“We are not afraid” & “its what ISIS wants”

I think we need a candlelight vigil for stupidity.

“The terrorists will never win…” (teenage twat parrots slogans on ABC)


More idiocy from the extreme left Guardian:

….many in the city, from ordinary residents to the officials who run Molenbeek, are frustrated that there is not more support for integration, and monitoring young people who are at risk from radicalisation both through friends and online

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More on this Belgian fruitloop….

“Its dangerous to link terrorism to migrants”

Belgium’s Ambassador to Australia says it is “dangerous” for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to link the European refugee crisis with this week’s deadly attacks in Brussels.

“Dangerous?” For whom? For him? For Belgium? For Muslim migrants?

Here it comes:

“It’s dangerous because it’s precisely what (Islamic State) wants – that we would make a confusion between terrorism and migrants and between terrorism and Islam,” Mr Bodson told the ABC on Thursday.
“My view is that the terrorists who committed the latest attacks in Paris and in Belgium are European-raised and born. Maybe from foreign origins, but they are Europeans,  he said.
“So it has nothing to do with the refugee crisis and I think that is the main danger to assimilate that.”

What an a$$hole!

Brussels Police Cancel Purim
Following the Islamic terrorist attacks, Belgian police requested that the Jewish community cancel their Purim celebrations due to the police’s fear of additional terrorists in the area, and their inability to protect the community. –ISRAELANDSTUFF.COM
No. We are not afraid. (What a bunch of wankers!)

Brussels attack was planned for Easter Sunday, but changed after arrest of Salah Abdeslam.


Europe’s populists link terrorism with refugees – EUobserver

Malcolm Turnbull says Islamic State is using the refugee crisis to send operatives into Europe.

Indonesia ‘proof’ moderation and Islam are compatible-Indonesian President Joko Widodo

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  1. Yep just as in Paris the #AllYouNeedIsLove and #GivePeaceAChance crowd were on the streets with their candles and flowers. Can’t defend ourselves can we as that is what ISIS wants is their response. General Sherman’s response OTOH was ” War is the remedy that our enemies have chosen ans I say let us give them all they want” and that worked better.

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