We are being “educated”, again….

Downunder, nutroots are looking forward to their enslavement:

Nutroots who can’t wait for their subjugation. Disciples of Wally and Ann Aly. The Koranimals will take care of them.

7 News Melbourne's photo.

7 News Melbourne

HAPPENING NOW: Hundreds of anti-racism protesters have already gathered outside the Bendigo town hall.

Protesters will be met by hundreds of police….

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‘You don’t have a right to freedom of speech if you’re going to kill Australians’ Pauline Hanson

Delusional drivel from Peter Batty, another clueless has been….

A Job For Turncoat:

It was symbolic for the problems we face with Islam in Australia, that the current Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, demanded more dialogue and better understanding, but was unwilling to speak to Australians in English.

As a meaningful and practical step towards building trust, we propose the Grand Mufti encourages other Islamic leaders in Australia to sign up to the Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding.

The Charter is available to download and print from here:

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Rifi defends Grand Mufti’s Arabic address
Dr Jamal Rifi says people should focus on the message delivered by the Grand Mufti not the language used.
We focus on what we see, Mr Rifi. And what we see and hear we don’t like. Get stuffed.
Aussies told to “calm down” after assassination by Mohammedan headbanger:
The insufferable, forever brown-nosing   Andrew O’Keefe reassures an ageing hijabee that Aussies are not all bad, and that smarmy little commie rat,  Tim Soutphommasane, who who keeps humming away on the Islamic “race” lectures us on “tolerance”. Kids go off the rails, some do drugs, don’tcha know, and some turn to Islam and start killing people, which has nothing to do with Islam…..

We won’t discriminate, so Islam costs us all some freedom

Andrew Bolt

Islam is different to all other major faiths in explicitly endorsing the subjugation and killing of non-believers. This poses a dilemma for multi-faith democracies such as ours which believe in non-discrimination and freedom of belief.

An example:

Prayer groups and religious instruction in schools are a “doorway to extremism’’, a government adviser has warned. Cathy Byrne, a member of the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority advisory group on intercultural understanding, demanded a ban on prayer groups in government schools.

“The system as it stands today is potentially a doorway to extremism,’’ said Dr Byrne, a Southern Cross University sociologist specialising in religion. “Prayer groups have no place in government schools.

“Primarily it’s been evangelical Christians who have been allowed in but they’ve opened the door for other faith-based groups to do the same and potentially radicalise youth into violent extremism.’’

I am not threatened in the slightest by evangelical Christians having prayer groups at lunchtime in schools. Indeed, although I am an agnostic, I think the values transmitted by Christianity are overall beneficial and critical in maintaining a culture that encourages kindness, tolerance, non-violence, personal responsibility, freedom and concern for the powerless.

So why should Christian prayer groups be shut down simply because Muslim prayer groups, in contrast, could “potentially radicalise youth into violent extremism”?  Why should peaceful Christians lose a freedom to worship just because Muslim groups cannot be trusted with it?

The Prime Minister Tony Abbott unfortunately gave us a similar example last year when dumping plans to restore more free speech to discuss “race”:

Mr Abbott dumped the changes to 18C [of the Racial Discrimination Act] as he unveiled new counter-terrorism measures, stressing the government was determined to engage in closer consultation with communities, particularly with the Muslim community.

“When it comes to counter-terrorism, everyone needs to be part of Team Australia,’’ Mr Abbott said. “And I have to say that the government’s proposals to change 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act have become a complication in that respect.

“I don’t want to do anything that puts our national unity at risk at this time and so those proposals are now off the table.”

And so everyone loses free speech and some right to worship because Islam alone is unsafe.

Let me put the issue in the form of the question voters are never asked by their politicians. To accommodate a large Muslim minority with a minimum of violence, a country such as our must lose some freedom. Would you rather have the immigration or the freedom?

Answer: too late.


Related – an argument that Dutch political leader Geert Wilders should not tell us that Islam inspires terrorism because Muslims will turn to terrorism:

LAUREN DAY: Suresh Rajan from West Australians for Racial Equality says he’s not opposed to Wilders being granted a visa but he is worried some of those views could further inflame tensions among the Muslim community and further exacerbate issues of radicalisation and home grown terror.

SURESH RAJAN: What we find common amongst all of the people who’ve gone down the path of radicalisation has been the fact that they have felt isolated within their community. And the work that Geert Wilders does just further isolates them to a position where they become prey to the radicalised views of other people.

Such surrenders would mean that men of violence set the rules for the rest of us.

3 thoughts on “We are being “educated”, again….”

  1. That is exactly what I used to say to my friends – it’s not about what Islam might or might do, it WILL do what it will. We just need to ask if that is what we are happy to accept.
    But that was when I had friends…

  2. “Dr Rifi said people need to focus on Dr Mohamed’s message, not the language it was delivered in.’If you need to criticise, criticise his message,’ Dr Rifi told AAP.’And his message was very positive.

    ‘He meant that we have a society that is cohesive and he will not, along with the Australian majority of the Muslim community, let those people disrupt that cohesiveness that we enjoy.’

    – See more at:

    Question for Dr Rifi-Why do you not let the translation speak for itself.Why do you want to tell us what “he meant” instead of us listening to what he said.(translated)

  3. The libtards at the Ottawa Citizen spewspaper are on point today, interviewing mindless muslimas about their opinions concerning the hijab “controversy” – taking up whole pages of print to proclaim ” Wearing it is a choice, and it’s only a cultural practice which has nothing to do with religion! Whee!”

    Never seen them even bother to Google “Qur’an + Niqab” to discover what everyone else has long known: Sura 33:59!

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