The racist fringe must be cut before it grows stronger

All hindrances to the Muslim invasion must be removed. Unbelievers who are not willing to submit must be taken out by their roots, writes ​Betina Szkudlarek @ the Sydney Moonbat Herald

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This twat seems to believe Islam is a costume party.

Hmm, just wondering where I heard that before?

Ayat al Anfal 8:7  Allah wished to confirm the truth by His words, and wipe the unbelievers out to the last,  —AYAT al-Anfal 8:7 (other translations call for taking the unbelievers out “by their roots”)

In typical fashion of wakademic tossers  ​Betina Szkudlarek conflates Islam with race, which is despicable.  It is illogical and stupid, but leftoids milk it to the last drop.

Here’s her e-mail, in case you feel the need to tell her how you feel:


If we don’t curtail growing anti-immigration rhetoric, we risk going down the same intolerant path as Europe.

Together with an increased Islamophobic rhetoric, both Europe and Australia noted a significant increase in anti-Islamic incidents.Together with an increased Islamophobic rhetoric, both Europe and Australia noted a significant increase in anti-Islamic incidents. Photo: Meredith O’Shea

Is the Australian public moving away from its multicultural stance of respect for diversity towards blunt anti-immigration rhetoric?

Anti-Islam groups such as the United Patriots Front and Reclaim Australia are no longer isolated on the fringes of society. With political movements such as the Rise Up Australia Party and the newly launched Australian Liberty Alliance the country is opening a path to institutionalisation of hate speech and racism. And, while many of us want to believe that these voices within the Australian community are still very limited, recent opinion polls show an increasing support of anti-Islam and anti-immigration sentiment. While most of us still claim to embrace the democratic value of freedom of speech, there is a very thin line between an expression of opinion and racism.



The trend in Australia is disturbing and the current reality in Europe is a clear indicator of where it could lead. Several EU-based news agencies were recently forced to close their online comments sections as hate speech flooded the internet in response to the refugee crisis. While a few arguments played on economic fears claiming the countries lacked the resources to accommodate the wave of asylum seekers, the majority of posts were Islamophobic, racist and included hate speech of a kind not seen in Europe for a very long time. Little of the online conversation was based on rational and informed arguments and it was clear that a majority of those taking part had no knowledge of the conflicts in the Middle East, the role of the West or the oppressive treatment of Muslims by Islamic State terrorists. Moreover, the memory of Western public opinion is very shortlived, with few people remembering that the largest terrorist attack of the last decade was, in fact, inspired and entirely executed by a right-wing Caucasian Norwegian extremist who killed 77 people in his attacks against multiculturalism.

Together with an increased Islamophobic rhetoric, both Europe and Australia noted a significant increase in anti-Islamic incidents. Yet, what the Australian public seems to know little about is the psychology of radicalisation. While ideologies, religious or other, can form an intellectual ground for radical movements, a trigger is needed to transform ideology into action. Racial, ethnic or religious discrimination as well as economic and/or social exclusion can push individuals to actions that will aim to address their need of belonging to a social group and at overcoming their marginalisation. Being so openly excluded from a society, facing significant language barriers and overt discrimination, immigrants are very vulnerable to social isolation that often lies at heart of radical movements. In light of these facts recently intensified hate speech is inevitably feeding what people fear most. With slogans such as: “you have mosques, we have machetes”, we will have nobody else but ourselves to blame for the integration failure of immigrants and asylum seekers and their consequent social segregation. Instead of protecting Australia from violence and terrorism the propagators of hate speech are blind to the fact they feed radicalism.

Integration is a two-way street. This is why we need to do our best to support smooth integration of immigrants and refugees into Australian society and to continue our efforts to eradicate hate speech. Simultaneously, building resilience to racism and discrimination is a skill that needs to be taught to all immigrants. Such initiatives will prevent social isolation and will be crucial in preventing radicalisation.

It might be too late for several European countries where the overwhelming majority of public opinion has already been overrun by populistic, aggressive and racist hate speech. Australia is still a place where values of multiculturalism, respect and open-mindedness prevail. Let’s make sure we treasure and cultivate those. Propagators of hate speech will never admit it, but if radicalisation becomes the reality, they will have no one to blame but themselves.

Betina Szkudlarek is a senior lecturer in international business at the University of Sydney Business School.

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10 thoughts on “The racist fringe must be cut before it grows stronger”

  1. One would have thought that being Polish she would not be so naive about Islam, and especially having spent time in Rotterdam. But no, her second last paragraph and her last sentence confirm her bigotry.

  2. “While most of us still claim to embrace the democratic value of freedom of speech, there is a very thin line between an expression of opinion and racism.” BUT… you see, an expression of an opinion that is not politically correct, that’s not free speech, that’s racism! Maher is right about liberals and their denial about Islam, and he’s one of them!

  3. When muslims call for killing jews, it is freedom of speech. If a non-muslim says they don’t like islam, it is hate speech. I am all for anybody to practice their religion freely. My problem is with muslims demanding that everybody lives by their rules. Pork products cannot be served in elementary schools because it might offend their little future suicide bombers? If they don’t like it, they can get a salad. Nobody is forcing them to eat pork. their problem is that it is offered at all. Eff em.


    This video details the utter shock that has descended on Austrian towns as they are flooded with Muslim filth.

    The reality is that Europeans are now left with no other choice but to start killing Muslims and in so doing turn the tide of Muslim filth away from their countries. Of course the law enforcement and bureaucratic infrastructure will attempt to stop European patriots from defending their families, their cities and towns and their countries and as such patriots will have no other choice but to kill police officers and the bureaucrats responsible for this madness.

    And who, absolutely who could blame them?

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

    1. A WORD TO THE WISE……….

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      M14 Springfield, caliber .308/7.62 x 54 mm , semi auto, uses 20/30 round magazines. Excellent Vietnam era weapon, deadly, reliable, if well maintained and cared for, shoots forever. Buy 2 or 3 if available. Many countries like China manufacture these weapons now. Norinco are good, the Russian and Eastern Bloc models are good as well.

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      When you buy weapons keep your big mouth shut!!!!


      Do not be concerned if you don’t have weapons laying around. Ask yourself “where could I get a gun in a moments notice”?

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      Like I said, police, police vehicles and police stations are living breathing armories. In reality there is no need to purchase a weapon, just wait until you need a good well maintained, sighted in, fully loaded weapon and you know where to go.

      Then, do it now, start recording the detailed location, place of employment and residence of all Muslims, mosques, Muslim businesses, Marxists and Muslim sympathizers (in any form including judiciary) in your area. I guarantee you you will need this information in the coming weeks and months.

      Defend your culture.

      Defend your country

      Defend your family, loved ones and countrymen.

      Rid your nations of every single Muslim and every last vestige of Islam, to do anything less is suicide.

      Food for thought, catalyst for action.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

  5. What makes this lady think she is qualified to lend her learned opinions on matters far removed from her area of expertise in business management? Perhaps she might also give her opinion on the extermination of the last of the Middle Eastern Christian communities.
    Of course she doesn’t, and neither do any of the other misfits who call themselves “academics” in our “places of higher learning.” (With the exception of Merv Bendle).
    Perhaps the good professor is angling for a lucrative posting on one of our multicultural or anti discrimination boards and this is a just warm up?

    1. Simple: because the Arabs, the Muslims she knows, are “not like that”. They are not savages, they are civilised, respectful, they would never to the things they do….She is sure of that. And she knows, she just knows, that she is right and we are wrong.

  6. I read the article over at the SMH. There were 100+ comments and quite a few of them were strongly in disagreement with this dozy bint.

  7. How can it be racism we we are all the of the same race.historically used to describe the physical or biological type of some or all of the populations of Europe, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western Asia, Central Asia, and South Asia.[3] The term was used in biological anthropology for many people from these regions, without regard necessarily to skin tone.[4

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