Muslims flocking to Europe aren’t “refugees”: they are colonisers

Bendigo mosque protests: Police keep rival protest groups apart
The groups have massed on either side of a moat in the park.

A protest is gaining momentum in Perth’s Forrest Chase. It’s part of national and global anti-Islam protests happening around the world today. A heavy police presence is expected after clashes at a Victorian rally.  ‪#‎9News‬

Australia in talks with Philippines to resettle refugees
I hate to see Islamic missionary bandits redistributed to third world nations. Once they get themselves settled, they will just keep doing jihad.
Australia said Friday it is in talks with the Philippines to send refugees there, but refused to confirm reports of a Aus$150 million (US$109 million) deal to expand its controversial resettlement policy.–MSN.COM
Anti-Islam marches due to begin in cities across the US
The rallies are planned from cities as far apart as Seattle and Atlanta and from San Francisco to Detroit.–CHRISTIAN.TODAY.COM

Why are the mosqueteers covering up?

Stop The Mosque's photo.
At all the protests going on at the moment against the islamification of Australia, all of the pro Islam anti protesters hide their faces, is it because they are the feral violent trouble makers that mainstream news and our politicians are accusing the other side of being?
Visions of ‘Proud Australians’ supposedly fighting racism with a mask on…. sigh
These morally bankrupt ferals are a blight on society because they thrive on opportunities to wreak anarchy on this unsuspecting society.
Ironically we see here a group of people take the ‘moral high ground’ and slander another group of people whom they equally hate as much as they profess the group they hate is hating others…. Certainly a conundrum in its own right but logical as the ferals have shown their true nature of violent reaction to both authorities and whom they are protesting against.
james T. Kirk Admin
Housemaid has her hand chopped off by female Saudi Arabian employer
A poor Indian maid working to send money back to her family has her hand chopped off by her Saudi employer.
Kasturi Munirathinam, originally from the south Indian city of Chennai, had been earning £150 a month while working as a cleaner for a household in Riyadh. —DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
India protests to Saudi after maid’s hand chopped off
India said Friday it had lodged a protest with authorities in Riyadh after a maid from Tamil Nadu allegedly had her hand chopped off by her Saudi employer for complaining about her work conditions. India’s foreign minister deplored a “brutal”…
Furious charity pulls Calais camp funding after ‘migrants BURN food and clothes’
A CHARITY has stopped providing aid to the Calais ‘jungle’ because the majority of migrants in the camp do not need to be there.

ISIS has warned that something will happen in Europe when the signal sounds, but it can’t happen without guns and ammo. 

Muselman stopped at the ferry to Denmark, with the car full of weapons and grenades
ISIS has warned that something will happen in Europe when the signal sounds, but it can’t happen without guns and ammo.
The Islamic invasion of Germany
Germany: Fewer than 1 in 10 ‘Migrants’ Apply for Work
This is no surprise to anyone who has been watching this hijrah, aka “refugee crisis” closely. The migrants have been flocking to Germany because it offers the best welfare benefits. The migrants are overwhelmingly male and Muslim, and are not in Germany to work, but to Islamize it.
Fewer than one in 10 of the 311,000 working-age migrants in Germany have applied for work permits since the start of the year, the country’s Federal… | Pamela Geller
Charity stops aid to ‘refugees’ — 97% are men

Muslims flocking to Europe aren’t “refugees”: they are colonizers, looking to take advantage of liberalism and welfare…

‘No real reason’ to be there — ‘they want to go [to the UK] to get money’–WND.COM

9 thoughts on “Muslims flocking to Europe aren’t “refugees”: they are colonisers”

  1. The Philippines is a good idea, as Muslims wouldnt like to live in a country where there is poverty and they are despised as well.

    Once told of this option being the only one, they may well opt to go back to Afghanistan or Iran, as long as it paid for.

    The flaw with this policy is that they will then head for Europe.

  2. Well, I’ve always been a sports minded kinda guy and nothing brings a community together like a little game of baseball

    This said perhaps the patriots of Europe, North America, Australia and the United Kingdom could invite their Muslim neighbours out to the cornfields for a little game of baseball.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  3. I have a couple of questions.

    How long would the Muslim “immigrant, refugees” continue to enter Europe if treasonous European politicians, judiciary, bureaucrats and their complicit bootlickers in law enforcement were set upon and shot to death in their homes, while traveling and while at work and all at the hands of European patriots?

    How long would it be before there was a mass and panicked exodus from Europe by parasitic human garbage like this if they were found by the thousands with bullet holes in their foreheads, placed there by European patriots?

    How long would it be before Muslims ran, taking only what they could carry, panicked and screaming for the Islamic country of their choice if every single Mosque throughout the civilized world was torched and reduced to ashes?

    How long would it be before verminous Muslims ran for their very lives if every Muslim owned business was torched and reduced to ashes?

    How long would it be before not one Muslim “immigrant/refugee” would step into a boat if it were made known that tens of thousands of these parasites had drowned at sea because European patriots had boarded speed-boats in the hundreds and sailed out to attack, ram and sink these “refugee” boats, setting them on fire and leaving their passengers (Jihadis) to be shot, burn to death, drown or be eaten by sharks?

    The truth is that European patriots have been abandoned by their leaders and now must take responsibility and until European patriots start taking themselves seriously and protecting their families, their culture and their countries from predatory Muslim parasites like this one in the video, no one will take them seriously.

    There are those who suggest you must set aside your humanity, your kindness and your generosity, as you are being played as fools by the filthy Muslim you extend your hands of welcome to. Instead, give the Muslim what it understands best, what it trades in, what defines it……violence, unswerving brutal violence and death.

    Rid yourselves of the cancer of Islam and the filth of the Muslim.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


    I am pretty good at predicting the future and of course, based on 1400 years of Muslim mass murder and psychopathy, predictions as to what is going to unfold across the Western world are made all the easier.

    I have a message for my friends and fellow patriots across th West:

    These scenes are coming to a neighbourhood, a town, a city, an event near you and very soon.

    Your only hope is to begin, immediately, to remove the Muslim and every last vestige of Islam from your midst, in any fashion you can and in such a manner as to be unmistakable and permanent. This includes all Muslim men, women and children including the elderly, every single one of them. To do less than this is to try an remove a cancerous tumor from a body by only cutting out half the tumor and leaving half behind.

    Then, turn you attention to those treasonous members of your governments, judiciary, academia, Marxist Media and law enforcement. Hold each and every one of those traitors fully accountable for the damage they have caused. Let them hide no where, find them rout them, imprison them, try and convict them and then have the courage to execute their sentences for high treason and sedition.

    To do anything less is suicide.

    Remember, this is coming to you before Christmas.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  5. Found this. It should be getting round the clock coverage but of course isn’t, thanks to political censorship:

    A Czech doctor, who works in a German hospital, is so disgusted and overwhelmed with the Muslim migrant invaders that she is threatening to leave the country and go back home to the Czech Republic. She explains, via an email letter (because the press is forbidden from reporting on this), how horrific the conditions are in these hospitals, with the Muslim invaders bringing diseases they weren’t even prepared to treat. But that’s just part of it. The superior attitudes of these Muslims and their belief that they should get everything for free is wreaking havoc everywhere, from the hospitals to the pharmacies.

    Read more:

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