“Illridewithyou” – Leftist fraud causes obscene moral posturing…


Tim Blair

Miranda Devine dissects Australia’s lamest hashtag campaign and Clover Moore’s wilful evasiveness:

The biggest insult was the “Illridewithyou” hashtag that Clover lauded yesterday, claiming that after the siege, “Muslim women in particular felt fearful travelling on public transport and there was this spontaneous hashtag ‘I’ll ride with you’ and there were thousands and thousands and thousands of tweets. That’s who we are.”


No. The hashtag was the worst leftist fraud, defending theoretical victims of Islamophobia while the real victims were still hostages of a violent Islamist …

It was obscene moral posturing, endorsed and promoted by Clover, in a direct inversion of the truth. 

Despite there being no subsequent evidence of anybody actually riding with anyone in order to protect them from Islamophobic danger, at least two songs now celebrate the magical healing powers of the little hashtag that cared. Observe the near-delirious happiness evident in this tune, then consider the inhuman brutality that inspired the #illridewithyou movement:

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