Ezra Levant: Muslim migrant rape and riot spree in Germany

Ezra Levant reports on the mass assaults that occurred in Germany on New Years Eve, carried out by Muslim “refugees.”

Idiot of the Month

Cologne Mayor: Women should be more careful after Muslim mass rapes, promises “guidance” so they can “prepare”

‘At arm’s length’ Cologne mayor proposes code of conduct for women after NY attacks

Stoning of women is barbaric and abhorrent. But perhaps not as barbaric and abhorrent as what these bureaucrats are doing to their own people. Bring back the death penalty for high treason and summary executions for those who seek to replace our people with Mohammedan invaders!

Mayor of Cologne urges code of conduct for young women to prevent future assaults
Police say they have not made any arrests after 1000 men “of Arab or North African appearance” commit string of sexual attacks in crowd celebrating the New Year–TELEGRAPH.CO.UK
Teenage victim of Cologne ‘African and Arab’ sex mob describes harrowing ordeal
Police say the wave of attacks – which has so far seen 90 women report being assaulted – were perpetrated by groups of ‘Arab or North African’ men in the city–Daily Mail
Sexual assaults blamed on ‘Arab’ men in Germany may inflame refugee debate

Oh noes, we can’t have any more ‘inflammation’ 

“It doesn’t matter where someone comes from, it matters what they did and that we…
Swizz army chief: Europe is “on the verge of civil war”, advises people to arm themselves
Swizz army chief: Europe is “on the verge of civil war”, advises people to arm themselves

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    You are being told to arm yourselves by some very reasonable, very credible, very rational men and women. I strongly suggest you take their advice.

    Here are some guidelines.

    I strongly recommend that readers consider the immediate acquisition of firearms.

    I suggest the purchase of rifles like the following:

    M1 Garand, caliber 30:06, semi auto, uses small reloading clips to feed an internal magazine. Excellent WW2 weapon, effective in the hands of an inexperienced user, absolutely deadly in the hands of a marksman. Buy 2 or 3 if available for a friend, fellow patriot and or spare parts.

    M14 Springfield, caliber .308/7.62 x 54 mm , semi auto, uses 20/30 round magazines. Excellent Vietnam era weapon, deadly, reliable, if well maintained and cared for, shoots forever. Buy 2 or 3 if available. Many countries like China manufacture these weapons now. Norinco are good, the Russian and Eastern Bloc models are good as well.

    SKS, caliber 7.62 x 39 Soviet cartridge. (do not confuse with the NATO 7.62 x 54). This is a latter WW2 and Cold War Russian weapon. Much like the AK, is reliable, accurate and deadly if you train with it for a while. Has an internal magazine of about 8 rounds but is easily fitted with external magazines with capacities of up to 40 rounds and 200 round drum magazines.

    Remington Police 12 Gauge shotgun. Uses 12 gauge ammunition. Buy the model with the 7/8 round magazine. Buy the Police model as it has much stronger internal components. Shotguns are excellent weapons in the hands of less skilled users like women and those who may be frightened and unable to properly aim and fire.

    Remington Model 700, bolt action, heavy barrel. This weapon comes in a wide range of calibers. I recommend the .308 /7.62 x 54 NATO caliber as ammunition is readily available. This rifle and this action is tried and true through many conflicts. It is an excellent and very reliable weapon. Buy this weapon with “iron sights” that can be used if your scope fails.

    In considering the purchase of a weapon buy one that parts and ammunition are readily available for. If you have a specialized weapon make sure you have spare bolts, firing pins etc etc.

    Avoid full-auto weapons. Remember, you are not John Fucking Wayne!!!!……do not waste precious ammunition, make every shot count.

    Learn and read up on some basic battlefield tactics. Learn about covering fire. Learn about killing or wounding your enemy and the tactical difference between the two. Learn about the demoralizing effect of a good sniper. Learn basic First-Aid. Learn the basics of explosives. Learn how to move undetected through the bush. Learn how to sit in an observation post for a few days. Learn both self-discipline, fire-discipline and the benefit of patience. Avoid people with big mouths and big egos!!!! Look for calm, cool, collected, soft spoke patriots who are ex military. Do a few push-ups and lose a few pounds. If you have the extra ammunition start sighting in your rifles and becoming a deadly shot. Make every bullet count!!!!

    In buying weapons buy those with common ammunition like:

    7.62 x 39 Soviet
    7.62 x 54 NATO
    .223 cal / 5.56mm NATO
    .308 Winchester /NATO
    .300 Winchester Magnum
    12 Gauge (weapon chambered in 2-3/4 ” and 3″ magnum)
    .22 cal
    9mm (handgun, preferred by law enforcement)

    Buy ammunition in large bulk amounts and if you have a special caliber like the .338 Lapua, then buy reloading equipment and learn to reload. Learning to reload is an excellent idea as ammunition may always become in short supply

    Buy a decent spotting scope and or pair of binoculars.


    When you buy weapons keep your big mouth shut!!!!


    Do not be concerned if you don’t have weapons laying around. Ask yourself “where could I get a gun in a moments notice”?

    The answer can be found on many blogs ; law enforcement.

    Police officers are walking armories.

    Both they and their vehicles carry handguns, shotguns, long-range rifles, semi and full-auto carbines and a good supply of ammunition. This is in addition to their walkie-talkies tuned to their frequencies as well as tear-gas, gas masks, riot gear and bullet proof vests.

    Like I said, police, police vehicles and police stations are living breathing armories. In reality there is no need to purchase a weapon, just wait until you need a good well maintained, sighted in, fully loaded weapon and you know where to go.

    Then, do it now, start recording the detailed location, place of employment and residence of all Muslims, mosques, Muslim businesses, Marxists and Muslim sympathizers (in any form including judiciary) in your area. I guarantee you you will need this information in the coming weeks and months.

    Defend your culture.

    Defend your country

    Defend your family, loved ones and countrymen.

    Rid your nations of every single Muslim and every last vestige of Islam, to do anything less is suicide.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  2. So: “They are too swarthy and mentally deficient to understand that what they are doing is wrong or at least immoral” liberals?

    Ask them what their opinion might be if we raped their women.

    I bet their answer would surprise you.


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