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The liberals’ Josh Frydenberg, in an emotional fit of honesty, declared that Grand Mufti, Ibrahim abu Mohammed, had let his Muslim followers down by suggesting, among some other nasty things, that the Paris massacre was at least partly due to Islamophobia.


Minister Frydenberg had just returned from visiting the Bataclan Theatre where 130 people were slaughtered and, on his return, he was visibly upset at the Grand Mufti’s comments. PM Turnbull had also just visited the site after which he launched into another bullshit, “let’s all pull together” pep talk.

But Josh’s pep talk had far more meaning as he lambasted the latest in a line of Australian Muslim “elders” who feel Australians are to blame for Islamic atrocities.

At least the Grand Mufti stopped short of Bill Shorten’s contribution of sending his condolences to the family of dead 15-year-old Farhad Khalil Mohammad who had gunned down Mr Cheng after visiting the Parramatta Mosque. But that’s Bill for you.

Dross impurities always float to the top and that’s where Islamic “elders” reside. At least one person in the current liberal Party understands the futility of expecting the Islamic “elite” to correct the rank and file. The outrageous Muslim “elite” are at the very core of Islamic extremism, that’s their role. The Mufti’s job for Christ’s sake is to interpret vile Sharia law.

It is the clerics who run the mosques, it is they who teach jihadism and sacrificial martyrdom to their youth, it is they who advocate the worst of Sharia law in defiance of our law, it is they who import firebrand foreign preachers to warp young minds,

…yet our government seriously expects alpha male hyenas to teach their pups table manners?

This Ibrahim “grand mufti”, who learned the Koran off by heart as a kid, was elected unopposed to high office by Australia’s Sheiks and Imams in 2011 in much the same way as Eddie McGuire was elected President of Collingwood;  a prerequisite for either position was devoted, unwavering fanaticism since childhood.

So, unless you expect Eddie to teach his kids the value of playing for Essendon, don’t expect the grand mufti to be any less single-minded about Islam. In Islam all other teams, whether they be Christian, Buddhist or Atheist, are deserving of a violent death.

So far, Josh remains a lone voice against the stupidity of ASIO who still advises co-operative appeasement.

Many more Australians will die before our security agencies begin to realise appeasement of Muslims excites and emboldens them. It’s a signal to reach for a knife or a suicide vest, it’s sign of utter weakness in the face of an unstoppable Islamic behemoth.

You hang in there Josh… and not just because you’re Jewish.


Mufti Watch

Labor in rift over Mufti’s muddle on Islamic terrorism

A RIFT has emerged ­between senior Labor frontbenchers over calls for Muslim leaders to do more to denounce Islamic extremism, following cabinet minister Josh Frydenberg’s comments that “a problem within Islam” was at the heart of the recent terrorist attacks.

Mr Frydenberg also ­accused Australia’s Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohamed of a “graphic failure” with his claims of “causative factors” such as racism in the wake of the Paris attacks.

Sydney Labor MP Tony Burke on Monday accused Mr Frydenberg of stoking division. But he refused to level the same claim against fellow Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese, who also accused the Grand Mufti of making inexcusable remarks.

Mr Burke, whose seat of Watson has a large Muslim constituency — 20.2 per cent according to the 2011 census — apologised to Muslims on behalf of those who had attacked the Mufti.

“To the half million Australians who hold Islam as their faith, I say: just as the extremists do not represent you, in the same way the politicians stoking division do not represent the majority of members on either side in this place,” Mr Burke said.

“To those who have made comments which have reverberated around the country and stoked division in the last few days, please stop.

Mr Frydenberg’s comments, however, echoed those of Mr Albanese a week earlier.

“It is completely unacceptable, because what it does is provide some sort of excuse for this behaviour,” Mr Albanese had said of the Grand Mufti’s comments.

“There is no excuse for the fundamentalist form of Islam leading to terrorism being found to be somehow in the name of religion.”

Minister Josh Frydenberg.
Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed.

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