Abbott’s Islam critique ‘unhelpful’, ‘divisive’, Indonesia says

“If Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, why would insulting Islam invite more terror?” -Jonah Goldberg

I know of no reason why we should be “helpful” to Indonesia (or any other Muslim nation) that calls criticism of Islam “divisive”.


Nutroots need to take their med’s and grow a spine. The truth is not negotiable.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott draws criticism from regional neighbour Indonesia over his call for change within Islam.
Too late. Allah divided the world in believers and unbelievers, nothing Abbott or any of us can do about it.
And meanwhile the Indonesians keep on their merry way with their genocide in West Papua.
Indonesia has MURDERED over 500,000 people in West Papua since they annexed it 57 years ago for not converting to Islam or agreeing to be slaves. Clerics that organised the Bali bombings only got a smack on the wrist.  Clerics in Jakarta call Australia South Indonesia. Because West Papua has mines that earn big dollars for western countries & Indonesia nothing is said in the media, largely because Indonesia BANS them from going there but mainly not to upset Indonesia.
 “Islam is a religion of decency & highest moral standards…”–Islamo-spokesturd  Kuranda Seyit
“Abbott’s comments on Islam are dangerous”

Dangerous” to whom? Is Seyit threatening the elected PM Tony Abbott?

“He is doing us no favours…”

As Australians we should ensure that no gov’t or PM favours Mohammedans or Mohammedanism.

Islamic Council of Victoria spokesturd Kuranda Seyit said the comments had caused offence, particularly the suggestion that Islam was culturally inferior.
“Islam is a religion of decency and has, equally to any other religion in the world, the highest moral standards which we uphold,” —
Kuranda Seyit
… Islam is caught up in a whirlwind of controversy not of its own making but as a result of a deliberate campaign to demonise and marginalise Islam (and Muslims), so much so, that it becomes alien and antithetical to Western values.
“For him [Mr Abbott] to suggest there is a problem in that area, I think, is grossly disrespectful to the people of Islam and the followers of Islam.”

To illustrate the absurdity of Abbott’s assumptions let’s look at the Golden Age of Islam ….It’s easy to scapegoat Islam as a whole but the reality is that it has been hijacked by a radical minority who have no legitimacy. The worst thing that we can do as global citizens is to divide the world, as ‘Us and Them’, and play into the hands of IS, who want a return to the medieval times of the Crusades.--Blah blah, Kuranda Seyit is so full of shiite it makes you think he’s made of it.

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7 thoughts on “Abbott’s Islam critique ‘unhelpful’, ‘divisive’, Indonesia says”

  1. Tony Abbott absolutely nailed it with his statement that Western civilisation is superior to all others. Our civilisation is cracking because we have not taught our children to be proud of it. Leftists with a cultural death wish have taken over the education system and indoctrinate students with cultural self-loathing, magnifying the real or imagined crimes of our forebears, belittling our incredible achievements and downplaying the serious defects with other cultures. Civilisations can be ranked in terms of the amount of freedom, prosperity and technology they provide their members. Western civilisation is by far the best form of social organisation that has ever existed on the planet. It is far from perfect, and we can improve it, but we only do that based on a proper appreciation of its strengths and weaknesses. We will never defeat the threat of radical Islam, or any other challenge, until we regain our cultural self-confidence.

  2. You know you have hit the right nerve when the Indonesians come out of their hole and start going you! Tony Abbott’s no nonsense, straight to the point and accurate appraisal of the whole Islamic issue just scares the preverbal burkas right of the Islamobuffonery brigade. The bozo that de-throned him is just cheap Obama copy mouthpiece in leftist appeasement. Come back Tony before its too late!

  3. I think we’ve seen enough of what them Indo bastards have done to their Christian neighbours.

    In the mid 90’s Indonesia cut a swathe throughout Aceh, desecrating Churches, graveyards, raping and murdering.

    Bloody arseholes have no right to lecture ‘us’ on what Islam is about. Bloody Nazis.

  4. “Islam is a religion of decency and has, equally to any other religion in the world, the highest moral standards which we uphold,” —Kuranda Seyit

    This guy from the Islamic Council of Victoria is not a Muslim and has not read The Book.If he was a Muslim and read The Book he would say:

    “Islam is superior to other religions in the world.”

    If it was “equal to any other religion” it (The Book) would not:

    5 The Book promotes religious enmity, hatred and ill-will between different religious communities in India.
    (see the many examples given in paragraph 5)

    6 The Book insults other religions or religious beliefs of other communities in India.
    (see the many examples given in paragraph 6)

  5. Abbott said islamic culture is inferior to Western culture.

    But how can “THOU SHALT NOT KILL!” be seen by any sane person as being somehow superior to “THOU SHALT KILL!”?


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