Burnside Part II

Islamic Terrorists Are Not Victims

Treating terrorists as victims

Andrew Bolt

Julian Burnside, who seems never sees an Islamist atrocity without blaming the West:

Bigotry creates terrorists, by radicalising people who were willing to see hope in everything 

A corrective:

Rodger Shanahan (associate professor at the Australian National University’s National Security College, and research fellow at the Lowy Institute for International Policy) replying over several tweets:

Comment from someone not very well travelled nor versed in areas in which he prognosticates. Am sure that the people killed (in) Nairobi mall, Paris, Brussels, New York, Ankara, Istanbul, Bali, Tunis etc were questioning their bigoted past before they were killed. Travel in some hard parts of the world, economy class by foot may expand your rather closed mind. I know your “thing” is to be controversial and eloquent, but some real life experience may temper your strange world view. Possibly. Education is supposed to allow discernment. Tempered by real life experience it is powerful. Alone it is like an empty vessel. Methinks you are an empty vessel railing against things about which you have theoretical learning but nil practical experience..

The Burnside argument interpreted:


Another “refugee” enjoys his human rights to the very full

Andrew Bolt

Julian Burnside fought to get this guy released in the country:

Aladdin Sisalem, a 25-year-old “Palestinian” born in Kuwait

Aladdin Sisalem, a 25-year-old Palestinian born in Kuwait, has spent the last four years in search of a country that could offer him freedom from persecution. On May 31, he finally found it, as he flew into Melbourne with a visa in his bag…. For 10 months, Aladdin was the only prisoner on Manus Island while the Australian government denied responsibility for him….

Sisalem is presently staying with someone from the Spare Rooms for Refugees network (set up by “human rights” activist Julian Burnside)… He was offered two jobs within days of his arrival, one in his trade as a motor mechanic. He also plans to study to improve his English…

Sisalem’s health suffered badly during his detention. Despite repeated requests to see a doctor, Sisalem was denied access to medical care for eight months. He has stomach troubles, as well as problems with his teeth due to the appalling food he was given. He told GLW: “People couldn’t believe that I had access to the internet 24 hours a day, but at the same time they were giving me food which had passed its use-by date.”…

Last November, legal action was mounted on behalf of Sisalem by a team of Melbourne lawyers working pro bono. Barrister Tom Cordiner collected detailed information from Sisalem for the court case, while barristers Julian Burnside QC and Sam Hay worked with solicitor Eric Vadarlis to mount a case for Sisalem’s release in the Federal Court.

Thanks, Julian:

A REFUGEE and poster-boy for asylum-seeker activists who became a jetsetting invalid pensioner has had his payments slashed after being found ineligible.

Palestinian-Kuwaiti Aladdin Sisalem told the Administrative Appeals Tribunal last month that he funded 16 overseas trips in the past six years with his disability support pension.

However at the same time Sisalem, 37, told his doctors that he found it “difficult to sit, stand, use my hands or arms for more than a few minutes” and he “has difficulty coping with … travel by public transport”….

Sisalem’s 16 overseas trips since 2010 included two months indulging in massages, herbal treatments, physical exercises, acupressure and meditation at a “clinic” in Thailand last year as well as jaunts to China, Indonesia, Russia and a second trip to Thailand, the tribunal heard.

Dr Cremean stated in his decision that it “did not seem to be credible” that Sisalem paid for the trips “by saving up his … DSP (pension)”….

Sisalem told Dr Cremean during the hearing that he suffered from a serious neck and back injury called “cervical canal stenosis” and PTSD.

But Dr Cremean found this didn’t appear to hinder him lifting luggage. 

And note: this “refugee” is actually a Palestinian from Kuwait.

Burnside uncut

Tim Blair

“It is a matter of ordinary experience that a person who is treated badly may, eventually, react badly,” decides human rights acitivist Julian Burnside, now offering an expanded version of his terror causation theory:

If people in the West regularly condemn all Muslims, it is inevitable that some Muslims will begin to feel as though they are seen as the enemy, as though they are hated in the West.  So, for example, British mosques have been attacked by anti-Muslim groups.

Were the people who attacked the mosques reacting badly to being treated badly? Maybe someone called them racists or chavs.

In Australia, the construction of mosques has been violently opposed …

Really? In Islamic countries, the remnants of Christianity have just been wiped out and the evidence destroyed. (SY)

For a QC, Burnside’s language is remarkably careless.

… by some community groups, who were vocal in their condemnation of Muslims.  Donald Trump has, in substance, said that Muslims should be excluded from the USA.

Any group confronted with hostility like this is likely to be offended. As a matter of ordinary human nature, it is easy to understand that some members of that group will react badly.

That explains all of those Scientology terrorists, then. And the Catholic riots following the royal commission into child abuse. And those Hare Krishna fatwas of the 1980s. And when Burnside’s legal colleagues went on killing sprees to avenge lawyer jokes.

I do not approve of terrorists, whether Muslim, Red Brigade, Irish separatist or anything else. But I worry about the consequencws of treating one group as if all members of that group presnet a threat to our Society.

I worry about a senior legal figure who can’t spell “consequences” or “present” and who thinks “society” is a proper noun.

What we need to learn is that we are threatened by extremists.

Really? This guy’s a genius.

Of course there are Muslim extremists, just as there are extremists who adhere to other ideologies.  We would be making a catastrophic mistake if we treat all Muslims as if they are extremists.

Nobody is making that mistake, Burnside.

Until an expert in the field can show me that I am wrong, I will continue to hold the opinion that being the target of relentless bigotry will drive some people to extremism, and is therefore one cause of terrorism.

There are thousands of Islamic terrorists in the Middle East, including many from Australia. Julian must know of at least one who is credibly able to describe how Western bigotry made him want to behead Syrians.

We are being very foolish if we continue to tolerate public abuse of Muslims generally.

Again, we might need some evidence here. Get to work, lawyer man. You could probably start with interviews in Raqqa .