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MEMRI: Michigan Activist Lina Allan Lambasts People who Prohibit Stabbing of Jews by Palestinians: It’s Like Defending Animal Rights at Best

Dina Allen, a Palestinian-Jordanian activist who lives in Michigan, published a video in which she attempted to rebut the position of people who prohibit the stabbing of Jews by Palestinians. Allan called on these people to not talk about something they don’t understand and to “go back to watching Turkish soap operas” instead. She added that objecting to the stabbing of Jews is like defending animal rights “at best.” In 2011, Allan co-founded the Jordanian “Step & Mile” NGO, and in 2012, she represented the State Department’s U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) in the Jameed Festival in Jordan, according to an interview she gave to the Jordanian Roya TV.

The Zionist Boars Are Back!

The official PA news agency Wafa reports that residents of a village west of Jenin are complaining about wild boars that are running through their town, frightening their children.

They say that the Israelis released the boars through an iron gate in the separation barrier – or, in Wafa’s words, the “wall of annexation and racial expansion.”

The residents further say that the pigs are a threat to their lives and to their crops, besides the fear of the spread of swine flu.

They appealed to human rights organizations to stop the supposed Israeli practices of herding wild boars through the gate.

Many other Palestinian media outlets picked up this story.

Previously, Mahmoud Abbas himself had made the same accusations, along with the charge that Israeli residents raise wild dogs just to attack Palestinians. No reporter has ever asked him about this, just like reporters don’t ask him a lot of questions that they would ask any Western politician who would say and do what Abbas does.

In the past, Palestinians have also accused Jews of not only releasing these boars but of actually raising them for no other purpose except to attack Palestinians. (The Talmud explicitly forbids Jews from raising swine, beyond all other non-kosher animals.)

The wild boar story, which has been around for many years, shows how the Palestinian media – especially its official media – have no regard for facts, and are dedicated to blaming all of their problems on the Jews.

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  1. “..along with the charge that Israeli residents raise wild dogs just to attack Palestinians. ..”

    But no nothing about the accusations that for decades now backward West Bank residents have been raising generations of feral Palestinians to attack Jews?

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