The Mufti & the Mosqueteers

“The mufti was one of the initiators of the systematic extermination of European Jewry and had been a collaborator and adviser” in the “execution of this plan,” the book quotes Adolf Eichmann’s deputy, Dieter Wisliceny, as having testified. “He was one of Eichmann’s best friends and had constantly incited him to accelerate the extermination measures.”— more from Pamela Geller


– Don’t want your nation turned into an Islamic warzone? You are obviously a xenophobe, racist, Islamophobe, and bigot … at least according to the globalist left. The predatory left has opened the borders of Western Europe for one reason: To displace Western culture and create — in the demented mind of Marxism — a world free from economic disparity. To that end globalism will tolerate riots, rape, and mayhem. Our conclusion is that globalism and Islam are the most inhumane philosophies in existence.

“Refugees” riot in Belgium


There’s a reason for that frenzied mosque building around the country. Its the old ‘build-it-and-they-will-come’ idea, but in this case it is done with the expectation that sooner or later a weak gov’t opens the floodgates again, and then we will be overrun just like Europe at the moment:

Geert Wilders tells Australia to abandon multiculturalism or end up like the EU
The far-right Dutch MP speaks to media in Perth after the secretive launch of ALA, saying belief in cultural equality the ‘biggest disease in Europe today’–MSN.COM
10,000 Migrants Flood into Macedonia in 24 Hours (Video)
10,000 migrants crossed into Macedonia in a 24 hour span. The migrants from the Middle East, Asia and Africa are …
France: Opposing Islam Is a “Hate Crime”
Marine Le Pen goes on trial charged with anti-Muslims hate speech
French Front National party leader made comments at a rally in 2010, prompting anti-racism and human rights groups to bring case against her–THE GUARDIAN|BY ANGELIQUE CHRISAFIS
Islamist gangs coercing and killing refugees inside UN camps, Christian ministry reveals
A Christian ministry in the Middle East has expressed alarm over the growing violence and intimidation inside refugee camps reportedly carried out by Islamist gangs and Syrian militants who have been hiding among th refugees displaced by war in the Middle East.
Merkel in Turkey
 A Moonbat princeling among savages:

12143116_128838450805867_8139706361026681596_nThe prime minister of Canada in a local mosque wearing the national dress of Pakistan and celebrating his victory in the recent elections.

DNA testing required in wake of widespread Somali family reunification fraud

That’s not the only reason Muslims reject DNA testing. But we have to understand that every Muslim is another Muslims brother, and they all turn into violent mobs to “defend” Islam.

In an otherwise whining piece about how the feds are too slow to admit family members of refugees, at least this Frontline ‘news’ story admits that thousands of—REFUGEERESETTLEMENTWATCH
Mosques May Be Closed To Prevent Extremism In The UK

WTF is “may be?” You know he hasn’t got the balls to do it.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced a new proposal Monday to counter extremism in the United Kingdom that includes an idea to close certain Mosques.…DAILYCALLER.COM

There’s a war on free speech in Australia. Malcolm’s waved the white flag while taking instructions from the Grand Mufti.

Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act says you can’t hurt anyone’s feelings based on their race. Sadly, we seem to need laws to wrap sooks in cotton wool.

I know a thing or three about racism, having grown up and schooled in the ‘70s with a funny sounding surname.

Didn’t worry me a bit, though. I laughed it off with a shrug thinking ‘idiot’ – and moved on. If the idiot persisted, there’d be a custom cartoon on the school notice board by next morning.

What happened to Australia?

You used to be able to say, “It’s a free country.”

Not any more. The thought police are on the beat.

They will need a lot of aircraft to fly them all back:
Military may fly failed asylum seekers back 
Germany is open to using military aircraft to repatriate migrants whose requests for asylum have been rejected, Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said Wednesday.– The Local