All over the world, Muslims routinely smash the sacred places – including the graves and gravestones – of non-Muslims.

by Christina McIntosh

Russo-Australians Confront Muslim Who Vandalised Orthodox Christian Graves in Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney, Australia

Ibrahim, grave destroying jihadist

All over the world, Muslims routinely smash the sacred places – including the graves and gravestones – of non-Muslims.   When I first heard the story of this particular act of vandalism – which was very extensive and destructive and focused on Orthodox Christian graves – something about it set my thumbs a-pricking, and I was not very surprised when we eventually discovered that the culprit was a Muslim, one Muhammad Ibrahim.  But as you will see, Australia’s Russian Orthodox citizens were not about to take this insult lying down nor let the vandal slither in and out of court without letting him know *exactly* what they thought of him.

First, however, one of the initial report son the vandalism, which took place in November 2015. (but which was not, to my knowledge, covered at this site at the time – mea culpa!).  If you click and read you will see just how much energy went into destroying the grave markers; there are lots of pictures.

‘Vandals Damage More Than 50 Graves at Sydney’s Rookwood Cemetery’.

‘Vandals have damaged more than 50 graves – smashing headstones and breaking ornaments – at a Western Sydney cemetery.

‘Police were called to Rookwood Cemetery on Hawthorne Avenue just before 2 am yesterday and discovered the desecrated graves in the Ukrainian and Greek section of the cemetery near East Street.

‘NSW Police Inspector Sean Gabin condemned the damage, which was estimated to be more than half a miliion dollars.

“I’d have to question the person’s mentality as well as status in society as well as their upbringing”, Insp. Gabin said.  “The lowest common denominator of a human being. I’d call them low grubs.”

‘Insp. Gabin said it appeared the vandals had pushed over the gravestones or used tools to remove them from bases.

‘He said more than one person was responsible for the vandalism.

‘Family members were in tears at Rookwood Cemetery yesterday as they surveyed the damage heartless vandals inflicted on their loved ones’ graves…

“Among the graves targeted by the careless offenders was grandfather Allan Petruszenko’s, whose wife of 47 years, Janice, wiped away tears as she stood next to his damaged gravestone yesterday.  “I just can’t believe these kinds of people exist,” Mrs Petruszenko said. “We were driving here, praying it wasn’t his [that was damaged[, but then you don’t want it to be anyone else’s either.  This is supposed to be a place of respect.  It’s just terrible.”

‘Mr Petruszenko’s sister Zena Brookfield also visited the cemetery to inspect the damage to her brother’s grave, as well as several other relatives buried nearby.


You just wonder what kind of mental state these people must have been in”, she said.  “What joy could they possibly get out of destroying this?”

Well, given that the vandals turned out to be a pair of Mohammedans, those of us who know something of the Mind of Islam might be able to answer her. – CM

‘Police spoke to two men who were leaving the cemetery when officers arrived.  In a search of the men’s car, police allegedly found packets of substances, believed to be illicit drugs.  The men, 23 and 25, were taken to Auburn Police Station, but were released without charge as police continue to investigate…”.

One of the ‘men’, however, was re-arrested only a little while later, and lo and behold, he was a Mohammedan.  His lawyer, of course, argued that he was such a lovely fellow…

(It is no use to give these creeps a fine and order restitution, something no Mohammedan ever intends to pay. In a case like this, it is important to punish the whole congregation. Under Mohammedan law, this is the law. Their law. Muslims understand that. SY)

‘Muhammad Ibrahim Accused Cemetery Vandal An Upstanding Citizen, Lawyer Says’.

The lawyer, however, is also a Mohammedan, so his definition of what constitutes a fine upstanding citizen might not be quite the same as that normally used by Infidels. – CM

‘The lawyer for a man accused of destroying more than 50 gravesites at Rookwood cemetery maintains his client would never commit such a vile act, describing him as an upstanding citizen who had helped retrieve the body of a “little girl” during the devastating Queensland floods.

So?  That much-touted party of Muslims who went to the flood zone in Queensland to offer ‘help’ were just engaging in a spot of PR.  And quite possibly secretly enjoying scenes of destruction visited upon the Kuffar by a natural disaster that they – the Mohammedans – would interpret as punishment from ‘allah’. – CM

‘Muhammad Ibrahim is accused of illegally entering the cemetery early on November 27 and damaging lights, flowers and headstones in the Ukrainian and Greek sections.  

‘Mr Ibrahim and a 23 year old man were arrested leaving the southwest Sydney site but werre released without charge.  The Lakemba resident was again arrested on Tuesday and refused bail.

Hmm.  Sounds like the cops were pretty sure of their man. – CM

‘In a brief appearance at Burwood Local Court yesterday the 25 year old pleaded not guilty to charges of destroying property greater than $15,000 and supply of a prohibited drug.  He lodged guilty pleas for unlawfully entering enclosed lands as well as two traffic offences (sounds like the cops were throwing the book at him – CM) and was granted bail by Magistrate Gary Still – despite a formal objection by police prosecutors.

‘Mr Ibrahim’s lawyer Eidan Havas told the court his client travelled interstate in 2010 (that is, five years earlier; but what has he been up to since? – CM) with the “honourable Mufti” to help during the Queensland floods, where he pulled the body of a little girl from floodwaters.

‘Outside court, Mr Havas denied his client had taken part in the incident..”.

And now we come to the trial, held in March this year, and to our Russian Orthodox protesters, making sure that the Mohammedan Mob are put on notice for their bad behaviour. As reported by Nick Ralston for the Sydney Morning Herald on March 24 2016.

‘Cossacks Confront Man Accused of Destroying Orthodox Graves at Sydney’s Rookwood Cemetery’.

‘Members of Sydney’s Russian Orthodox community made a showing at Burwood Court House on Thursday, where a man appeared charged with vandalising graves.

Where a Muslim man appeared, charged with vandalising Christian graves. – CM

‘It is one way to get noticed – fronting up to a Sydney court-house dressed in military uniforms saying you’ve brought a message from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

‘So on Thursday four members of Sydney’s Cossack community, dressed in military garb, went to Bruwood Local Court to confront a man (that is, a Muslim man – CM) accused of destroying 50 Orthodox Christian graves at Sydney’s Rookwood cemetery.

‘It was a move, the Russian nationalists said, to show their community is strong and they won’t tolerate such cowardly acts.

“We want to make our presence here clear, our community doesn’t tolerate this”, one of the men, dressed in green military fatigues with Russian military patches. “We want people to understand that the Russian community is a strong community, and we won’t have our heads in the sand.”

Strictly speaking, so far as I have been able to find out, the graves that were damaged were not exclusively “Russian”; it is more correct to say that they were Orthodox Christian, from a variety of ethnicities or nationalities, including Serb and Ukrainian as well as Russian. There appears to have been an earlier but similar act of vandalism – in December 2014 rather than in November 2015 – that targeted the same area and was reported as damaging “Russian Orthodox and Serbian Orthodox” graves. – CM

Muhammad Ibrahim is one of two accused of causing up to $500 000 worth of damage to the graves in November last year (i.e. 2015).

Half a million dollars’ worth of damage is not trivial.  It takes time and effort and concentrated malice to achieve. – CM

‘The four men confronted Mr Ibrahim on his way into court, where he pleaded not guilty, and then again as he left.

‘The four chased Mr Ibrahim down the street, telling him he was “a coward”, to “fight the living not the dead”, and that “Putin says hello”.

‘There was a small amount of pushing, shoving and shouting, but Mr Ibrahim managed to get away largely without incident.

“We are very pleased that police made arrests, because in previous times no arrests were made”, the Cossack group’s spokesman said.

This seems to be a reference to the 2014 incident. – CM

“If anybody out there is ever thinking of vandalising our graves, Russian Orthodox, Serbian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, this is a stern warning: do not vandalise them.”

Might be an idea for the leaders of the Orthodox community to have a very quiet private chat with whoever is in charge of the cemetery, and with the police, re. discreetly setting up concealed CCTV cameras – including infra-red for night vision – and motion detectors, such as one uses for wildlife photography.  And organise regular random patrols or ‘stake-outs’ of the area, given that it seems to be attracting the destroyers.  Then maybe next time they’ll catch the vandals in the act. – CM

“It’s a very cowardly act, come and talk to us if you have a problem, but don’t vandalise our graves.”

‘Police allege that they stopped Mr Ibrahim and another man, aged 23, as they were leaving the cemetery having damaged more than 50 grave sites.

‘When officers searched the vehicle the pair were in, they also allegedly found illicit drugs.

‘Mr Ibrahim will return to Burwood Local Court later this year.”

Watch this space. 

A few more details in the “Telegraph” story on the court appearance and Cossack demonstration, as provided by reporter Sarah Crawford.

‘You’re a Coward: Cossacks Confront Man Accused of Destroying Fifty Orthodox Russian Graves”.

‘Angry Russian patriots dressed in military clothing confronted a man accused of destroying more than 50 Orthodox Christian graves outside court on Thursday morning.

‘They shouted “You’re a coward!” as he hurried away down the street.

‘Muhammad Ibrahim had just pleaded not guilty in Burwood Local Court to destroying the graves in the Christian Orthodox section of Rookwood Cemetery on November 27 last year.

‘Several members of the Zabaikal Cossacks Australia surrounded Ibrahim and a couple of his supporters as they left the court-house around 11.30 am.

If you click on the link and look at the pictures accompanying the news story you will see among them a picture of Muhammad Ibrahim…who is sporting the ‘jihad beard’, with shaven upper lip. – CM

‘After several seconds of pushing and shouting, the group let Ibrahim and his supporters leave, but followed them down the street, shouting at the hooded 25 year old to “show his face…”.

‘A spokesman for the Zabaikal Cossacks Australia said the historical enthusiasts had repaired “whole rows” of Russian Orthodox graves.

“We are Russians, we are very strong in traditions, we are not a community that is weak”, he said. “We are here to express support for Russia and we want to support the Australian police in apprehending this man.”

‘The matter will return to Burwood Local Court at a later date.’

We shall await developments.  I’d llike to know the name of the second man.  One hopes that any other Muslims in Sydney who might be harbouring ambitions of going to places like Rookwood – all those hated crosses, row upon row! all those angels and other statues!  – to indulge in a little sharia-compliant destruction of Infidel symbols might be reconsidering, after the Cossacks have let it be known that they are on the watch. – CM

8 thoughts on “All over the world, Muslims routinely smash the sacred places – including the graves and gravestones – of non-Muslims.”


    Watch the video below, of the persecution that Tommy Robinson and his family have suffered at the hands of British police, bureaucrats, politicians and the judiciary and give me one good reason why the persons responsible for this persecution should not be assassinated.

    Go ahead, give me one good reason why not………

    I’m waiting………

    I thought so.

    (Perhaps Sheik can post the latest from Sweden and Germany of Muslim migrant filth posting their pictures to the Internet with their 9, 10 and 13 year old girlfriends, the essay below, in two parts, is in direct relation to that. And while you consider that please give me one reason why Muslims and their Marxist enablers shouldn’t be assassinated.)



    Quite remarkable really, quite amusing wouldn’t you say.

    I ask you; who is committing the greater crime?

    The human garbage that grooms and sexually abusing children right under the noses of the parents, or the parents who stand idly by and watch it all unfold?


    Who is more deserving of a bullet?

    Stunning isn’t it?

    Children devoured right before their parents eyes.

    Everyone who reads this know, without a shadow of doubt, two immutable truths.

    One, this madness in Europe will not change until the parents of these children and all the bureaucrats, members of the judiciary and law enforcement who cultivate this madness are either beaten half to death or are summarily executed.

    Two, in addition to the above, when the African/Middle Eastern filth like this awake in the middle of the night, their residence and all of their belongings, engulfed in flames or are otherwise found lifeless in alleyways with a bullet in their heads, then and only then, will we begin to have change.

    So here is a repost.


    As a writer, I have warned that this conflict with Islam and the Muslim will only be resolved after it has run its natural and inevitable course of intense violent conflict.

    As such I have warned that civilized persons with a sense of both self preservation and preservation of their country and culture must immediately and quietly arm themselves, must engage in a form of basic weapons training and marksmanship, put away a small cache of supplies ranging from ammunition, first-aid kits to basic necessities, must improve as best as possible their physical fitness, begin to very carefully organize in small groups and then identify with exacting particularity all Muslims, Marxists and Muslim sympathizers in their midst.

    Over the years my intonations and solemn warnings have sometimes, by the historically illiterate and suicidal pacifists, been referred to as “incitement to violence”, “radical” and, amongst others, “extreme”. It was, and is, an amusing and certainly predicable response.

    Conversely, the historically informed, the gritty “let’s roll up our sleeves and wade into the muck and mire of historical perspective and analysis”, the realistic and practical academics if you will, always agreed that the Islamic storm clouds rolling and boiling on the global horizon did not bode well for the civilized world and that same threat of conquest and or annihilation put cowards and deluded liberal pacifists on notice that if they were to continue to ignore the threat that Islam poses to all civilized persons in the West their lives would have a clearly marked “expiration date”. They agreed then and agree now that violent conflict with the Muslim and its Islam is simply a matter of time and that 1400 years of history should be enough of a lesson to warn and inform all but the most self-loathing, collaborative and treasonous among us. How right they were. How right they are. How right I was. How right I am.

    Self defence, self offence and the demarcation of self preservation…….

    Many of us sitting in our living rooms on quiet evenings, looking out across peaceful splendour, ponder the storm clouds, ponder the upcoming fight, and, knowing full well the intentions of the Muslim, are profoundly disturbed at what the future holds for them, for their families, for their culture and for their country. We know full well that sooner or later we will, we must, organize, arm ourselves and confront the Muslim and its enabler the Marxist. We know that we must confront those who hate us with inimitable purity and we know that confrontation must be with a withering violent force that speaks of an unmistakeable sense of permanence and finality. We know that we must set aside our humanity, the same humanity that the Muslim uses with such terrible efficacy in its war against Western civilization. We know that we must fight fire with fire. We know that there can be no quarter, no compromise with the barbaric, with the savage and that they must be rendered useless using the same mechanisms, using the very same currency that they themselves use in their global effort to wipe us from the face of the earth. We know what the Frankish warrior Charles Martel knew, what the Crusaders knew when they saddled up and rode out to meet the savages of Mecca, what the Viennese knew, what the Yazidis knew, what the Hindu’s knew, what the Armenians knew, what the 2,977 souls who free-fell from the Twin Towers knew, what the 7-7 52 knew, what the Fort Hood 13 knew, what the San Bernadino 14 knew, what Lee Rigby, Nathan Cirillo and Patrice Vincent knew, what the butchered Parisians knew, what all of those who have faced the murdering Muslim knew. We know that only one question remains; when.

    It is this looming question, this “when”, and our inability, our trepidation, our trembling reluctance and our civility to answer that question that has the potential to be the lynch pin to our subjugation and or annihilation at the hands of the Muslim, and as to which, the Muslim is not very particular.

    That question, that “when”, is answered when we finally draw a line in the sand and resolve upon a course of action that, without further hesitation, without further compromise, without further debate, will be immediately commenced the very moment that line is crossed. It is that moment, that very moment, when the tide of the battle will be turned, the very moment when the Muslim will be forced to a halt, the very moment when the Muslim will turn and run. It is the only moment the Muslim truly understands.

    It is that failure to say “when” that has led us to our current state of indefensible chaos and weakness. It is that failure to say “when” that has led us to the edge of the Islamic abyss. It is that quivering weakness that is our undoing, that willingness to be sliced a thousand times with the Islamic razor, cut after nick after cut, as our culture, as our traditions, as our laws, as our loved ones, as our countrymen are destroyed inch by deadly inch, as all we hold dear is smeared with the excrement of a 7th century mass murdering lunatic named Muhammad. This must stop.

    I understand that to draw a line in the sand in this fight with the Marxist and the Muslim can be, is, extremely difficult.

    I understand that it is extremely difficult owing to the inevitable violent confrontation and loss of life that will result from that refusal to be compromised, from that refusal to be pushed one more inch, from that refusal to spend one more second in grovelling deference to those barbaric Muslim savages who seek the sexual favours of livestock, who seek the beds of toddlers, to those barbaric savages whose love of womanhood is limited to a vagina and anus, to those barbaric savages whose contributions to humanity, to mankind, have been limited to little more than cautionary side-notes warning us of the consequences of lunacy, violence, sexual deviance, murderous psychopathy and a seething hatred of secular progress and academic enlightenment when used as a political ideology and foundation for a society.

    But decide you must.

    Decide you will.

    For not to decide is foolhardy.

    For not to decide is suicide.

    As to the urgency which now faces us all in making that decision I am reminded of the words of the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius.

    Aurelius speaks with clarity and warning to those who, knowing what they face in life, choose to delay fate and inevitable consequence in the hopes of compromise, in the hopes of a fleeting moment of false peace.

    ……….”Think of your many years of procrastination; how the gods have repeatedly granted you further periods of grace, of which you have taken no advantage. It is time now to realise the nature of the universe to which you belong, and of that controlling Power whose offspring you are; and to understand that your time has a limit set to it. Use it, then, to advance your enlightenment; or it will be gone, and never in your power again”……..

    -Marcus Aurelius, Roman, General, Statesman, Orator, Philosopher, Poet

    As I have said before, you only have to look around you at the state of chaos we are in now, a state of mind numbing, terrifying chaos that threatens each and every one of us, a state of chaotic threat that grows exponentially with each passing day, to know that procrastination is not an option.

    Look around you to that which did not exist even a decade ago.

    Look to the treason of our judiciary, of our police forces, of our law profession, of the Marxist Mass Media, of our politicians and of the academia as they ally themselves with the Muslim, as they defend mayhem, as they defend rape, as they defend murder, as they defend treason, as they defend sedition, as they enthusiastically support and promote your subjugation and annihilation. Truly, you have been abandoned by those who were sworn, appointed or elected to protect you, your loved ones, your culture and your country. Truly, you stand on your own.

    So, what will you do?




    Will you confront and or take the life of a treasonous politician who ignores the mass rape, torture and sexual enslavement of hundreds of your daughters at the hands of the Muslim?

    Will you confront and or take the life of a police officer who manufactures evidence against you or ignores the crimes of the Muslim?

    Will you confront and or take the life of a senior police commander who orders his officers to harass and harm decent law abiding patriots whose only crime is their righteous objection to the treason and crimes of the Muslim?

    Will you confront and or take the life of a Marxist Mass Media luminary who mitigates, propagandizes, censors or promotes the crimes, treason and political aspirations of the Muslim?

    Will you confront or take the life of some duplicitous cleric or priest who, wrapped in the robes of a godly man or woman, preaches peace and capitulation in the face of Muslim murder and mayhem? Will you send that religious hypocrite to meet his or her commander before one more of the “flock” is led to slaughter?

    Will you confront and or take the life of an activist judge who sets Muslim criminals and clearly identified terrorists free to once again engage in their acts of mass murder?

    Will you confront and or take the life of a Marxist academic who instils in your sons and daughters a seething hatred of themselves, their culture and their country?

    Will you confront and or take the life of a bureaucrat who ravages and curtails all your proud traditions and replaces the same with the excrement of Islamic indulgence?

    Will you confront and or take the life of a politician who allows rivers of violent human garbage, humanity’s lowest common denominator, to flood across and utterly destroy your country?

    Will you allow Marxist mayors and town councillors, licking the boots of the Muslim perpetrators, to blame your own wives and daughters for the brutal sexual assaults and rapes they have suffered?

    Will you allow your bureaucrats to allow the peace and quiet of your towns and cities to be shattered with the vulgar Muslim “call to prayer” as herds of the barbaric and savage are called forth to grovel in worship of a 7th century mass murdering, war mongering pedophile and lunatic named Muhammad?

    Will you allow corporate cowardice and expediency to allow the funding of terrorism through the Islamic con-game and jihad of “Halal Certified Food”?

    Standing in a morgue with your wife, the coroner unzips the body-bag and reveals, much like Elin Krantz, the unspeakably violated, the savagely raped and murdered corpse of what was once your beloved daughter. Will you hunt down, confront and take the lives of all those Muslims and third-world filth responsible for that crime?

    Will you remove from your community, in a manner that is irrevocable and that sends a clear message, all mosques from your community? Will you remove these Muslim paramilitary centers from your neighbourhoods, from your towns and cities?

    Will you draw a line in the sand, look the Muslim and the Marxist in the eye and say “beyond this point not one inch farther, beyond this point you will die”.

    In closing I am reminded of an opening paragraph to a favourite novel of mine. Read this. Read it again. Read it once more in context with the world we live in, in the context of who we were, what we stood for and what we have now become. Read it in the shadow of the Marxist/Muslim threat we face.

    ………“Evil is among us because we have invited that evil. We suffered much but we brought upon our own sufferings. The Devil would have had no power over us but we gave him that power. We became bondsman because we willed it; we are in despair because we brought despair to our neighbours. We died because we acquiesced in death. We were silent when we should have spoken in behalf of our brothers. For a moments security we looked away when our neighbour was robbed. In behalf of a false peace we postponed a war with evil when we should have not been moved from our places. At every step we compromised, when we knew there is no compromise with hell. If the Devil is guilty we are not guiltless. In his condemnation we are included. In a judgment against him we are also judged. May God have mercy on our souls.”……

    -Taylor Caldwell

    I want you to read what I have written and give the same very careful consideration. I want you to resolve that you will not ask your sons or generations hence to do what your cowardice and mitigation kept you from.

    The questions you will ask yourselves are not new, they are not unique, they have been asked by our sons, by our grandfathers, by our great grandfathers, by all our ancestors as, over hundreds of years, they faced tyranny and the consequences of either ignorance of that tyrannical threat or the unswerving confrontation of the same.

    It is the resolve of our ancestors, it is the gifts wrought from their labours, from their courageous sacrifice that has given each and every one of us what we now enjoy today; Western Civilization, the greatest success story in the history of mankind. We must not, we cannot, allow those precious gifts to be squandered.

    We must say “when”.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  3. “(It is no use to give these creeps a fine and order restitution, something no Mohammedan ever intends to pay. In a case like this, it is important to punish the whole congregation. Under Mohammedan law, this is the law. Their law. Muslims understand that. SY)”

    These two have been poisoned by the group,so the group must be punished.If their minds had not been punished by the group they would not have done it.

    and note they did not get any money or goods ,so not theft involved,so the poverty argument does not apply.

    1. if their minds had not been punished by the group they would not have done it.
      not punished but poisoned

  4. I saw this on the news and smiled when I noticed the Cossacks were filming him on their mobile. The Russians also mentioned to the media that they take the desecration of their graves very seriously.
    Think this ” fine upstanding Mohammedan” might get more than he expected – and it wont be from the law either!

  5. sometimes multi-culture ism can be good if the majority culture is/has become week.

  6. It’s a simple fact that the Western world/civilization is in decay. The leftist solution to this is to bring in moslems which, obviously, will only intensify and hasten such decay. Of course, leftists have their own “reasons”, cheap labor (cost cutting is a leftist idea not a capitalist idea), votes, conscience easing, etc.). As we know, Islamomaggots will only eat the corpse until nothing remains. They will add nothing but the usual poisonous brew of social costs, violence, destruction, death.

    To not succumb to this, we must have radical change in our mindset which has been infused with leftist poison for at least six decades. We must purge our minds of sympathy, empathy, half measures, temporary measures, even some so-called Christian virtues. We must purge our minds of self-loathing, white guilt, Western feminism or white male hating, normalization of perversion and criminality, multiculturalism, political correctness, loathing of Western culture and values, etc. If we don’t, we’re dead.

  7. One should never forget, that where ever they are -they destroy the culture of others. They are cultural destroyers.

    The 1,700 year old Buddha statue they destroyed in Afghanistan should really be viewed as a foreshadowing of things to come….especially if we do not put a stop to it.

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