“Moderate” Lies, Genocide, Elmo & Dead Jews

Franklin Graham: ISIS Is Committing Genocide on Christians – World Is Silent
Evangelist Franklin Graham denounced the global silence on the Christian genocide by ISIS. Barack Obama has yet to defend the Christian populations being…–THE GATEWAY PUNDIT

In world history, Jews have never had it better than they have for the last two decades. The rise of Israel as a strong international power made it possible for Jews to feel safer all over the planet; the fall of the Soviet Union freed millions of Jews to leave that communist cesspool; an era of tolerance and goodwill toward Jews seemed to pervade the United States and guilt over the Holocaust seemed to forestall much of the rising anti-Semitism in Europe.

All of that is now coming to a crashing halt, thanks to the international left. 

Why the Global Left Doesn’t Care About Dead Jews
The sudden turn against Israel globally is unsurprising, thanks to Western self-loathing.–BREITBART.COM
Elmo rubs it

Allah divided the world in believers and unbelievers, nothing we can do about it except to fight Mohammedan savages wherever they show their fuggly faces. Elmo has it coming, can’t think of anyone more deserving.

Israel must declare open season on these lunatics: 
Gaza Imam Wields Knife, Tells Congregation To Kill Jews
In a sermon delivered over the weekend, an Imam encouraged Palestinians to hunt down and “stab” Jews wherever they find them.
Australian Liberty Alliance's photo.

Australian Liberty Alliance

12 October 2002 – At 23:05 hrs local Bali time (02:05 on the Australian East Coast) the first jihadi detonated his suicide backpack in Paddy’s Bar. As the stunned survivors fled into the street, a much more powerful bomb in a van parked just opposite Paddy’s bar and outside the Sari night club, was detonated by a second suicide bomber. This bomb did the most damage.

Together, both bombs killed 202 people (including 88 Australians) and a further 209 people were maimed and injured.

This was 13 years ago. When you wake up in your bed tomorrow morning, perhaps pause for a moment. Think how many more innocent people will have to die and suffer, until the media commentariat and our current class of political representatives will recognise Islam for what it really is?

So much for the “tiny minority of excremists” 
Denmark: 77 percent of Muslims think that the Quran’s instructions must be “applied fully”
Research show that Islam is the only religion where people become more violent, the more they practise their faith. Translated from JP: “Muslims in Denmark have begun…10NEWS.DK
 “Moderate” Lies
The approved new “moderate” journalism: telling untruths about Islamic terrorism

Andrew Bolt

Such are the standards of modern journalism that Media Watch, the ABC’s arbiter of media standards, decrees that telling lies in defence of Islam is being “moderate”.

The example chosen by host Paul Barry:

Turnbull and Baird’s decision to brand the shooting politically and not religiously motivated also riled the right-wing commentators.

Malcolm Turnbull and Mike Baird called the murder of Curtis Cheng “politically motivated” despite being committed by an Islamist who’d come from the mosque and shouted “Allah” as he killed.

What exactly was the “political” motivation here?

But Barry’s defence?

But this new moderate language from police and politicians was clearly deliberate…

So to tell untruths is now to be “moderate”?

In which case, of course, we have very many moderate journalists these days, being moderate about everything from global warming to Islamism.


From defenders of lying to the foul-mouthed The Drones, stamping on the ashes of the West’s musical traditions. Critics like these make me feel I’m offending exactly the right kind of people:

4 thoughts on ““Moderate” Lies, Genocide, Elmo & Dead Jews”

  1. “The young Muslims are not going to take this exaggerated reaction for too long”

    -Mohamed Elmouelhy

    Well, well, well, how much more of a thinly veiled threat do Australians require?

    Below is a comment I left earlier. After you read it you can ask yourselves the question………..”Do I know exactly where Mr. Elmouelhy lives and works?

    Dear Reader

    For a multiplicity of reasons, self preservation first and foremost, the removal of the Muslim from civilized countries is now taking on unprecedented priority and urgency.

    There has been talk of the formation of militias in Europe in order to do what our treasonous governments refuse to do. In reality the formation of militias under the command of cool headed competent currently serving or ex-military personnel is fast becoming our only solution.

    This said, in any case, as the verminous Muslim is removed there must not be allowed the treasonous among us who allowed and promoted the infiltration of the Muslim in the first place the opportunity to fade into obscurity, to escape punishment for their crimes.

    From the chiefs of police, to senior politicians, to the lawyers in the legal industry, to the judges, to the academia, to the unseen bureaucrats and the senior administrators and editors in the Marxist Mainstream Media, each one must be identified with crippling particularity with respect to personal identification and location in order that patriots can locate and apprehend them and then stand them before military tribunals to face charges of high treason and sedition.

    There are those who are reading my comments and raising an eyebrow in disbelief.

    To those I say simply, 40 years ago, 25 years ago, even as little as 15 years ago, we were in a position to remove the cancer of the Marxist and Islamist without open and aggressive confrontation. That time has passed. Now the Muslim, enabled by the Marxist, smiles and openly and with complete freedom and impunity slaughters us at will on our streets and in our homes. It was and is our cowardice, our indifference and our delusional indecision that has squandered that window of opportunity. Now a much more vigorous course of action must be employed in order to effectively remove the cancer of Islam and its enablers the Marxists from our midst.

    This said, consider that in every country from Europe, to the United Kingdom to Australia to North America, the verminous Muslim has been using its opportunity provided by the preferential treatment it has received from government and law enforcement to stockpile weapons and explosives.

    I can almost guarantee that in every country hundreds and thousands of mosques and individual Muslim homes and businesses contain at least a minimum of 2 to 100 weapons. These would range from AK-47’s to M14’s and their civilian variants including Chinese and Russian models. Ammunition is readily available in case lots of 1000 to 2000 rounds and would no doubt be stockpiles in amounts of at least 1000 rounds per weapon stored. Explosives are easily obtained and range from military grade malleable explosives like C4 and Semtex to recovered explosive like Tritonal and others from artillery shells. All of these weapons and explosives can be supplemented with civilian hunting and sporting rifles as well as improvised explosive devices made from ANFO, flammable gases and liquids and simple gun powder.

    Concluding, the Muslim can be well armed within hours.

    Our law enforcement and intelligence agencies are well aware of this and still refuse to confront the lethal threat the Muslim poses to each country. As such it is no stretch to describe our law enforcement as treasonous cowards who are complicit with the orders of a highly treasonous government and judiciary.

    The reality is that an entire city the size of Canberra, Sydney, London or Paris, with an aggressive action executed over a 12 to 24 hour period, can easily be controlled with a force comprised of 200 highly motivated Muslims. Acts of subversion such as attacks, bombing and torching of refineries, power plants, hospitals, shopping malls, airports and water treatment plants would be indefensible by law enforcement. Largely poorly trained and cowardly, law enforcement in Western countries is easily neutralized by Muslims locating their homes and attacking their families, ambushing them on the streets and this coupled with a few shots fired at police stations would render the police confused, incapacitated and compliant.

    Subsequent open slaughter of a couple hundred civilians dragged from homes, retirement homes and hospitals or simply attacked and shot to death or beheaded in the street would ensure that the civilian population remained totally compliant with the Muslim demands. With mass social media most of these attacks would be broadcast on FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter and the like. Editorials would be futile and terror would spread like wildfire. In short, within hours of a coordinated attack, the city would be under complete and total Muslim control.

    For those of you who dismiss my description as fanciful I say you are the problem and the reason we face the Muslim in its current well armed state. Look around you, essentially we are a legion of defenseless indifferent cowards being led to slaughter by a collection of bumbling, treasonous, collaborative cowards and fools.

    For those of you who offer the injurious, the flatulent and certainly suicidal argument of the “Good Muslim” you have only to look for those same pathetic phantoms made conspicuous by their absence and their thunderous silence. Human nature, the commandments of the Koran and the nature of the Muslim itself make the vicious lie, the murderous myth of the “Good Muslim” self evident. The reality is that there are no “Good Muslims”, there are not now, there never were.

    To those of you who know what I’m talking about you understand that you must begin to identify, with detailed particularity, the location of each and every Muslim, Muslim business, mosque and Muslim enabler in all your cities and towns. This must be done in conjunction with the collection of equipment and supplies you will need to defend yourselves and your communities.

    Begin to organize amongst yourselves. Look for coolheaded, competent and determined ex-military or ex-law enforcement personnel. Beware of infiltrators and those whose sympathies lay with the Muslim and the Marxist. Hold training camps under the guise of weekend BBQ’s. Become extremely proficient with all materials and equipment at your disposal. Keep all existing law enforcement well away from your organizations. Begin to do this now.

    Finally, understand that this conflict with the Muslim and the Marxist will not be quiet and peaceful. Become comfortable with that fact, embrace it and prepare for it. Resolve that the Muslim and the Marxist must be dealt with in a manner that speaks of a final and unmistakable sense of permanence.

    The time has come for all of you to find your voices and your courage.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


      Think the treason of our government is a figment of wild tin-foil-hat paranoid delusions?

      Think again.

      Listen to Tommy Robinson.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

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