The UN has North Korea and Saudi Arabia lecturing us on human rights and Mugabe lecturing us on environmentalism

Our drought-stricken farmers are committing suicide and this dolt squanders the wealth of the nation to lift a bunch of third world crooks & savages out of poverty.

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Moron of the Year Award! 

Whatever your take is on climate change, you’ve got to admit this is absolutely moronic!


Tim Blair

We live in troubled times, people. Dangerously stupid climate change conferences are happening even as we speak, flooding our media with frightening levels of Turnbull and Shorten. Yesterday those money-burning muppets were in Paris as an environmental visionary called for idiocy to be piled upon evil:

Robert Mugabe will show them the way forward. Today’s Daily Telegraph editorial:

Australia’s enormous presence at the Paris climate conference is difficult to explain. Our nation produces barely more than 1 per cent of the planet’s man-made climate gases. Even if Australia were to abandon all industry, ban fossil fuel use and outlaw coal mining, resulting carbon dioxide savings would quickly be matched by industrial growth in China and India.

Observed from that angle, our presence in Paris is comparable to landlocked Chad attending a coastal flooding conference.

At least Pachamama is getting something out of this.

 Bhutan, the model

Andrew Bolt

Climate Action Tracker, a prominent global warming activist group, claims Bhutan is our role model:

We rate Bhutan “role model”. This means that Bhutan’s target is in line with a global 2°C pathway… In such a context, the country has also put forward the concept of “Gross National Happiness”, in contrast with the established notion of “Gross Domestic Product”, and the utilitarian political theory.  

Let’s check the happiness factor in the warmists’ “role model”, which lacks the wicked emissions of a thriving economy.

Life expectancy in Bhutan: 68

Life expectancy in Australia:  82

How happy are hungry people?:

It is estimated that 34 percent of children in Bhutan are stunted as a result of malnutrition and 11 percent show signs of wasting. While malnutrition and stunting is found to be slightly higher in rural regions of western and eastern Bhutan, national statistics from Bhutan show that at least 15 percent of children under five are undernourished.

This is the green dream?


Meanwhile, warmists save the planet from overconsumption, one course at a time:

imageRobbing hungry Peter to pay warmist Paul:

Turnbull promises $1 billion of your money to global warming scare

Malcolm Turnbull has promised to spend “at least” $1 billion helping vulnerable nations cope with climate change, as he told the climate change conference in Paris Australia wouldn’t be daunted by the challenge.

Like the $200 million pledged for a global climate fund at similar talks in Peru last year, the additional $800 million will be redirected from the existing foreign aid budget.

That’s our money, gone to feed a gigantic scare.

Turnbull’s excuse:

Some of the most vulnerable nations are our Pacific neighbours and we are helping them to build resilience through practical action and assistance. To this end, Australia will contribute at least $1 billion over the next five years from our existing aid budget both to build climate resilience and reduce emissions.

In fact:

New Zealand coastal geomorphologist Paul Kench, of the University of Auckland’s School of Environment, and colleagues in Australia and Fiji, who have been studying how reef islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans respond to rising sea levels… Their analysis, which now extends to more than 600 coral reef islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, indicates that about 80 percent of the islands have remained stable or increased in size (roughly 40 percent in each category)… Tuvalu’s main atoll, Funafuti—33 islands distributed around the rim of a large lagoon—has gained 75 acres (32 hectares) of land during the past 115 years. 

And those islands face fewer cyclones and probably not stronger ones, admits the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:

In summary, confidence in large scale changes in the intensity of extreme extratropical cyclones since 1900 is low… Over periods of a century or more, evidence suggests slight decreases in the frequency of tropical cyclones making landfall in the North Atlantic and the South Pacific

Why is Turnbull ignoring this science? Why is he spending $1 billion on a false premise? Why aren’t journalists calling him out and reporting the science?


You wouldn’t think Turnbull faces a Budget that is blowing out by billions, with no sign of an end to our deficits. Or maybe you’d understand it only too well:

It has already emerged that during the summit Australia will be signing up to a global clean energy technology initiative that would see the government double its $100 million a year commitment to research and development in the field over the next five years.


Any hype will do. Environment Minister Greg Hunt reports “widespread applause and acclamation” for Turnbull in Paris:

Jill Jacks listens closely and thinks “widespread applause and acclamation” is a vast exaggeration:

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