7 thoughts on “No Mohammedan is a refugee. All Mohammedans are soldiers of Allah”

  1. As Muslims keep reminding us, the opposite of “Muslim” is “white”. But we’re the racists…

    1. And what gets me is that this particular mohammedan’s *victim* was not ‘white’ but East Asian: a thoroughly-integrated Aussie of Chinese ethnicity and, it seems, Buddhist religio-cultural background.

      I wonder how it will be reported if and when a bunch of Muslims are caught grossly vandalising – destroying – those thoroughly unislamic Aboriginal Australian rock engravings (wonderful things, vividly depicting living beings, human, animal and mythical) which can be seen in many, many places around Sydney? The artistic depiction of living beings is strictly forbidden by the sharia of Islam. What happens when the sharia assassins start vandalising Aboriginal art sites??

      1. Race doesn’t come into it. For his assassin, Curtis Cheng was a representative of the infidel authorities, the same police force that shot one of his coreligionists, who is a “martyr” in their eyes. Just like Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad, who’s name will not be forgotten among wannabe assassins.

    2. Muslims are banking on the fact that the great mass of the uninformed, in the west (and many blinded by dhimmitude in the global ‘east’ and ‘south’) don’t know that the majority of Islam’s sacrificial victims, historically, have been *nonwhite* – black Africans representing the largest single group targeted, with Indians coming in second.

      1. According to Professor K.S.Lal, the great Indian historian, author of Growth of Muslim population in India,the Hindu population of India reduced by 80 million between 1000AD and 1525 AD.

        Koenraad Elst in his book Negationism in India put it at 100 million over 900 years

        I do not know about the African figures affected by Muslims.

  2. SMH:

    Tribute page labels Parramatta teen shooter a hero of the Islamic people

    [The teenage gunman who executed a NSW Police Force employee has been lauded as a “hero of the Islamic people” on a tribute page set up on social media.]

  3. I read the article in situ at the SMH. There were a LOT of comments. But what was really interesting, and heartening, was that a lot of people – including a couple who identified themselves as ‘left-leaning’ / progressive – were not buying his BS at all, at all, at all. Indeed, I think the ‘awake-up’ people were in the majority.

    And that is something of a *first* for an SMH Islam-related-article comments thread.

    We’ll know the tide is starting to turn, though, when the *ABC* opens an Islam-related article for “Comments’ – which they do, every now and again – and the Islamoinformed outnumber the Mohammedans (whether openly identifying or hiding under fake ‘infidel’ Islamophile identities) and the Dhimmi Defenders of Islam.

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