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Further on Sydney’s May Islamist festival from the Daily Telegraph‘s Matthew Benns:

A radical Islamic speaker from the UK who condoned child rape on a previous visit to Australia is returning to spout more of his foul bile at a Muslim youth and community conference at Sydney Olympic Park.

Hamza Tzortzis, who has said publicly that anyone who fights against Muslims should be beheaded, is one of 12 international and local speakers — all of them men — booked for the ominously named United Muslims of Australia Quest for Success conference.

The event will be held in May in Homebush, which falls into the electorate of federal MP Craig Laundy, who will be sworn in as Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs tomorrow.


When The Daily Telegraph called Mr Laundy yesterday to inform him of the conference line-up, he said: “Hate speech has no place in our society and I utterly condemn in the strongest terms the views of anyone preaching hate and intolerance.”

Other speakers include a Hamas-supporting British preacher called Sheikh Zahir Mahmood and a Canadian called Sheikh Alaa Elsayed, who believes having two wives is good because, he says, they will fight for your attention.

Among the Australian speakers are Zachariah Matthews, who has called for elements of sharia law to be introduced into Australia’s legal system, and Sheikh Abu Hamza, who has argued that it is OK to hit your wife – just not too hard.

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UPDATE. Paul Zanetti has a few issues with our new multiculti minister:

Don’t you hate it when you’ve accidentally joined the wrong party, stood for pre-selection, got yourself voted in, then look around and find you’ve got almost nothing in common with your parliamentary colleagues?

That’s what’s happened to Craig Laundy, the Assistant Minister for Multiculturalism. He’s a Liberal MP with Green blood running through his veins.

Craig reckons Australians are doing Islam wrong.

He told Fran Kelly on ABC radio, “People that dive into this debate and say controversial things, I would argue, the vast majority are speaking from a position that is not well informed.”

“The perceptions they have are wrong.”

The election cannot come soon enough. And reader Weather Witch picks up a curious omission:

I note that the Sydney Showground website doesn’t list the 2016 UMA Conference – Quest for Success event. I wonder why that is?

More from Tim Blair:

May as well ask them to eat German trees:

One third of combat rations offered to all Aussie troops now has to be halal-certified, despite the Australian Defence Force having fewer than 100 Muslims.


The orders that four of the 12 battle meal menu options offered to soldiers in the field need to be halal were approved by the Deputy Chief of Army Major General Rick Burr.

Under the new changes, ration packs should also contain kosher and vegetarian meals to help combat “menu fatigue”.

Tony Thomas has more on the global girlification of the military.