Germany: Carnival Parades Cancelled Out of Fear of Islamic Terrorism, Gov’t Blames ‘Globull Worming’

Motherly Love
Boy Raped in Pool: “He screams and cries every night”
An original translation by Nash Montana From this German website: Dunja R. will never be able to get the phone call that she received from her son out of her head, because he was uncontrollably sob…
Mother of boy raped by Muslim migrant had taught him to welcome migrants

The irony is of course that the mother is from Serbia, and the Serbs have been f*kced over by the Mohammedans for centuries, until slick Willie bombed them out of their ancestral homeland, Kosovo. And now this dumb woman, who got refuge in Germany, tells her children to welcome the people who raped and enslaved her people throughout history. Nothing beats ignorance and stupidity.

Multiculturalist fantasy meets reality. “Mother of ten-year-old boy raped in Austrian swimming pool by Iraqi who said it was ‘a sexual emergency’ says she regrets telling…JIHAD WATCH|BY ROBERT SPENCER
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“Rapefugees? That’s nothing but hate speech from PEGIDA and AfD. Don’t worry, this migrant just wants to play…….”
Muslims are the transformative power of Europe, Islam expert Göle says
“Fundamental transformation”– how Islamic agitprops turn the rape-sprees of Mohammedan savages into “violence towards Muslims and migrants”. There is a method in the madness.
The German-Turkish relationship: 
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The yearly Mainz carnival parade has been cancelled. The official reason was expected stormy weather conditions. Right. Stormy with a chance of jihad terror.–See More

Germany folds in fear of the Mohammedan scourge. But they can’t admit that they’re afraid, so they blame globull worming.
More Surrender in Germany: Mainz Carnival Parade Cancelled
Only nine cases were reported on last year’s “Weibsfastnacht”, when women don costumes and head to the streets to celebrate on the last Thursday before Lent.… | Pamela Geller

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  1. “The irony is of course that the mother is from Serbia,”

    By the child’s name i’m guessing she is a Croat. And as history has shown Muslims and Croats have been the ‘bestest’ of murder buddies.

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