the middle of class. He appears to have had the intent to evoke some reaction. His actions were reckless, and arguably criminal. Yet the media continues to portray him as a persecuted victim, even as he and his family stood in NYC with the Mayor who proclaimed 9/29/2015 as “Ahmed day”, before flying to Mecca to thank Allah for their victory over the gullible infidels.
    In Heaven that day the Angels weeped while the founding fathers of America looked on in astonishment at how far their republic has fallen into absurdity.

    Don Laird
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