Muslims Demand That Criticism of Islam Be Made Illegal in Europe

Unreal. The swine murder our people and claim victimhood; and now they intend to shut us up in the face of millions of invading Muslim soldiers:

Published on 6 Oct 2015

Turkish delegate to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe calls for anti-free-speech measures, especially for politicians and civil servants, calls criticism of Islam ‘hate crimes’. His organization is called ‘Center for Public Debate’

Just a reminder:

The biggest threat is in pandering to Islam

October 10, 2015

… Journalists have had to move house or beef-up security due to Islamist intimidation. It’s now commonplace for camera crews to be physically assaulted by family members or supporters of Muslim defendants or suspects outside court. This is the new normal. …

More on the new ‘normal’ at The Sunday Telegraph thanks to Mullah (pbuh)

7 thoughts on “Muslims Demand That Criticism of Islam Be Made Illegal in Europe”

  1. Well, well, well……

    Slowly the snake comes out of its hole.

    Every one of us who has blogged, spoken publicly, written essays, commented actively or otherwise informed the ignorant or warned the collaborative knows what this will come to.

    This will come to blood.

    We have passed all of the preliminary phases and we are now onto the the backstretch of final confrontation.

    This is inches from open confrontation and bloodshed.

    This is what we have been waiting for and while we have a desire to wipe the Muslim from our midst we should save a special place in our conflict for those collaborators who have paved the way for Muslim aggression. We must never forget the treason of many politicians, bureaucrats, academics, Marxist Media, judiciary and leaders of law enforcement. For it is they who have been and are largely responsible for the gains made by the Muslim and never, ever, ever can treason be forgotten nor left unpunished.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  2. If exposing the evil doctrines and practices of Isdamn causes people to hate and reject it, the fault is with Islam, not its critics.

    Geert wilders does not tell anyone to assault ‘slimes or burn down rajabs, he just tells the truth about Isdamnic doctrine & practice.

    We must not allow defense of civilization to be criminalized. Truth is not hate speech. The accursed Koranus is hate speech, warmongering and incitement of terrorist genocide.


    Here is an excerpt from 60 Minutes Overtime segment.

    It focuses of the work of Father Patrick DesBois, a French Roam Catholic priest.

    Father DesBois has worked exhaustively on researching the killings of Jews and others across Europe and documenting the hundreds of mass graves that litter the countryside in over a dozen countries.

    Father DesBois makes no bones about comparing the Nazis and their slaughter with ISIS and their slaughter of non-Muslims in th Middle East and soon, their slaughter across the Western world.

    Lara Logan conducted the interview and who better than Lara Logan to do just that for it was Lara Logan who received a real taste of Islamic love when she was covering the “Arab Spring” in Egypt’s Tahrir Square. During her coverage of that little Muslim Brotherhood sponsored coup d’etat she was set upon by dozens of Muslims and brutally sexually assaulted, beaten and almost raped. Needless to say Ms. Logan is something less than a fan of Marxist Mass Media propaganda these days and tends to be a fan of the truth and historical fact.

    For those of you who are reading this there must be one thing understood with crystal clarity.

    Every single Muslim is a threat.

    Every single bearded, poisonous bloward windbag Islamic leader and cleric, every single “good” Muslim, every single hijab wearing Muslim activist, every Muslim private school, every single bearded Muslim with his hate filled eyes, every single Mosque, every single act of Islamic judicial Sharia Law adjudication, every single attempt to force Islamic dominance over any of our cultural traditions, every single item of halal certified food, every act of Muslim public prayer, every Muslim public demonstration……………..ALL OF IT!!!!……..EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT!!!!……is an open, aggressive, hostile act of war designed to lead us all, every single non-Muslim to complete subjugation or annihilation.

    You had better decide where you draw the line in the sand and what course of action you will take once that line is crossed. Then, wait until the line is crossed and then swiftly act.

    Find your courage and find your voices before its too late.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

    (excuse my French)


    Click the link and watch an exchange between an Obama Climate Change Drone as it refers to legal counsel during a questioning by Senator Ted Cruz……….


    The subject matter is a favorite of Marxist race-card, race-baiting activists and a little pet of the Muslim Obama…..its called “Climate Change and its effect on minority communities”, a stunning piece of propaganda authored by the race-baitng Sierra Club president Aaron Mair.

    Listen to the exchange and very amazed, stunned and overwhelmed at the utter absurdity of this exchange.

    This Ladies and Gentlemen is what we have been reduced to.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  5. Yes, no excuses for hate crime! It is time to reciprocate the freedom and grace of Europe, stop harassing and persecuting Christians and minorities… swap your faithful who agrees with Sharia and Calipha… to “your” theocratic countries… with the dhimmies… Afterwards let the “relations” be regulated by bilateral agreements based on reciprocity.

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