“Khaled was fulfilling his Islamic duty.”

“That’s why so many of the migrants are pregnant”

This story is actually worse than the headline.


Gliwan’s latest idea came to him as he drove along with the teenage women. He decided he would call the women’s contact, pretend to be their taxi driver and get directions. He would then call a band of Third Force fighters to join him. He would drive the girls to the safehouse, using them as bait, and then nab the smuggler.

They encountered the smuggler, who also came from Niger, at a safehouse in the city of Jufra. Gliwan and his comrades demanded he tell them what he planned to do with the two girls. In exchange for being truthful, they would release him, he said.

The answer stunned them.

“He was supposed to house them, and then two other guys were supposed to impregnate them, and then when they reach the seventh or eighth month, they’re put into a vessel on the coast,” said Gliwan.

The notion was that European Coast Guard officials would treat migrants grouped with a few pregnant women a lot more kindly and favorably. Indeed, press accounts frequently describe pregnant women aboard the migrant ships.

“That’s why so many of the migrants are pregnant,” he said.

We’ve seen them using kids as human shields. Now we know they’re deliberately and calculatedly putting women in the final month of pregnancy onto boats as human shields for the rest of the gang. And by letting them in, Europe is incentivizing this behavior. This is the crisis and the abuses that the Welcome Refugees crowd of narcissistic humanitarians has created.

But it’s all for the Hegira.

“Khaled was convinced by the smuggler he was doing the right thing,” said Baqer. “That he was fulfilling his Islamic duty.”