Islam, the (final) solution?

Germany’s Vatican ambassador: ‘Islam is part of the solution’ (and being nervous and not welcoming muslim refugees plays into the hands of the terrorists)

Germany’s Vatican ambassador: ‘Islam is part of the solution’ 
Germany’s ambassador to the Vatican, Annette Schavan, still sees religion as a peacemaker, despite wars and terrorism. In an interview with DW, she calls for more… | DW.COM | 17.01.2016
Pope Francis: Countries that Take in Refugees Must Change
January 17, 2016 Daniel Greenfield Some interesting tidbits from Pope Francis’ statement on migrants and refugees. Via Andrew Stuttaford at the National Review.…

Who is dumber? Islamic terrorists or those who are sworn to protect us?

Advice for future terrorists:

Use generic alcoholic perfume as everyone does, and if you are a man, use perfume for men. 

The lies come thick and hard:

“Around 250 hooligans of LEGIDA – the local branch of PEGIDA, an xenophobic and anti-organisation – went on a rampage that evoked memories of the wave of violence against Jews that erupted across Nazi Germany on the Kristallnacht attacks in 1938.” So the invading gropers and attackers are to be compared with Jews on Kristallnacht, and the defenders of women to Nazis. Nice touch, Mailonline.

Migrants protest in German cities after ‘revenge’ attacks
Thousands of people take to the streets of Cologne and Stuttgart to protest against racism and violence that erupted against refugees after the Cologne mass sexual assaults.


Mission Accomplished
Amil Imani's photo.

U.S. Navy In Iran on their knees, symbolizes just how weak we’ve become under Obama’s leadership. Political Cartoon by A.F.Branco ©2016.

The charade continues:
Islamic jihadists kidnap three Americans in Baghdad

Kidnapping infidels and releasing them for ransom or enslaving them, as well as killing them if that option is deemed most advantageous for the Muslims, is fully sanctioned in Islamic law: “As for the captives, the amir [ruler] has the choice of taking the most beneficial action of four possibilities: the first to put them to death by cutting their necks; the second, to enslave them and apply the laws of slavery regarding their sale and manumission; the third, to ransom them See More



One thought on “Islam, the (final) solution?”

  1. “How can we ensure that integration will become mutual enrichment, open up positive perspectives to communities, and prevent the danger of discrimination, racism, extreme nationalism or xenophobia?””

    You mean you have no answers, only questions? No one else has any answers to that either. And from the results so far – it seems it is not possible , where islam is concerned, that integration will lead to cultural enrichment.

    If bringing in significant amounts of muslims is ‘cultural enrichment’ – I and hundreds of millions of others prefer to remain ‘poor’.

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