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The New York Times won’t publish a cartoon of Muhammad, but it will publish helpful bomb instructions for terrorists.  (Tim Blair)

I’ll say again; How does criticism of cause terrorism, if terrorism has nothing to do with Islam?

A$$hole of the Month: Julian Burnside

“Bigotry creates terrorists, by radicalising people who were willing to see hope in everything…” (he writes, on his twitter account)

There are not many buyers:


Do take a look. Its funny:


As long as we’re stuck on stupid, we’re ‘playing into the hands of ISIS’


Is letting ISIS kill us our only hope of beating ISIS?

Daniel Greenfield


If you’re keeping score, freeing Islamic terrorists from Gitmo does not play into the hands of ISIS. Neither does bringing Syrians, many of whom sympathize with Islamic terrorists, into our country. And aiding the Muslim Brotherhood parent organization of ISIS does not play into the Islamic group’s hands.

However if you use the words “Islamic terrorism” or even milder derivatives such as “radical Islamic terrorism”, you are playing into the hands of ISIS. If you call for closer law enforcement scrutiny of Muslim areas before they turn into Molenbeek style no-go zones or suggest ending the stream of new immigrant recruits to ISIS in San Bernardino, Paris or Brussels, you are also playing into the hands of ISIS.

And if you carpet bomb ISIS, destroy its headquarters and training camps, you’re just playing into its hands. According to Obama and his experts, who have wrecked the Middle East, what ISIS fears most is that we’ll ignore it and let it go about its business. And what it wants most is for us to utterly destroy it.

Tens of thousands of Muslim refugees make us safer. But using the words “Muslim terrorism” endangers us. The more Muslims we bring to America, the faster we’ll beat ISIS. As long as we don’t call it the Islamic State or ISIS or ISIL, but follow Secretary of State John Kerry’s lead in calling it Daesh.

Related stupidity:

Toronto Star: Declaring war on ISIS terrorists is “stooping to their level”
Toronto Star, the mouthpiece of the Liberal government, backs Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who has recently opposed using the term “war” to describe Canada—EN.CIJNEWS.COM

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Muslims cannot be integrated

Belgian Ambassador Jean-Luc Bodson in denial on Islam reality after Brussels attacks

Andrew Bolt

THE Belgian Ambassador’s attack on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull suggests he is in dangerous denial about Islamic terrorism.

If Jean-Luc Bodson truly represents Belgium’s views, his country is stuffed.

Turnbull last week criticised Europe for doing too little to stop the terrorism that killed 130 people in Paris last year and 31 in Brussels last week, warning: “European governments are confronted by a perfect storm of failed or neglected integration, foreign fighters returning from Iraq and Syria, porous borders, and intelligence and security apparatus struggling to keep pace.”

He is largely right, though by criticising “neglected integration” he apparently assumes that large Muslim minorities like the 300,000 in Brussels can be integrated, or wants to. Has any northern European country succeeded in this “integration”? Have we?

No, if he can be criticised, it’s not for what he said but what he didn’t.

(Read full article here.)

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Paki Easter Celebrations: Student of Islam Wipes Out 65 Christians, Many Women & Children

Muselmaniacs regularly attack unbelievers on their high holidays. The Paki Christians should have learned that by now. How careless of them! Haven’t they read the Pact of Umar that outlines the dhimmi conditions?

Pakistani Taliban Faction Claims Easter Park Bombing

PHOTO: Pakistani police officers and rescue workers gather at the site of bomb explosion in a park in Lahore, Pakistan, March, 27, 2016.
K.M. Chuadary/AP Photo Pakistani police officers and rescue workers gather at the site of bomb explosion in a park in Lahore, Pakistan, March, 27, 2016.

A breakaway Pakistani faction of the militant Taliban group has claimed responsibility for an Easter Sunday bombing that killed 65 people in a park in the eastern city of Lahore that was crowded with Christians, including many children.

Ahsanullah Ahsan, spokesman for Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, told the Associated Press that a suicide bomber with the faction deliberately targeted the Christian community.

The explosion took place near the children’s rides in Gulshan-e-Iqbal park local police chief Haider Ashraf said. He said the explosion appeared to have been a suicide bombing, but investigations were ongoing.

The attack killed 65 people and wounded over 300, said Deeba Shahnaz, a spokesman for Lahore rescue administration.

UPDATE from JW: the Taliban claimed responsibility and says that it was targeting Christians.

“He says the area was crowded because Christians are celebrating the Easter holiday and many families were leaving the park when the blast occurred.”

“Tragedy strikes Lahore: Blast at Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park kills 53, injures 30 on Easter,” First Post, March 27, 2016:

A blast ripped apart a public park in Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore, the capital of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s political heartland of Punjab, rescue officials said.

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If your religion requires you to hate someone, you need a new religion….

Saudi Professor Calling for Positive Hatred of Christians

This is the meaning of tolerance in Islam. This sheikh calls for hatred toward Christians and he insists that this is not racism, simply because he is not calling hatred against race (white, black, Asian,…) but toward other religion which contradicts Islam. Just pure primitivity. Islamic education is based on hatred of non-Muslims. Christians are taught to love all people and love even their enemies. There is a big difference between the Islamic teachings and Christianity.


In other news:

Belgian Soldiers Deployed to Fight Terrorists Had No Bullets in Rifles
March 27, 2016 Daniel Greenfield    Much of counterterrorism is really security theater. TSA searches that have yet to stop a terrorist. —FRONTPAGEMAG.COM
Belgium attack victim had warned against demonizing Muslims
“Ignorant spreading of anti-Muslim sentiment and propaganda does nothing but benefit ISIS,” victim wrote
Sorry to say, but I’m not above Schadenfreude. There are just too many of these brainwashed drones causing irreversible damage with their mindless kumbaya obsession.

‘Get back in the kitchen whitey’: Vile racist and sexist trolling suffered by the woman who won a discrimination case against the Muslim group who made her sit in ‘women only’ seats at the back of a lecture theatre

  • Victim of discrimination from Muslim group reveals abuse she received
    Alison Bevege successful sued Hizb ut-Tahrir for gender discrimination
    She was called ‘whore’, ‘s***’ and racist by people who disagreed with her
    Ms Bevege was forced to sit in seating that separated women from men
    The controversial Islamic extremist group  the Hizbutts told to stop segregating women
Woman who was ‘s***-shamed’ and called racist shows abuse she suffered
The Sydney woman (pictured) who won a gender discrimination case against Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir has revealed some of the vile abuse she received.—DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Pope slams ‘rejection’ of migrants, refugees in Easter message

Yesterday he kissed the feet of Islamic savages, tomorrow he might kiss who knows what: this pope is a red ratbag and a pandering dolt. Instead of telling Muslims not to hate, not to torture and murder Christians, he demands that his sheeple ask the wolf for protection.

Pope slams 'rejection' of migrants, refugees in Easter message

‘The Easter message of the risen Christ… invites us not to forget those men and women seeking a better future, an ever more numerous throng of migrants and refugees… fleeing from war, hunger, poverty and social injustice,’ Pope Francis says

Pope Francis on Sunday spoke out against the “rejection” of migrants and refugees in his Easter message, as Europe struggles with its biggest migration crisis since World War II.

Security was tight as he delivered his Easter mass to crowds of people gathered below the central balcony of St Peter’s Basilica, just days after the deadly bombings in Brussels.–World Bulletin / News Desk

After Brussels, Obama praises Muslim-Americans, and their “enormous contributions to our country”

Robert Spencer:

Obama: “We have to reject any attempt to stigmatize Muslim-Americans, and their enormous contributions to our country”

Obama’s timing is grotesque. After the Brussels jihad massacre, he should be talking about how he is ramping up our resistance to jihad terror, not about how we have to stop picking on the poor Muslims in America, whom no one is picking on in the first place.

“We have to reject any attempt to stigmatize Muslim-Americans,” i.e., we are not going to speak honestly about the motivating ideology of jihad terror, no matter how high the bodies pile up.

“…and their enormous contributions to our country and our way of life.” Yes, look at all the enormous contributions Muslims have made to our country and our way of life. Muslims remodeled the New York skyline. Muslims brought about the transformation of government buildings in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere into veritable fortresses, each with massive stone blocks outside to prevent jihadis from using truck bombs. Muslims provided the impetus for huge advances — and huge expenses — in the development of technology used to screen passengers in airports. Muslims are responsible for air travel being transformed from a glamorous, adventurous activity to a cramped, hectoring, inhospitable affair, with glum, shoeless hordes holding up their beltless trousers while being herded through intrusive and inefficient checkpoints. We also owe Muslims for insisting upon the political correctness that requires everyone to be humiliated equally. Passengers are poked, prodded, threatened, and treated as likely criminals while America is hamstrung from efficiently focusing on the true source of the problem.

We also must credit Muslims with increases in the U.S. government. It is now bigger, wealthier (on your tax money), and watching you more closely than it was on September 10, 2001. Muslims can take a bow for the creation of at least two government agencies — the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security — plus a massive expansion in the budgets of all manner of intelligence and law enforcement entities. Those bloated budgets are one manifestation of what is actually the greatest contribution that Muslims have made to our nation: the slow destruction of the American economy. Osama bin Laden explained that he mounted the 9/11 jihad terror attacks in order to weaken the American economy; in October 2004 he rejoiced at how he had induced the Americans to spend, spend, spend to try to stymie him: “Al-Qaeda spent $500,000 on the event, while America, in the incident and its aftermath, lost — according to the lowest estimate — more than $500 billion, meaning that every dollar of al-Qaeda defeated a million dollars.”

And that was in 2004. How many more billions have been spent since then, even aside from the billions wasted on the nation-building misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan? If Osama were alive today, he could look with satisfaction on an America that is poorer, uglier, meaner, more dangerous, less productive, and less efficient than it was on September 10, 2001.

Such an enormous contribution Muslims have made to our country!


“Obama: Stigmatizing Muslims ‘plays into hands’ of jihadists,” AFP, March 26, 2016:

Washington (AFP) – President Barack Obama has urged Americans not to stigmatize Muslims following this week’s deadly attacks in Brussels, saying that doing so is “counterproductive” in the fight against radical Islam.

In his weekly media address, Obama said Muslim-Americans are “our most important partners in the nation’s fight against those who would wage violent jihad.

“That’s why we have to reject any attempt to stigmatize Muslim-Americans, and their enormous contributions to our country and our way of life,” Obama said.

“Such attempts are contrary to our character, to our values, and to our history as a nation built around the idea of religious freedom. It’s also counterproductive,” he said.

“It plays right into the hands of terrorists who want to turn us against one another — who need a reason to recruit more people to their hateful cause.”

‘Terrorists’ for Hussein Obama are those who oppose the Islamic expansion program.

Obama made his remarks as the global community continues to reel from Tuesday’s attacks in Belgium, claimed by the Islamic State group, which killed 31 dead, including two Americans, and wounded 300….

Tatjana Festerling on the Soros-Brokered Migration Deal Between Europe and Turkey

Tatjana Festerling gave this magnificent speech at the PEGIDA rally in Dresden last Monday, the night before the Brussels massacres. Her talk zeroes in on the NWO brokers — especially George Soros — who arranged the deal between Europe and Turkey on the migration crisis, a “solution” championed by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Rembrandt Clancy has translated and subtitled the speech, and includes an informative introduction as well as a transcript.

“How can it be that one man is training this Chancellor in a refugee course; that this average woman is making irreversible decisions on her own, which annihilate a people and a culture; and no parliament is consulted, no ballot and no discussion about it takes place?”

by Rembrandt Clancy

On Monday, the 21st of March 2016 Tatjana Festerling delivered a speech at the weekly demonstration in Dresden.

Her main theme was the extra-parliamentary influences on Chancellor Angela Merkel in the context of mass Islamic migration into Europe. In particular, Frau Festerling draws attention to George Soros’ Project Syndicate (26 September 2015), a six-point “comprehensive plan” or manifesto for managing an annual influx of “at least a million asylum-seekers” into Europe for the “foreseeable future”. The scheme calls for putting into place a highly centralised administration for the management of what amounts to the thinning out of the native European ethnic populations — if that is not putting it too mildly.

The connection between the “comprehensive plan” and its praxis, or between Soros and Angela Merkel, is a little known figure, Gerald Knaus, director of the European Stability Initiative (ESI), a Soros-funded think tank (cf. for example, Open Society under “Current supporters” on the ESI website). Frau Festerling quotes Knaus directly in an interview he gave to Die Welt on 16 March 2016, wherein the ESI director appears recklessly candid, and even boastful about his influence on the politicians. But the newspaper itself states directly that

Gerald Knaus of the think tank ESI worked out the blueprint for Merkel’s asylum policy: close co-operation with Turkey and refugee quotas.

The European Stability Initiative brought this “blueprint” to completion on 4 October 2015 in a draft proposal called The Merkel Plan: restoring control; retaining compassion. Its core points also serve as a background to Tatjana Festerling’s speech:

  • Over the next 12 months Germany officially offers asylum to 500,000 Syrian refugees who are registered in Turkish camps and will transport them to Germany.
  • In return, Turkey will accept or take back all refugees who reach Greece via the Aegean.
  • Germany will compensate the Turkish concession by financial assistance and political support in the attainment of EU visa exemption in 2016.

It is interesting to compare the above “Merkel plan” with the actual negotiated results, at least as they are presented to the public by the European politicians who negotiated it: EU-Turkey statement, 18 March 2016.

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“We are ISIS.”

Time to Face the ISIS Inside of Us
“We are ISIS.” A startling statement? Yet this was the title of an article written by former Kuwaiti Minister of Information, Saad bin Tafla al Ajami, …



A startling statement? Yet this was the title of an article written by former Kuwaiti Minister of Information, Saad bin Tafla al Ajami, published in 7 August 2014 by the Qatari newspaper al Sharq. He was not celebrating the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), nor the atrocities it is committing against civilians and minorities in Iraq and Syria.

He was reminding us that ISIS, while condemned by the majority of Muslims, is a product of an Islamic religious discourse that dominated our public sphere in the last decades — a mainstream discourse!

ISIS “did not come from another planet,” he said. “It is not a product of the infidel West or a bygone orient,” he insisted.

No, “the truth that we can not deny is: ISIS learned from our schools, prayed in our mosques, listened to our media… and our religious platforms, read from our books and references, and followed Fatwas (religious edicts) we produced.”

He is right.

It would be easy to insist that ISIS does not represent the correct teachings of Islam. It would be very easy to do that. And yes, I do believe that Islam is what we, humans, make of it. Any religion could be a message of love or a sword for hatred by the people believing in it.

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Islamic Terrorism & the Leftarded Cult(-ure) of Denial

Ecclesiastes 10:2:

The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.

Terrorism and the culture of denial

Miranda Devine X – Sunday, March 27, 2016

HOURS after the Islamic State ­attack on Brussels last week, ABC’s TV panel show The Drum displayed a graphic: “0.5 per cent of terror-­related deaths have occurred in the West over past 15 years.”

Accompanying the line was an asterisk: “* Excluding September 11, 2001.”

Last time I looked, September 11, 2001 was within the past 15 years. So why, if you are calculating the number of terrorism deaths in the West in the last 15 years, would you exclude the terrorist attack that killed the most people: 3000 slaughtered in two hours, including 10 Australians.


Paris suspect Abdeslam questioned for just ONE HOUR as he was ‘too tired’

BELGIUM authorities have been heavily criticised for questioning Paris terror suspect Salah Abdeslam for just one hour as he was ‘too tired’ – fearing they missed the opportunity to stop the Brussels massacre.—EXPRESS.CO.UK|BY REBECCA FLOOD

It makes no sense, unless you are doing a PWC-style creative ­accounting job to fit an agenda.

And what is the ABC’s agenda?

It is to deny the threat of Islamist terrorism. To engender complacency and avoid confronting the fact that Islamists are bringing their war to the West. It’s cultural relativists telling us we have no right to feel aggrieved by the attacks in Brussels or Paris or Sydney or Melbourne, because there are more terrorist atrocities in the Middle East and Africa.

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Brussels: March against fear cancelled for fear

Fear wins out in Brussels. Belgians can thank their leaders, who have brought this problem upon themselves with their disastrous policies regarding Muslim immigration.

Andrew Bolt

They said “je suis Charlie” when in fact they feared to fight for their free speech.

no fear

Now they organised a “march against fear” when they actually feared to turn up:

Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon on Saturday urged people to refrain from participating in Sunday’s planned “March against Fear” rally.

They should have called it “March Against Islam”.

Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur said at a joint press conference with Jambon that authorities were stretched by ongoing investigations following Tuesday’s attacks across Brussels that left more than 30 dead and hundreds injured.

Following the press briefing, the rally’s organizers announced the event’s cancellation in a statement.

“The security of our citizens is an absolute priority,” the organizers said.

“Consequently, we …ask citizens not to come this Sunday to Brussels,” the statement added.

The self-hating West is fast to protest against the fear it actually should feel for those wishing to destroy it. Would that it was just as fast to demand action to defend its civilisation and freedoms.

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