Bolt dumps on patriots, claims “most Australian Muslims are opposed to terrorism”

Just how would he know that? Did Allah whisper in his ear?

The other day he suggested that the major parties who have betrayed us, should “take the oxygen out of the Australian Liberty Alliance”. With friends like this, is it any wonder that Islamisation progresses a pace?

Petrol on a fire

Andrew Bolt

Yes, Islam needs reform.

(Islam is “perfect”. It cannot be reformed.)

Yes, a significant minority of Muslims represent a security threat.

More than that. Much more.

But note also: most Australian Muslims are opposed to terrorism, and are as much Australian as anyone. To drive a wedge between them and the rest of us is not just unfair, nasty and stupid, but dangerous.

If wishes were horses, even beggars could ride. We don’t know what “most Muslims” are, and Bolt doesn’t speak for them,

So the following people are a menace and should just shut the hell up.

A guy who was dragged through the courts and censored under Australia’s oppressive hate speech law (18-C) is calling for censorship? That sucks, Andrew.

Jacqui Lambie:


Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie … called for greater security screening of the 12,000 Syrian refugees Australia will soon be accepting.

“No one’s talked putting security, electronic bracelets on them, nobody’s gone that far, I think it’s about time we put our foot down here,” she said… “Maybe the first person that should have an electronic device put them is the bloody Grand Mufti,” Senator Lambie said.

“We’ll be able monitor what is going on and where they’re going,” Senator Lambie said.

United Patriots Front:

Farmer John, from United Patriots, spoke to the crowd while it chanted “No Muslims in Melton”, and threatened more violent action.

“We’re going to burn every mosque down if they build them … Let’s stick it up them,” he said.

Farmer John, if you’ve been quoted correctly you are an idiot and a menace.


But a great many Australians are naturally and genuinely worried, and it would be a huge mistake to dismiss them as just more Jacqui Lambies or Farmer Johns:

Australians overwhelmingly fear a Paris-style terror attack on our shores, with more than half believing a large-scale event is likely and one-quarter convinced it is inevitable.

Right. We might have a case after being blown up and assassinated here and there…..

A special Newspoll, taken at the weekend exclusively for The Australian, also reveals that two-thirds of people believe the Muslim community is not doing enough to condemn terrorist ­attacks or to integrate into ­society.

And it found voters divided on whether Australia should commit ground troops in Iraq and Syria to fight Islamic State.

I don’t think we’re seeing the mainstream political leadership needed to address these fears. Just dismissing those fears, relativising them or treating them as evidence of “homophobia” – all favorites of the media class – simply won’t do.

No. We don’t want any more Islam. We don’t want any more Muslims, Mosques, brown nosing politicians and weak kneed journallie selling us out.

5 thoughts on “Bolt dumps on patriots, claims “most Australian Muslims are opposed to terrorism””

  1. “So the following people are a menace and should just shut the hell up.”

    What happened to free speech, Andrew?

    Andrew ,instead of calling people names like menace,idiot could you not counter their view and explain why their view should not be followed?

  2. Yes i just read that and thought, what the hell.

    The heat must of been getting too much and like a good little dhimmi he’s retreated.

    I posted a comment contrary to his and guess what. It hasn’t been posted. Typical.

    1. My immediate reaction, on reading this Andrew Bolt blog, was to wonder if AB has received death threats, and now been told that the religion-of-peace-niks know where he and his family are living.

  3. Bolt had been starting to appear as though he was getting the idea about Islam but of late he has backed off in parts. He’s also come out with the silly ‘we have to reform Islam’ when no, it isn’t ‘we’ but ‘Muslims’ and he should be more specific, i.e. Muslims needs to admit that they have revered a despicable person as prophet and exemplar for all time and renounce this idolatry.

  4. How sad. I had thought that Bolt understood the problem and had a spine. One or both of those ideas is clearly wrong.

    Death threats are upsetting. I know; I had a few in my life. But we have to accept that these unpleasant reactions, of bullies against us, “go with the territory”. There is no point getting involved at all, if we are so scared of dying that we would prefer to be enslaved.

    Everybody dies eventually. We can die FOR something.

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