Fitzgerald: No Need To Play The Dhimmi

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ROME — A decision to cover up nude statues from Roman antiquity during a visit by President Hassan Rouhani of Iran has drawn ridicule and scorn in Italy — much of it directed at the Italian government — and spurred a debate about the national identity.

The statues, in a corridor leading to a grand hall in Rome’s renowned Capitoline Museums, were encased in tall white boxes ahead of a news conference that Mr. Rouhani held on Monday with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy. One of the statues was the “Capitoline Venus,” a Roman copy of a legendary fourth century B.C. work by Praxiteles; some of the other sculptures were of ancient Greek and Roman gods, dressed minimally, if at all….“The problem is that those statues — yes, those icons of classicism and models of humanism — are the foundation of European and Mediterranean culture and civilization,” the columnist Michele Serra wrote in La Repubblica. To conceal them, he wrote, “is to conceal ourselves.” To not offend the Iranian president, he wrote, “we offended ourselves.” — from the New York Times, January 27, 2016

statues covered Rouhani

Quickly seizing the opportunity to spend some of Iran’s newly-released 100 billion (including two billions which were for accumulated interest on Iranian accounts in American banks that had been seized decades ago and were now, under the nuclear deal, to be returned) dollars, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made a triumphal progress through Italy and France this past week.

At his first stop, Rome, Rouhani met the Pope, gave a joint conference with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi at the Capitoline Museums, and attended a state dinner in his honor. The dinner was notable for one thing — it was likely to have been the only dinner that the Italian state has ever given in its entire history at which wine was not served. This was, of course, in extreme deference to Muslim sensibilities.

Even more astounding was what was done, for the same eager-to-please reasons, to the artistic heritage of Italy. President Rouhani was invited to address the press, side by side with Prime Minister Renzi, at the Capitoline Museums. The Capitoline Museums are full of Roman statues, many of them nude or lightly draped figures. But here again the Italians did not wish to offend, and so they covered those statues up with white oblong boxes, shamefully and shamelessly hiding what an Italian journalist rightly described as “icons of classicism” that were the “foundations of European and Mediterranean culture and civilization,” in order to curry favor with some big-spending Iranians. Those white boxes would make Art History exams even harder. Apparently Hassan Rouhani did not even have to ask that this be done; the Italian government yielded proleptically to what it anticipated would be Iranian demands, on matters both of cuisine and of culture. No wine, no naked bodies.

Such cravenness did not pass without critical comment in Italy, but no one in the government – including Prime Minister Renzi – managed to figure out who might have given the order to hold the wine and bring the boxes. It was, or so Italian officials claimed, a real puzzlement. In any case, plenty of contracts between Renzi and Rouhani, about all kinds of things, but mainly for oil and gas infrastructure, worth billions, were signed, and a good time was had by all.

In France, however, it was a very different affair. French President François Hollande let it be known that there would be wine at the lunch he was giving for the Iranians, and when they objected, he suggested that Rouhani could be offered breakfast – even in France wine is not served at breakfast – instead. That offer was now turned down by the Iranians, and they had to make do on their own. And there have been no reports of any cover-up of statues at the Louvre or anywhere else. Yet, mirabile dictu, the Iranians turned out to be just as eager to sign contracts with the refractory French as they had been with the submissive Italians, including one for 114 planes that was, all by itself, worth $7.5 billion, with many others signed or in the pipeline.

There must be a moral here somewhere. Perhaps it should go something like this:

Don’t play the dhimmi. Don’t give in, and see where it gets you.

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  1. If you investigate Don, he advocates killing police, judges, and politicians. But he is to cowardly to do any of these actions himself. Pussy Much, Don?

        1. Well Iron Arse, Sitting In A Circle With A Bunch Of Inbred Moslem Parasites, Singing Kumbyya Isnt Going To Work To Curb Their Violence And Jihad Against Us. So You Sing And I Will Arm Myself. Then We Will See Which One Of Us Is Better Off.Time Top Grow Some Balls You Coward.

      1. Well go on then lead the pack, you start the bloodshed or just sit there like all good mouthpieces and spout heroic crap.

        Go on lead the way sunshine. Yep thought so, pretty good with the name calling hey, typical keyboard interweb hero.

        1. @Ironside……

          I marvel at those amongst us who quiver at the thought of having to engage in a vigorous action, that, inevitably, will include violent confrontation, to solve a problem that their very cowardice and delicate political sensibilities created in the first place. I marvel at you Ironside.

          I marvel at those whose shrieks of outrage and condemnation fill the air as victim who have suffered outrageous crimes at the hands of the Muslim rise to defend themselves, rise to defend their countrymen, their culture and their country. I marvel at you Ironside.

          I marvel at those who, having suffered outrageous injuries at the hands of the Muslims, offer a response of such laughable insufficiency as to have every Muslim from Mecca to Melbourne soiling themselves with laughter.

          I see you Ironside, mirror reflected in the Oregon musician who, along with a Jew, Christian and Muslim, are taking their guitars to Syria to serenade ISIS into submission. (Look it up…its true)

          I see you Ironside, mirror reflected in the actions of Barack Obama, who classified the slaughter in Fort Hood as “workplace violence”

          I see you Ironside, mirror reflected in the actions of the women in Europe who are now offering the Muslim savages and Barbarians roses and tulips in the hopes of staving off a festival of rape and murder.

          I see you Ironside, mirror reflected in the actions of the treasonsous mayor of Cologne Germany, Henriett Reker, who blamed German women for the rapes they suffered at the hands of hordes of marauding Muslim filth as they rampaged across Europe last New Years Eve.

          I see you Ironside, reflected in the millions of delusional, self-loathing, politically correct pacifists who, having created our current confrontation with the Muslim through their constant grovelling deference and capitulation to Muslim demands and aggression, now fill the air with shrieks and squeals of indignant outrage and condemnation of those who are rolling up their sleeves to provide that only effective solution to Muslim aggression.

          Yet all the while you condemn those who are defending themselves you are without a solution yourselves. How quaint.

          Perhaps Ironside you would like to put forth a workable, effective solution to our current difficulties with the Muslim that does not include violent action and confrontation and vigorous programs of their deportation.

          Perhaps you, while you condemn me, would like to condemn senior military commanders and staff officers across Europe for their intolerant, hateful, right-wing, violent, irrational and Islamo-Xeno-Phobia as they call their troops and citizens to arm themselves in the face of impending civil war and violent confrontation with the Marxist/Muslim alliance.

          Yes Ironside, or could it be that these military men that you consider to be Neanderthal brutes, are in reality, trusted, highly educated, informed, rational, reasonable, lucid, historically literate nationalists and patriots who, knowing the Muslim and its 1400 year history of murder and violence, knowing the Marxist and its love of mass graves and seeing the storm clouds brewing on the horizon, seek to inform the soldiers under their command and their fellow countrymen in order to avoid a bloodbath and the utter destruction of Western Civilization.

          The reality Ironside is that your politics and your dithering, indecisive cowardice has paved the road the Muslim now, at breakneck speeds, travels in its quest for our complete subjugation and or annihilation.

          So, I once again ask you to offer, here and now, your peaceful non-violent, solution.

          So Ironside, I ask you to detail how you will achieve your solution to our current difficulties by, in part, approaching the Muslim and asking it to behave itself in your country and by asking those Muslims with arms to simply lay down their arms, pack their bags and to…..please, please, go home.

          Here below, is a quote from that very sentiment, that very challenge that I have offered many like you Ironside, and have never had a response save a few personal attacks and simpering pacifist rhetoric.

          ………………”To all the bloggers, to all the pensive and academic commenters, to all the shoe-gazers, to all the coffee shop revolutionaries, to all the essayists, to all of the philosophers, to all those who wither at the thought of a raised tone of voice, to all those who recoil at the sight of blood, to all of you who avert your gaze from those who seek to violate your womenfolk, to all of you who watch your country and your culture suffer cut after injurious Muslim cut, to all of you who tremble at Islam’s thunderous knock at Western Civilizations’ door, to all of the “civilized” conscientious objectors who so politely and so conscientiously “object” to defend themselves, to all of you, I defy one or all of you to submit an essay which lays out a reasonable, workable plan to solve the Muslim/Islam issue in the West. One that does not include the deportation of the Muslim and criminalization of Islamic ideology, but one that is effective, expeditious and realistic in its goal and the path it will travel to achieve that same goal of threat neutralization. The truth is; you can’t.”………

          -excerpt, The Course To Deportation.

          I will repost my essay, called The Course To Deportation in another post.

          Read it Ironside.

          Read it again and again and again and again and again……..

          And then provide me with an alternative that will be effective. One without violent confrontation with the Muslim.

          I will wait while you do……but as I have a healthy sense of self preservation, and knowing what you will and will not be able to answer with……I will not hold my breath.

          The fact is Ironside, that you and your kind have created our current difficulties and now you seek to shackle and bind those who must step up and face the fight all while you hide behind our backs and ride our coattails.

          So here are another couple of quotes from The Course To Deportation as I bid you good day and await your solution to crimes of the Muslim and the impending Global Caliphate.

          ………….”Once again. There are those who dither, who gaze at the toes of their shoes, who are indecisive, who are cowards and all of those same who are bloody silent when asked for a solution to the Muslim problem. Yet when removal of the Muslim and criminalization of its political ideology, Islam, are put forth as a viable and effective solution, these same people, bereft of any other solution, start crying and coughing blood in protest.

          So, to them and you I say this; either they put up or shut up and join those who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do what must be done, or, riding on the coat-tails of their betters, remain silent.

          With respect to the solution, give it some thought, think long and hard as to what we face and what must be done. You can start to do this individually or you can begin to organize small groups. But whatever you do you must do it with the intention of removing the Muslim and every single shred, every single vestige of its Islam from Europe and North America.

          In the end we must be brutally unswerving in our resolve, we must understand that our complete understanding of the Muslim and its Islam is the very foundation of our self preservation, we must understand the Muslim as did millions upon millions of peaceful, non violent non-Muslims who failed to fully understand the poison of Islam and were butchered for their naïveté and cowardice, we must understand the Muslim as did Charles Martel, we must understand the Muslim as did the terrified denizens of Vienna, we must understand the Muslim as did Polish General Jan Sobieski and we must understand the Muslim as did those who saddled up and rode with their countrymen during the Crusades.

          There is no other solution”………….

          -excerpt, The Course To Deportation

          In closing Ironside, I see you reflected in the sneering, self-loathing, politically Tom Cruise as he cross-examines Colonel Jessup in the movie A Few Good Men.

          Listen to the words Ironside, as you ride the coattails of your betters.

          Food for thought, catalyst for action

          Don Laird
          Alberta, Canada

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