Anzac Day terror ­plotter was participating in a ­government-funded deradicalisation program

Jihad on the dole. And our do-gooders can’t get enough of these savages:

Boy, 16, charged with planning Anzac Day terror attack ‘spoke with an Islamic State recruiter over a previous bomb plot targeting a memorial service

By Ashleigh Davis and Freya Noble and Louise Cheer for Daily Mail Australia and Aap

3386F78800000578-3557480-image-a-61_1461598622641The boy was observed talking ­online with ISIS recruiter Neil Prakash (pictured), who was ­alleged to have had contact with some of those accused of plotting an Anzac Day terror attack in Melbourne last year

  • Boy, 16, has been charged with planning an Anzac Day terror attack
  • Teenager was on an online chat forum talking about obtaining a firearm
  • He spoke to Islamic State recruiter over a previous bomb plot
Terror suspect was in deradicalisation program

Andrew Bolt

Culture counts more than finger-wagging:

A Sydney teenager accused of planning an Anzac Day terror ­attack was participating in a ­government-funded deradicalisation program at the time of his arrest, after failed attempts to ­involve him in another plot less than a year ago.

In revelations that will raise fresh questions about the effectiveness of programs designed to deter young people from extremist ideas, the 16-year-old arrested yesterday had been working with police for almost a year before he allegedly tried to source a gun as part of an alleged attack…

He was referred to the NSW Police intervention program. He was given a gym membership, taken to English-language sermons at a mosque and received regular visits and phone calls from community contact police who checked in on his welfare.

Outwardly, the boy appeared to be thriving.

Although he dropped out of school, he got a job and appeared happier and less withdrawn.

The boy’s Lebanese family is ­religious, but quietly so.


Sydney teen charged with Anzac Day terror plot pleads not guilty

Note how eager the lame stream media is to play down that this is a fully developed jihadist by calling him “teen” and “Sydney boy”

The 16-year-old Sydney boy who was arrested over an alleged Anzac Day terror plot has pleaded not guilty to a raft of charges in court today.–9NEWS.COM.AU

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    Erdogan has been exercising his new found muscle across Europe.

    This little Muslim Hitler uses European leaders and governments to crush all criticism and mockery of this little Muslim worm.


    Here are two links to his latest activities.

    One is the arrest of a Dutch journalist.

    Two is the ransacking of the journalists apartment.

    Now, ask yourself a question.

    Has the time arrived to start assassinating bureaucrats and politicians who do the bidding of a vicious little Muslim tyrant.

    Well has it?

    Every one of you knows what the answer is.

    Jowlson Ammerred
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

  2. Anyone else sick of all this BS about ‘radicalisation’? Muslims don’t become ‘radicalised.’ They simply become more observant and more strictly religious as practising Muslims – turning from apostates and ‘moderates’ into true warriors for Allah, seeking to follow Mohammed’s precepts to the letter. And so our unspeakably dumb Leaders continue to believe that throwing taxpayer money at the problem will ‘de-radicalise’ everyone? Utter stupidity! And how come the Buddhists and Hindus don’t seem to need de-radicalisation .programmes?

    1. I agree – the term to “become radicalized” sounds akin to become infected with a new type of influenza, origins of which remain a mystery.
      Would the police, academics and journalists say that Buddhists , Hindus and Christians who take their religion seriously and follow their scriptural directives “had become radicalized”?
      It says a lot about the lowbrow level of debate that this misnomer is used time and time again. If the correct term “devout” was used instead – the debate might get somewhere.

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