Pat Condell: We Want The Truth (About Islam)

Pat Condell: We Want The Truth (About Islam)

Tim Blair

According to Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore, the 2014 terrorist attack in Martin Place “wasn’t a terrorist event”:

Perhaps the Martin Place atrocity was merely – how can I say it? – Middle Eastern connected.


Another attempted murder in Paris:

A teacher has been attacked in Paris by a masked Islamic State supporter wielding a box cutter and scissors.

Turns out the French teacher was lying about the attack, according to police.

The Paris teacher who was apparently stabbed in the neck by an assailant who shouted pro-Isis slogans made the story up, French prosecutors have announced …

Use Soldiers On The Streets Of London To Contain A Paris-Style Diversity Attack Says Police Chief

A police chief has suggested that putting soldiers with police officers on the streets of London could help contain a Paris style terror attack by multiple gunmen. (BCF)

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2 thoughts on “Pat Condell: We Want The Truth (About Islam)”

  1. Ah, once I recognised the interviewer, the male sidekick on the ABC morning news show it made sense. Clover Moore will do well once she adopts the niqab because like all Muslim apologists like Sly Wal for example she makes clever use of half truths. Yes Monis was a nut case but every Muslim active jihadist is as well (and even the inactive ones have to be a bit crazy to revere, and perhaps even idolize is not too strong a word, the original crazy nutcase, i.e. the warlord Mohammad, as a demi-god).

    But there is another aspect which she omits in her moral equivalencing: Systems of ethics, the rule of law, and most other religions prescribe external modes of behavior with the idea that their rules and teachings act as a break on the impulses coming into the mind of those who would harm others. Islam is the main exception (there were others in centuries gone by, especially human sacrifice cults in Central America).

    Islam does not act as a break on such behaviours but instead condones and praises them, enabling the perpetrator to see them as something sacred – when directed to against outsiders, i.e. filthy kuffar in the case of Islam. Hence Islam plays a central part in every Muslim atrocity be it large as in 9/11, Madrid, Mumbai and Paris or small as in the case of the Lindt Cafe and Parramatta.

  2. The Mayor of Sydney…What a dimbulb!! Like others , she continues to use outdated and discredited info..The ride with me thing was a crock. How scary for Australia to have someone like this running their biggest city. Why are women the worst? Is it just that they are thick or what?

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