Soros: National Borders Are The Enemy

Hizb ut Tahrir are  Islam is divisive. Islam promotes  bigotry. Muslims (who) demand separation  are a threat to social cohesion.

Australian Liberty Alliance is a model of many different belief systems working harmoniously together – members and supporters represent secularists, humanists, atheists, Jews, Christians, Buddhists and more!…/story-fnpdbcmu-1227594047…

Brandis lashes Hizb ut-Tahrir
George Brandis lashes out at Hizb ut-Tahrir’s lack of respect
This is the standard offer Muhammad made. Everyone who accepted it ever is dead or enslaved. Except the Jews. Israel took the deal for a while and then rejected it in 1948. It’s a shitty deal.
Editor-in-Chief of Maan News, in utterly bizarre rant, re-writes Jewish history and claims Mufti of Jerusalem protected Jews.
Soros: National Borders Are The Enemy
The radical billionaire denounces his native Hungary for protecting its borders and culture.


 Faisal Mohammad Is Named As Student Who Stabbed 4 Students With “Large Hunting Knife” On CA Campus

Radical Religion Demands Right To Be Miserable Victims

Stefan Di Marco 

RADICAL Victim group Hizbutt T’Rear has complained that child members of the Victimology religion should not be forced to enjoy Australian sunshine, beaches and fresh air.

Addressing a Victimology conference in Bankstown spokesman Ah-Baad Dood said the Australian government must impose a religious fee on all trees, sand and grass to raise funds, expected to be between $200 – $500 million a year, to donate to the group so they can deradicalise the Australian weather, which in its current form is culturally offensive.

“Our children should not be so oppressed by all the beauty of this country. Where are the dry, barren deserts of our homelands from which we fled?” Mr Dood asked the crowds.

“We have been discriminated against on the basis that when we say really stupid things we look really stupid.”

“We are also being labelled whiners and whingers on the basis that we like to complain about everything,” Mr Dood whined.

Another prominent speaker, Omad Inssain addressed the rights of child Victims to not sing happy songs.

“It is offensive to be happy because happy kids are Weet Bix kids and Weet Bix kids are Aussie kids. This is an appalling situation for our kids.” Mr Inssain said.

“If we are not vigilant, they might also become happy little Vegemites and this is absolutely intolerable – unless Weet Bix and Vegemite are victim-food certified in which case we make an exception.”

Mr Inssain told the assembled victims each time one of their children stole a car, dealt in drugs, were involved in drive by shootings or killed a random member of the public they were being treated like criminals.

“The police come to their house to arrest them. We say enough of this victimisation,” he said.

“They call this a free country but where is this freedom when you can’t steal a car or fire off a round from a semi-automatic without the fear of a police response?”

Mr Inssain said if it wasn’t for the Australian legal system making allowances for their kids’ ‘cultural rights’ to steal cars and fire weapons, some of them could end up in prison where they would be at risk of going off the rails.

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  1. ITS JUST A FLAG………..

    Consider the open contempt for the American flag as displayed by Michelle and Barack Obama, hallmarks of their Marxism and allegiance to both communism and Islam……..

    “The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”

    -Barack Obama
    -Speech at the United Nations.

    Consider the Marxists around the world, in the form of senior bureaucrats and politicians, as they shed their cloaks and reveal their hatred for both civilization, freedom and symbols of national pride.

    It’s a little long winded but here is Björn Höcke’s Speech in Munich, 22 October 2015

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

    1. A TALE OF TWO FLAGS……….

      A detractor of mine referred to the ramble of mine, posted below, as the “literature of a fascist”


      CC on July 5, 2013 at 11:18 pm said:

      here’e another piece of the low-life fascist’s “literature”. Man this dude is stupid.


      (a comment of mine from “Two Flags”)

      If I rented an apartment and the owner decided to fly a Nazi flag above it and someone pointed out the Nazi flag to me and accused me of a little part-time goose-stepping, it would be insufficient for me to ignore the flag and simply deflect criticism by saying, “its not my building” That is too much of a “good German” for my liking.

      Not beating a dead horse, and not turning this flag incident into a “mission” or an “obsession”, but we have gotten to a point here in North America and across the civilized world, where the death of a thousand cuts have contributed significantly to our current state of chaos and degradation as we teeter on the blackest abyss of totalitarian leftism/Islamo-fascism. (two of those cuts being Islam and all its accoutrement, and another being the irreverence and disrespect shown our soldiers and national symbols, this nothing more than the handiwork of the handmaiden to Islamism; the leftist/liberal/socialist,).

      The abyss and our self-detonating dinner guests aside, I am simply, albeit in a somewhat direct, unswerving, rough hewn manner, saying; no more disrespect, no more flag burning, no more wiping your asses with a piece of cloth that covers the coffins of our very best, our bravest young men and women, no more smearing the excrement of “free expression” on that which herald’s one of the greatest nations and democracies in the world.

      Forgive my enthusiasm ladies and gentlemen, its my redneck Western roots showing through and for that, and my roots, I remain fiercely unrepentant and unapologetic.

      Quiet reflection…………..

      In closing dear reader, consider our flag on this coming Canada Day, and consider the same again this coming Remembrance Day, and listen to the echoes of the voices of those who gave everything they had to secure the hallowed ground from which we can speak without fear, the ground where the word freedom is not spoken in hurried whispers, the ground where doors are not kicked open ‘neath the cover of night, the ground from which patriots are not “disappeared”.

      -A Tale Of Two Flags

      On this upcoming Remembrance Day…………..

      Food for thought, catalyst for action

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada


      You thought I was kidding?

      I wasn’t.

      I wonder if there are some patriotic young men and women at West Point, combined with elements of the SEALS, Delta Force and the Green Berets who, commanded by several senior staff officers, would arrest Barack Obama and the entirety of the White House administration and put them before a military tribunal to face charges of high treason and sedition.

      To Wit:

      18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason

      Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

      Imagine that, Barack Obama, two distinctions.

      First black president of the United States.

      First American president executed for treason.

      The reality is that the Marxist/Muslim alliance knows exactly what it is doing. Further, they know that by playing the race-baiting race-card they are immune from prosecution for crimes like treason, all based on the colour of Obamas skin.

      So, I wonder if the patriots of the United States have decided that, “what the hell, I would rather be called a racist and have a treasonous president executed for treason than be executed for treason by a treasonous president.

      I wonder, I just wonder.

      Food for thought, catalyst for action.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

    3. Real leaders emerge in an hour of need. Björn Höcke’ is one.

      Socialism took Germany (& Europe) to the abyss. Communist subversives like Merkel have squandered the wealth of the nation, (das Volksvermoegen), which is unconscionable and unforgivable, and now they are planning the annihilation of the German people, by facilitating a Mohammedan invasion, the third and possibly the final jihad. Revolution is no longer a possibility, it has now become a duty.

  2. Noticing a trend here? Soros and other progressives don’t even deny it anymore. Sure, we want to destroy societies and nationalism! Gotta problem with that? They are so confident that they have imported enough liberal third world ‘new’ people that they can’t even be stopped. What’s worse, in Europe, there are apparently majorities that want this. Germany being the perfect example.

    1. @Jon Sobieski

      Its been out in the open for a while now true, but the recent admissions by people like Soros are shocking. Shocking but refreshing.

      I think we truly are at a point of no return, if we do not act decisively and soon we will be lost.

      Imagine if an openly Marxist/Muslimized Germany, with all its armaments turns its attention to the much smaller countries. It will be 1939 all over again.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

    2. No, there is no majority for collective suicide. It is deceit on a scale that is unfathomable, but a people deceived will fight back once the house of cards comes crashing down.

  3. OK, Don. I have dropped my hostility, but I would still like to know why you blame every other Western country for their inactivity towards islam, but you continue to give Canada a free pass?Justin Trudeau participating in a women-free ritual Islamic prayer, dressed in a crisp Shalwar-Kameez attire to complete the pandering of a misogynist gathering of homophobes . But you ask why the U.S. Military is not trying to take out Obama? Even Obama has not done something like this.

    1. It’s simply “easier” to see it in other countries. We all do the exact same thing.

  4. STAMPEDE !!!!!!

    Anyone who has watched a western movie, the old cowboys and indians will recognize a similar theme in the stampede of weaponized human garbage into Europe.

    As in the classic western movie, the baddies stampede a herd of cattle into the stronghold of the good guys and while the good guys are dodging the cattle for their very lives the bad guys use the cattle as cover and from strategic positions of cover, use the chaos and confusion to pick off the good guys.

    Its a classic diversionary tactic and in Europe its working with brilliant success.

    Below is a video that gives an analysis of the effects of starting a war(s), creating hell on earth, panicking millions, pulling all defences from the borders and then stampeding weaponized human garbage, infiltrated with tens of thousands of battle hardened jihadists, completely unopposed into Europe. As a military strategy it is brilliant in its design and magnificent in its execution and success.

    No standing armies were used. No armies needed to be raised. No supply lines of logistical support needed. No administrative infrastructure needed. No battle plans executed save that of simply creating mass panic and then manipulating the cowardice and stupidity of the politically correct Europeans. Self loathing Europeans who, brainwashed by decades of cultural Marxism, marched themselves and their countries to the gallows, placed the nooses around their own necks, wiped their asses with the flags of their nations, and then jumped off the platform.

    This ladies and gentlemen is the work of the Marxists and the Muslims. From the globalists like George Soros to Angela Merkel and Barack Obama, the fix is in.

    The only hope the West has now is a civil war.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  5. This is yet another case of “Nothing to do with Islam”. That the name of the individual is Mohammed, surely should not be taken as an indication that Islam or the name “Mohammed” has anything to do with terrorism.

    I mean …. Islamophobia is so rampant in the West, that peaceful Muslims are driven to violence bacause of the pressure they are under 24/7.

    I can think of no way to defeat Islamophobia except requesting Muslims to live in Islamic countries.

  6. Hi Sheik ,
    off topic..Can you please put up an article on a wally in NZ, Auckland..NZHerald spouting on re Islamic state..the gun , the flag..etc,.. He has been on a watch list for a while..I think an ex prison convert. The only good thing about it is that this paper still endlessly does islam promos of all kinds , so this article is at least a nod to reality..thanks and regards…

  7. Did anyone really see Germany as the wild card?

    Let’s be honest, everyone who is a regular here knows that war is coming to Europe thanks to the NeoCommunist, like soros, who intend to use the muslims to breakdown society, it’s language, border and cultures.

    And if population numbers happen to be culled, at the same time call it a happy coincidence to make the population easier to control.

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